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  1. Bugs me when I don’t understand how things function! Anything! Really bugs me when I don’t figure it out myself!
  2. Used ATF previously but went to Opti-Lube XL after seeing data from a HFRR test that was conducted using various products Very interesting subject
  3. 2011-2015 Chevy Duramax trucks are famous for the CP4 injection pumps exploding at 70,000 miles due to the development of them in Germany where the diesel fuel has more lubricity in it than diesel fuel in the USA. (Clean Air Act) Thus the class action lawsuit against Chevy I do know ExxonMobil adds lubricity in their diesel fuel, just installed a lubricity injection system at a truck fuel terminal in Montana last year. Never could get their lubricity specs though.
  4. It does work installed incorrectly, but will not reach the desired pressure required by the manufacturer. Open end down position let’s the shaft lift more thus increasing pressure. As stated before there are 3 pressure requirements on a dual speed pto for it to function satisfactory, evidently the high idle pressure is the most critical for the clutches not to slip. Some mechanics never set the feathering pressure, only the high idle pressure. Just tried to make mine last as long as possible Each shim measures .042” thickness
  5. Since 2008 all diesel has only 15 ppm sulfur content, instead of the 500 ppm pre 2008. Sulphur adds lubricity to diesel fuel needed for injection pumps of older tractors, 1066, etc. Does anyone add any type of additive to their fuel to enhance the lubricity needed for older tractors??
  6. What a difference it makes when installed correctly. My buddy made a shaft out of 17-4 stainless steel so it should last a long time without any corrosion on the shaft Again thank you all, great forum, great people!!!!
  7. Installed the spring retainer cup as mentioned in Sparky’s pic and featuring pressure climbed to 50 psi with 4 shims, removal of shims increased pressure. Final pressure left as follows: Featuring psi = 50 High idle psi = 250 Low Idle psi = 200 2 IH techs told me the cup went open end up, it came out my pto open end up, but the IT manual illustrates it to be open end down, but I was reluctant to change it bc the spring was so close to the gland Thanks again for the information, and taking time out of your day to respond to my inquiry, greatly appreciated!!
  8. Will switch it around and see what happens. Thanks for your help , appreciate it
  9. Shims installed below the cup, spring sits inside of cup, the new shaft’s dimensions are exactly as the original shaft. Added an additional .125” shim and the pressure increased by only 5 psi, max. 35 psi
  10. I added 4 more shims and it doesn’t increase the pressure, the only way to get to 46 psi is to loosen the seal gland some so the shaft can lift more
  11. I made a new upper control valve shaft (due to corrosion) and installed it. I am trying to reset all pressures including the feathering pressure. I can get my operating pressure set at 235 psi without a problem. I just can’t get my feathering pressure set to 41-46 psi with 4 shims. i never had a problem with slippage, pto worked fine
  12. With 4 shims installed on the pto control valve I can only get 30 psi of feathering pressure. Can I add an additional 3 more to get to the 45 psi needed?
  13. DT414 out of 1972 1066 with 7500 hrs. CaseIH engine oil since I owned it @4500 hrs.

    Found a bad camshaft in my DT414, (bearings had slight wear but lobes were rounded off badly and tappets were pitted).  I was wondering if this was a problem with these engines?  What would cause the tappets to pit?

  14. This is a factory DT414, has never been opened up with app. 7500 hrs. Finally tore the engine down and the crankshaft/rod bearings looked very good, no cracked pistons, some slack between rings and ring grooves, wrist pins are tight, injectors tested good. Head is getting reworked in a machine shop, (oily residue in the intake manifold, none in the turbo) no word yet on the overall condition. The lifters were pitted and the cam lobes are worn bad compared to a new cam!!!
  15. The motor has never been opened up, no repairs have been made to it. I am trying to find out what is going on with this motor. Pulled the valve cover off and noticed oil wasn’t lubricating the rockers, thus trying to find out where it’s losing oil pressure
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