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  1. clarkw


    Does anyone know a good place to buy new rear rims for an H?
  2. I'll check it out Thanks
  3. I don't have a parts book. thought I could come up with someone who could help out with a website or perhaps a post a pic.
  4. Good morning to all! Does anyone know where to find a parts diagram for the steering bolster on an H.
  5. clarkw

    Back tires

    Hello all. I have a 682 and want to change the original 23x10.50-12 turf tires to a bar tire. I see others that run a 26x12-12 size and wondered if you had to change the rim and how the cut was effected with a taller tire.
  6. Thanks for the info. I hope to have the deck back together and painted this weekend. I actually just got the ok from the "boss" the buy new rear tires as well. Told her it seems a shame not to replace them since I'm painting the rims too. Plus its a safety thing because the old dry turf tread wont hold me on the slopes like new firestone bar tread. I new that would get her since she has watched me slide the hillside every year for the last 30.
  7. Mr. Plow that's interesting because over the many times that I typed st745 in for a search I never found anything about a water pump. And the few dealers I spoke with on the phone didn't recognize the part number. I'm second owner of the 682 and about 90% sure the deck bearings are original. The deck was unused and off the tractor most of its life. The spindles are free and have very little if any play but the bearings are pitted and I'm tired of the noise they make. This small job has become an unexpected scavenger hunt for correct parts. And much more expensive than I thought it should
  8. Thanks striker782. I ordered the same st745 shaft/bearing assembly as was on the deck originaly. Farmpartsstore.com had them for $87 a piece which was cheaper than buying the kit to convert them like diagram you sent. Someone will probably update them years from now but it wont be me.
  9. striker782 sounds like I have something different because mine seems to be pressed together and ill likely destroy the bearings taking them off. I contacted motion industries and he was very helpful giving the measurements on the numbers you provided. when I get my spindle shaft separated from the bearings I can measure it and get it taken care of. thanks for the info, it should save me some money.
  10. striker782 how did you get the old bearings off the spindle shaft? and were you able to re use the shaft and did you need a spacer between the bearings?
  11. trying to replace the bearings on my 44c mower deck but cant find the right part. by the pics iv seen the part no. ih st745 looks correct but very expensive. it comes as an assembly including the spindle shaft and bearings which is how mine came apart. if I could get the old bearings off the spindle then maybe to just buy bearings, race and seals. Has anyone ever done this? do you know correct part numbers? thanks
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