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  1. I went out to do pressure resets this morning, and now the starter is not shutting off after key release (did somechecking, problem is in the starter. fml. new one coming). Press resets wil have to wait i guess. So i went and did some reading through the service manual, specifically the troubleshooting flow charts, most of the stuff i'm now having problems with seems to, according to the charts, come down to three things: blocked bleed orifice, blocked steering orifice, flow compensator needs adjustment. would it be worth checking these while i wait for a starter? If yes, where can i find them
  2. So, i finally got myself a flow meter! Very similar to yours @CIHTECH I have not touched or even ran the tractor since the last time i did any testing. Fired it up today, heated up the oil for 45mins, which i did not do the last time, and got to it. I did a few tests in the manual, charge is within limits 24psi @900 rpm, 50psi @2200. High press standby is still about 520psi at 900. But now, i cant get any pressure out of the remotes, at all. My flow meter saws that there is about 2-3gpm going out but i cannot builld any kind of pressure, either at the flow meter or on the pump bottom test port
  3. Anyone know where to get a relatively cheap hyd flow meter? I don't have 4k to spend on one of these fancy ones. I have everything else ready to start the testing but no flow meter...
  4. Ok. I will have to find myself a flow tester someplace to do this, and read up on the procedure in the service manual. Is this something that will suddenly go wonky and cause my problems? This wasnt a gradual problem that got worse over time, it was all of a sudden after i rocked a big wagon back and forth a few times to get it out of a field last fall.
  5. ok, got my fittings today and hooked it all up, charge press at the filter and the one under the big line out the back. this is what i found: At idle, charge press was 40psi. standby was about 525, #1 remote held open, no change from standby. steering locked fully one way, charge press dropped to 20psi, standby dropped to 500psi +/- At 1200 rpm, charge was 50psi, standby went to 600 then slowly dropped back to 525psi. standby did not change when remote was held open or when steering was locked. if remote was left open at idle then increase to 1200rpm, standby would increase to
  6. no we didnt take it apart, but seeing as with the new pump on its still doing the same thing, im assuming that the original pump was still good. dad now wants to put the old one back on and return the new one to case but i cant see them taking it back now. I talked to the guy who was out a couple of days ago, explained it was still the same after putting the new pump it, to which he replied 'well its got to be your charge pump then. its going to have to be split.' i asked if he could come and test it first rather than just take another shot in the dark and he said he had never done that b
  7. Ok, found it. Now to try and find a fitting that small, none of my usual places had one. Is there a proceedure for repriming after a main pump was changed? Havent moved it at all since we put the new pump on a week ago, but i jumped in it today to park it back inside to start doing these tests and it wouldnt move. After a while forward started to work but no reverse. drove it around in forward for a while and then reverse started to work. thoughts anyone?
  8. No just the pump. No compensator. can someone provide some detail where the charge pressure test port on top of the filter housing is?
  9. yes dad had the starter apart this morning, seal in it was completely shot. Gotta love aftermarket, this starter was only 1.5 years old. Is there anything else i can look at while i'm waiting for the fittings to do the pressure tests? is there any other tests i should look at doing?
  10. Got fittings ordered to test standby, remote and steering pressure. In the mean time, pulled the starter off as I had thought the gasket was bad. Turns out it was fine, but my starter motor is full of hyd oil?? Is there supposed to be hydraulic oil inside around the flywheel? I'm thinking now that this might be a leak in my main clutch, any way to test that pressure? Or have I been at this too long now and starting to see ghosts
  11. Sorry, i dont mean to hijack this thread, but can you tell me what the fitting size is to fit into that test port on the main pump? I'm having hyd issues as well. remotes and hitch as next to nothing at idle, any quick steering movement at all will cause clutch to cut out, then return. also only at idle. reved up it works ok, but not great. Just had the pump replaced on advice from a service tech we had out, no fix same problem.
  12. my ever reliable 5240 is not doing great, hoping someone here can lend a hand. Remotes are slow, only gettng about 200-300psi with a guage in one. 3pth is slow, clutch cuts out when steering wheel is turned even the slightest, but then comes back once the steering motion has stopped. and all these problems seem to go away when it is reved up past 13-1400rpm. had a guy (who i thought new these tractors) out to look at it who said we needed a new pump, so put that in yesterday (6000$ later) and still no change. hoping someone can offer some help, i will get some guages and fittings next week and
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