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  1. Yeah that's the plan right now, hyd filters don't seem that expensive just found one for $35 AUD with o rings and gasket
  2. Oh that's right I completely forgot about that light, yeah it stays on 24/7 and doesn't turn off. that's mainly why I was posting on here and I completely forgot to mention it. At the moment the TA is stuck, what I mean is the lever inside the cab is stuck but the cable isn't connected to the lever anyways. so that may be a problem I believe the lever is just that spring that is inside the dash. so that might make the test a little bit hard to do at the moment.
  3. Hey, I have a international 986 with a turbo in it, We've recently just brought it to stick a scarifier behind it on the 3pl, When we brought it had been sitting outside for who knows how long with no front windscreen and no left side window so she is a bit rough, we have ordered a new windscreen and window for it. Everything except the TA works currently, The TA lever inside the cab is stuck but the cable isn't connected to the lever, I believe its just the spring inside the dash but we haven't had time to pull the dash apart right now. The main problem is that at low revs she just doesn't wa
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