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  1. The motor has never been opened up, no repairs have been made to it. I am trying to find out what is going on with this motor. Pulled the valve cover off and noticed oil wasn’t lubricating the rockers, thus trying to find out where it’s losing oil pressure
  2. Can anyone give me the route sequence of the motor oil passage? I have 60 psi at idle but do not have oil getting to the rocker arms. Verified with a 2nd analog gauge at the oil sending port on the block. Would the bearings be bad at the crank with this much oil pressure? Trying to troubleshoot the problem
  3. No oil pressure on the top end has to be a spun bearing
  4. DTM124

    1066 oil flow

    I will have to pull the oil pan and look there 1st, then go higher in the engine I suppose
  5. DTM124

    1066 oil flow

    The clacking noise has not been diagnosed, it will only clack at operating temp
  6. DTM124

    1066 oil flow

    Only thing replaced was a 170 degree thermostat to a 190 degree thermostat, that’s when it started the clacking noise. It never ran to the hott on the gauge. Temp gauge needle due south with ole thermostat, now southwest with new thermostat
  7. DTM124

    1066 oil flow

    No repair made to the engine, just started making a clacking noise when at operating temp. The 60 psi is cold engine at low idle verified with analog gauge. I did remove the valve cover to investigate possible valve misadjusted when I noticed the lack of oil at rocker shaft
  8. DTM124

    1066 oil flow

    I have 60 psi of oil pressure at low idle but little to any oil pressure at the rocker arms. Where could the problem lie?
  9. (1066) The oil pressure gauge senses oil pressure before or after the crankshaft ? So if a crankshaft bearing spun, I wouldn’t be able to tell by the oil pressure gauge?
  10. I agree, Help this guy out!!! 😧
  11. How would I check this valve insert for movement?
  12. I hope it isn’t a wrist pin or piston! Why would it not do it all the time? How would I check it besides tearing it apart? Honestly I know what that injection pump chatter sounds like, had a 1566 that would do it on startup and that chatter is a rapid chatter
  13. It doesn’t have that chatter sound, more of a clacking noise
  14. It’s something in the engine! New water pump, changed it when I changed the harmonic balancer This tractor sits up a lot due to the fact that I quit farming a few years ago. I bought some property and started using it a little to pull a grader blade and small disk. It started that knocking so I changed the harmonic balancer bc it had a wobble, thinking that was the problem. It did not help. I changed the engine oil and added Marvel Mistery oil to the Rotella. It went a long time before the clack started again.
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