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  1. I found a 5088 with 79XXhrs that had a complete overhaul about 6900hrs. The tractor had a repaint in 2001. It has 9 front weights with triple remotes. It also has 10 bolt dual hubs, but no duals. The original had retired and didn't that big a tractor anymore so he traded for 75 horsepower FNH. I know very little about the 88 series. My dad has had very little experience with them also. Since the IH dealership he was a mechanic at closed down in 1980. All I about the transmission is to check whether or not the sentry is there. So any thing you guys could advise me on about the transmission
  2. I haven't checked in lately but I've been busy trying to finish the beans. With the rain and a few minor breakdowns we finished Thursday late afternoon. It's has been a struggle because my dad is sick. On last Wednesday his Dr called to tell him that he has covid. He said he feels like he has a really bad case of the flue. Fever chills aches and pains. I was pushing to finish up before the rains moved in over the weekend. Creek bottoms ground was already soft and with the RWA not engaging on the combine. I wasn't wanting to fight the mud or frozen ground. But luckily my fiancee best friend an
  3. I have a 2016 F350 SRW 4X4 with 6.7L diesel in it. The only complaint that I have is the def is real pain and $$$. If the 7.3L gas was available back when I bought my truck I would have bought one.
  4. I want to thank everyone for the welcome to the forum. I'm sure that I will be asking for some advice in the future. Tuesday and today we were cutting beans. Dad cut beans and hauled by himself today. I started discing early this morning after tending to the pigs. I was just finishing up when farm service arrived with the buggy and fertilizer. I hooked the BS 1066 on the buggy and started spreading the fertilizer. Got about half of it spread when the water pump started growling and leaking coolant. I gusses we can't complain it's the original water pump. So the 1466 got spreader duty then. E
  5. I'm new to the forums so I want to introduce myself. The farm that I live on was my grandfather's place. Which is made up of smaller farms that were owned by my great grandfather and my great great grandfather places totaling 375 acres. The farm my father owns and where grew up is a mile north of where I live. I own a 856 diesel and 656 gas. I also have my grandpa's Massey 135, and Massey 275. My father farms with IH and Case IH tractors. Hope to be posting more later but we are busy harvesting.
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