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  1. Thanks for Info, Tractor doesn't work very hard so I'll probably stick with what I have for now. Good to know about gauges from Precision Tractor Parts for the future.
  2. I installed a new Water Temp. Gauge from Steiner Tractor Parts in the spring (part IHS531) on my 300 Utility and it has never got up into the "RUN", only most of the way up the "COLD". The tractors pulls a 8x4 trailer full of firewood for an afternoon here and there and i've also made a couple half hour trips in road gear, still nothing. Has anybody else had this issue? Did the water temp gauges ever work very well?
  3. Good buy, I worked as a cabinet maker in a custom furniture shop for four years and spent many hours standing at a planer. We had a 20" General but I know Jet is a good brand too. The helical head is the difference maker. They produce a cleaner cut than the older style straight knifed heads, less chip out. Do you have a dust collector? I don't know how much you've run a big planer but they will make a mountain of wood shavings in a day's work. Used to fill four 55 gallon drums in an afternoon no problem - local guy would come and truck them away to empty into his stables as bedding. When you're putting lots of board feet through the planer, every once a while give the in feed and out feed beds a shot of lube. This really helps the board "glide" through and doesn't make the planer work as hard (also allows the boards to feed through faster). I use Jig-A-Loo (not sure if that's a Canadian special) but anything silicon based will work because it doesn't stain the wood.
  4. If you have any more info on this loader I would be interested to learn what model it is. It looks like a good fit for a 350. ... do i see an IH skidsteer in the background ?
  5. Do you know anything about the yellow paint? My 300U has some yellow that you can see has wore through from under the red in a few spots. Was curious as to what that could be about as i don't believe they painted anything yellow (such as they did later with industrials) in the 50s. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  6. Thanks for all the responses , i will pass this info along.
  7. My Uncle bought a 350 utility this summer for some light duty work at the cottage. He likes the idea of putting a loader on it. A guy fairly close by has an IH #2001 for sale in decent shape. Does anybody have experience fitting one of these on a 350? They were advertised to fit a Farmall 350 but not a utility from what I've found out. So far i've found this set of pictures, can't really tell if modifications were made? http://www.chatstractors.com/1626-IH-350-Utility-tractor-2001-loader.htm Thanks.
  8. Did anyone else see the Gold Farmall 560 Toy sell at the first Farmall Land Auction tonight ? Item #168 - $8075 USD ? I see it's likely one of a kind but you could have a nice full size tractor for that money! Anybody know what the deal is?
  9. Should be date code tag on engine block in behind your magneto. Two numbers and a letter. First number is month , second is day, letter corresponds to year. These should be years that a straight A or Super A could have been built: I - '39 J - '40 K - '41 L - '42 M - '43 N - '44 O - '45 P - '46 Q - '47 R - '48 S - '49 T - '50 U and W - '51 (note the letter "V" was skipped) X - '52 Y - '53 Z - '54 There will be other tags on the tractor if you look close, (location vary's depending on model i'm pretty sure) my uncle's H has a L stamped '42 rear end but the engine is stamped R for '48, so some previous owner did a swap, so compare a few tags just in case of that. Hope this helps, enjoy the Farmall.
  10. I appreciate that , I have seen that link before. In addition to the fact that it would cost a bundle for me to have shipped because i'm in Canada, I didn't think they looked beefy enough. It doesn't appear that there's any patent associated with it but you're right - gotta be careful with that sort of thing. It didn't seem like there was very much interest anyway so i don't think i'll be putting the design up anywhere. If anyone is interested down the road they could get in touch with me.
  11. Wow Jim, i wish they still equipped schools with machine shops like that; maybe they do in some places but not anywhere that I know of here in Ontario. Great story, thanks for sharing.
  12. I designed this fast hitch adapter and i'm wondering if there are many guys out there who are looking for them? I know it is similar to other designs but each piece weighs almost 20 pounds so unless you happen to live fairly close to one of the few guys selling them, shipping costs are nuts. That's what led me to design my own - i wanted to put a rear blade on my 300 Utility. I had a local shop do the the machining for me. It is 1 inch mild steel, I picked up the pins at a Fastenal. Would there be any demand if I put the digital file with the design online so anybody could take it to their own local machinist to have made up? I know that there were a few different fast hitch variations so these will only fit some models ... maybe someone could shine some light on that.
  13. I am in Canada, so probably don't want to pay for shipping unless you get really stuck. I used a company called Spaenaur to replace the square head bolts for the rims on my 300 Utility, they had exactly what I needed and i've used them for lots of oddball stuff before. https://spaenaur.com/
  14. I put together a video of my grandpa (now 89 years young) talking about the tractors in our small collection and how they (or ones just like them) were used on the farm when they were brand new. Some may find it boring ... hopefully someone finds it interesting. And the guy taking the video in the first clip is my dad, classic tractor fever skipped a generation so excuse that he doesn't know what he's talking about!
  15. Got my grandpa (89 years young) towing around a fully loaded New Holland 795 Manure Spreader yesterday and coming uphill in 4th gear she really had to work and it smoothed right out. I'm thinking I will put a grain wagon behind it (about 10 tons) next weekend if my uncle is combining corn close to the farm. Maybe, like you guys are suggesting a full day of hard work will do some good. As you can see in picture i was chasing him around on '51 Super C
  16. Can anyone tell my the years that IH manufactured the No. 400 Manure Spreader? My 89 year old Grandpa remembers his dad and uncle both having one, but i can't seem to find much information online for him.
  17. Missing randomly i would say, it sounds better when you first start it up and then when you throttle down it starts missing, i checked the cap and rotor tonight and they are clean. I've never used Seafoam before, is it okay to leave in crankcase , ?
  18. There are SEVEN 2+2 tractors at auction in Ontario right now. Closes tomorrow morning (Sept. 3rd). The sale hasn't had a lot of attention, the family has had the machines for a long time. They are selling in USD. https://www.billhorstonlineauctions.com/auctions.htm Check it out!
  19. Got back into it tonight , checked valve clearance , adjusted a few that were slightly loose back to the 0.017. Installed brand new Champion spark plugs, switched wires around, still #2 cylinder missing. I will try opening the gap sometime soon. If it works that would be awesome, but i would also like to know why!
  20. It starts no problem. It is a 6 volt mag and I don't know much about timing. What are the basics ? Get #1 cylinder to TDC ...
  21. Recently bought a restored M and it runs a bit rough. Number two cylinder seems to be missing here and there. When you remove the spark plug wire from the missing cylinder it doesn't sound any different. I switched two spark plugs around and that didn't make a difference, still number 2 cylinder. Then I switched the two spark plug wires around and that didn't do anything either. I did a compression test and it's good at 110. Could it be a sticky valve but still get good compression? It doesn't sound to me like it's running on three cylinders but it doesn't sound right.
  22. Thanks guys, I'll just leave it alone then.
  23. I recently bought a restored Farmall M that still has a 6 volt system. I had the generator gone through at a local shop they replaced the field coils and armature and told me that it was all good to go. I put it back on the tractor but when I turn the lights on when the tractor is running the ammeter still indicates discharging. The tractor seems to start without issue, my other tractors are all 12 volt. Should I leave it alone or is something obviously wrong ?
  24. If I start my 300U with the throttle lever backed all the way off it idles at a nice 450 rpm (according to the tac). If I then throttle up the engine all the way and then try to bring it back down to idle it won't come down past 700 rpm? I'm not sure what's going on, i had the carb off recently and i'm wondering if the linkage got out of whack on me? I appreciate any words of advice.
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