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  1. I have an International 3500A with a 3120 backhoe. All of the hydraulics work normally and are strong except for the backhoe swing. It moves very slowly and stops when it encounters even the slightest bit of resistance. This backhoe is a 2 stick version and has the two large cans that move it side to side. I was thinking about pulling the cans and replacing the seals but can only find the o rings online and not the square seal. Is there anything else I should be checking before firing the parts cannon? Anybody have a source for the square seals (pn 544821r1) Keith
  2. I have an IH 3500A with a 3120 backhoe on it and am having problems with the backhoe swinging. All the hydraulics on the machine work great with lots of power except for the left and right swing. Any ideas on what to check? It doesn’t seem like it would be the pump since all other functions work strong. I thought about maybe rebuilding the swing cylinder cans but can’t find parts for them. I can find the o rings but the rectangular seal ring (544821R1) doesn’t come up on any search. Any help or ideas would be great. I can get the hoe to swing but it is extremely slow and has zero power. Keith
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