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  1. Twelve years ago my Dad (Larry Leckband) built this amazing and unique tractor (in the first two pictures), and it has been a popular feature at many antique tractor shows since then. I know a lot of you are already familiar with it, either because you know my dad, or you saw the pictures my uncle (Randy Sohn) posted of it here a few years back. Anyway, Dad's 87, and he decided earlier this year to auction off a bunch of his treasures. We just had the open house inspection yesterday, and the BigIron auction will close on Wednesday. My sisters and I (and some wonderfully committed brothers-in-law) have been helping get ready all summer long—getting stuff out of sheds, power washing, detailing, fixing carburetors, and getting things running. It's been a wonderful, bittersweet time. This stuff has been a big part of our lives, and on one hand we're sad to see it go... and yet we're happy for Dad that he's doing this on his own terms while he's still healthy and active and spry. It has been an absolute honor for me, and for all us girls, to have been able to be a part of it all. Definitely a summer we will never forget. It's been such a treat watching and listening to him talk to people, telling all his stories. And believe me, EVERYTHING has a story! I've just attached a handful of pictures, but there are 108 items, ranging from a couple of 1800s era horsedrawn plows still showing original paint, to a souped up 1486 that will go 32 mph, to an IH industrial prototype backhoe (there were only 6 of these made, and we've never been able to track down the other five, so we wonder if ours may be the only one still running), to so much more. The pics I've shared include the "Twins," a GORGEOUS 1940 Farmall A barn find—all original, including paint and rear tires—that really belongs in a museum, a 1967 International 1100B Deluxe pickup, a pristine antique manure spreader (shown being pulled by a B. F. Avery tractor, but you'll just have to forgive us for that—at least it's the right color ?), and that backhoe. Here's a link to the auction for anyone who may be interested. There's, um, a lot of eye candy there, so consider yourselves warned. ? Larry and Vonna Leckband Retirement Auction
  2. I see a lot of people getting stuff done in this thread. And now a sweet new baby (congratulations)! I figure people must be either really hungry, or ready for a treat. So I baked y'all a cake.
  3. That's a beautiful baby. Congratulations to you and to your family. Having suffered the terrible loss of a deeply beloved family member to this vicious virus less than a week ago, I am absolutely convinced that you made the right choice. I'm sorry you were put in a position where you had to choose at all. These choices are very difficult to make even when we know they are the RIGHT choice, and my heart goes out to you... even while I congratulate you on the GOOD news. On thing I do know for sure, though—this too shall pass. Eventually. Hang in there.
  4. Thanks so much for sharing that!
  5. Hello, all. If anyone would like to share a story about Randy, or just leave condolences for the family, there is now a tribute wall here. Heartfelt thanks to anyone who does so—I know it will be a great comfort to his wife, children, and grandson. And me. And my dad. Love to you all. Stay safe out there. Randy Sohn Tribute Wall
  6. Randy's obituary in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today: Randall Lee Sohn Obituary
  7. I love that he used the old North Central logo as his profile pic. My very first airplane flight was on a DC-3 that Uncle Randy piloted for North Central from Worthington, MN, to MSP, with stops in Faribault and one other city that I can't positively remember (maybe Owatonna?). That was in 1962, I think, and I was about four years old. Back when flight attendants still walked down the aisle with baskets filled with individually wrapped squares of Wrigley's chewing gum. And gave little wing pins to any kids on the flight. I remember wearing my wings proudly and wish I still had them. Anyway, a lot of people think the bird in the logo is a goose, but it's actually a duck—specifically, Herman the Duck. When North Central merged with Republic, a bunch of North Central pilots and flight crew had a funeral for Herman. I still think it's the best airline logo ever designed.
  8. From the Commemorative Air Force Facebook page CAF Tribute Video for Randy
  9. Hmmm... maybe you can't see the title. It's "Pancho and Pedro." My dad was Pedro; Randy was Pancho. ❤️
  10. MTO asked if I had a picture of Randy that I could share. Good timing—I just sent this one to a bunch of family members the other day. Randy is on the right, my dad is on the left. It's a couple years old, but I love it because the lifelong deep friendship and good humor of these two really shines through. You may wonder at the title of the photo. Those are the names they called each other since they were boys. I have no idea how they came up with those names, and neither one of them could remember when it finally occurred to me a few years ago to ask them . Or maybe they just weren't telling. The hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was call my dad on Wednesday to tell him that Randy was in the hospital, not expected to make it, and then call back in the evening to report that he was gone.
  11. Thank you. And speaking of my dad, I was just reading some of Uncle Randy's old posts, and I'll be darned... looks like some of you have already heard about or even met my dad (Larry Leckband, or as my sisters and I often refer to him, the "World's Oldest Juvenile Delinquent" ?). Definitely going to have to find a few pictures of "The Twins" for you sometime soon. ? What is That Twin A Tractor
  12. By sheer coincidence, one of Randy's cousins asked me to find this story (written by Randy) for her husband yesterday. So I'll share the link here in this thread as well. A Reunion of Icons
  13. Hello, everyone. Randy Sohn was my wonderful uncle, and I'm the person who put up the Facebook post about his passing on Wednesday evening. On behalf of Randy's wife Judy, and his children Sari and Mike, and all of us in the family, I just want to say that the outpouring of love and respect for him from so many of you here is so heartwarming. Thank you for that. It means so much to us. Randy's obituary will be in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press in the next couple of days. The Star Tribune is also working on a feature story about his life. I will keep you posted about when that will appear. Randy's daughter, Sari, is working with the funeral director to see about a web page where people can go to leave their condolences and share their stories about Randy. I will come back and post a link to that page when it's up so that whoever wishes to do so can participate. There will be a memorial service scheduled at some future date when it becomes possible for people to gather together again. Uncle Randy absolutely loved this forum, and I heard him talk about it many times. My dad is a serious red tractor/truck guy as well, and Randy often badgered him to learn how to use a computer just so he could join in the conversation here. I will try to keep working on that in Randy's memory. If Dad won't join himself (and that's a long shot), then I'll make a point of showing him things here and, once things calm down a little, maybe I can post some of his interesting stuff for you guys to see if you would like. Those of you who saw the photo of my Facebook post in an earlier comment in this thread know that Randy died of pneumonia brought on by COVID-19. The worst thing about this terrible, terrible virus is that those who die must do so alone, and those who are left behind have no opportunity to say goodbye. It is not even possible to plan funerals or memorials for them. It is Randy's family's hope that everyone will take this pandemic seriously, and that all of you here and your families stay safe and well. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support at this sad time.
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