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  1. Howdy I was just wondering if it worked or what had to be changed. Just curious thanks.
  2. Turns out the fix was tightening the set screws on the knuckle near the steering box. Thanks for the info from all of you.
  3. That’s what I’m seeing there is little to nothing to time. I don’t know whether this tech was trying to drum up business or what. But he had said that there were “timing marks” that had to be put in time, also that if you didn’t know what you were looking for you could mess up the steering box. Thank you for the information and links
  4. I’m curious, I talked to a mechanic and they said the timing is a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing. Do you know what timing there is in a steering box? The diagram from the manual says there is a worm gear and. a spjndle in the box. That’s all I can figure to be timed.
  5. I don’t have the skills required to get the timing correct in the box. Otherwise yes, I would rebuild it myself instead of spending money on extra parts.
  6. I tested it and the battery showed it wasn’t draining so the alternator is good the amp meter is bad. Unfortunately I have another question to ask you all. The steering box on my 560 went out do you guys know of anywhere (like a salvage yard) near southwest Iowa where I could get a entire steering box?
  7. I’m not trying to correct you but before the tractor sat the battery was holding a charge. When I got it going again I have a brand new bomgaars battery in it currently. Would the tractor start and run if the regulator had gone bad? Also no i have not checked exactly to see if it is not charging. I’m going off the reasoning that when I pulled the negative ground cable from the battery it ceased to run after that.
  8. Both tractors run on distributors currently. The Farmall H sat for 6 to 7 months before I got it going here recently. Before the amp meter showed a charge from the alternator. I took a brass brush to all the connections I could think of, from the amp meter itself to the regulator. I did this same method before on my 560. It just started throwing a fit here a few days ago with the alternator. Also the wiring on the 560 is a mystery the previous owner did there own wiring job on it. Thank you for all the replies and helpful information.
  9. For some reason my Farmall H is not showing a charge but my alternator came back good when I had it tested. I have no clue to fathom an idea of what is wrong. When I pull the negative cable off the battery the tractor dies. On my other tractor the engine keeps going when the negative cable is removed. The only difference I can really think of is the H is running on a Delco remy 10dn high output alternator, the other tractor (Farmall 560) is running on a delco remy 12si. The 10dn is using the original external regulator from the generator. The 560 is using an internally regulator going straight to the amp meter to the battery. On a side note how do I include pictures
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