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  1. Cousin just did this on his '99 MX200, yanked the engine as Nebraska1206 said, didn't touch the cab
  2. Haha that’s the one my buddy just bought. Elmira is my local dealer. $10 and that’s CAN boys !
  3. My buddy has one in good shape and it works. I don't know much about it but I'll try to get some pictures at some point.
  4. I’m in the process of preparing to repaint a 44C mower deck I recently bought with a 782. I’m curious about whether there is supposed to be a seal or felt gasket that goes under the cups on the spindles ? There seemed to be the remains of one when I took them apart but I don’t see anything in the parts book?
  5. So sorry to hear this. Thoughts, prayers and condolences. May he rest in peace.
  6. What is the overall diameter of the clutch? I believe Only an 11" clutch will drop out of the torque tube on an M, if it's a 12" you have to split. I am actually in the middle of doing this right now, transmission input shaft seal was leaking. Split our M last weekend, planning on putting it back together this weekend. Only took a single afternoon, did have to battle with one of the tapered coupler bolts, that just about took as long as the rest of the job! Both the input shaft seal and bearing retainer gasket were available at local dealer.
  7. I’ve had good experience with evaporust on tractor stuff like carb parts and nuts/bolts. The procedure I’ve had the best luck with is: 1. letting parts soak fully submerged for 12+ hours 2. Clean off with water and old toothbrush 4. Blow dry with compressed air 3. Dampen cloth in clean evaporust and lightly wipe parts down to prevent flash rusting
  8. I also have had a DW735 for several years , it has been a very good machine. Kind of an in between from the typical 12” portable and the big heavy stand alone machines. With sharp knives it can handle a 1/16” pass on a foot wide hardwood board without issue.
  9. I hadn’t considered beet juice but I’ll have to look into if any places offer that locally, thanks
  10. I think those half weights do fit , from what I understand they are also hard to track down , I’ll keep that in mind though
  11. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for some rear wheel weights to fit my 300U. Took the fluid out when I repainted the rims last year and now I’m missing that extra traction. IH Part Number : 362 656 R1, pictured in my parts catalog and a picture I googled below. I know it’s a hard set of weights to come by , I’ve posted wanted ads on kijiji in my area, haven’t come up with anything. Anybody think it’s worth continuing the hunt or should I cut my losses and just try to make something else work?
  12. Yes, I took the time to go back and compile a list: Tractor of the Week: #1 - 1486 #2 - 826 #3 - 1566 #4 - 686 #5 - 3588 #6 - 806 #7 - 1066 #8 - 1586 #9 - 5488 #10 - 1256 #11 - 1086 #12 - 4366 #13 - 5288 #14 - 1456 #15 - 986 #16 - 4786 #17 - 560 #18 - 706 #19 - 1026 #20 - 766 #21 - 884 #22 - 4166 #23 - 5088 #24 - 3388 #25 - 966 #26 - 450 #27 - 3788 #28 - 856 #29 - 3088 #30 - 460 #31 - 574 #32 - 886 #33 - 4156 #34 - 3488 #35 - 7488 #36 - 544 #37 - SMTA #38 - 1466
  13. This is my uncle’s blackstripe , only had it for 10 years or so - planted beans with it up until this spring when the MX200 took over. AC works , good running tractor. If I may - I would propose that someone else take over running tractor of the week as it seems many of us enjoy the threads. I would be happy to but if anyone else would like to feel free to speak up !
  14. Thoughts and prayers with you from Ontario.
  15. This was several years ago - uncle had just bought this 1466 BS, took it to the stock antique pull. Not very many tractors competing in stock classes so heavy - just one other local guy with a Deere, i think it was a 4630, the green paint won.
  16. Happy Birthday Indeed! I don't think he's 98 though ...more likely he picked 1923 because the first Farmall was introduced that year?
  17. Not a proud owner ... I wish. Two brothers here in Ontario own this trio - 7488 #12 , 7288 #16 and the 6788 I didn't grab the serial #. Believe the 70s are the only ones in Canada? They were on display at a touring show back on Father's Day and I was able to get grandpa out to see them - needless to say he was pretty impressed. If anyone wants details on the show (it's annual), shoot me a PM.
  18. My cousin picked up an 886 with ROPS 5+ years ago, '77 model. I personally haven't been on it too much but it seems to be a good runner, strong TA. It gets used for odd jobs, usually running augers and pulling silage wagons. If you ask my uncle he'd rather his 806 any day ... unless it's raining , but from what I remember the price was right. I haven't seen too many around with the ROPS, I'm not a fan of the paint scheme the previous owner opted for, maybe she'll get to the front of the line for a paint job someday. Didn't have a very good picture, this is when things get crammed inside for the winter.
  19. Thoughts and prayers go out to you. May he RIP.
  20. Didn't end up having the time to give the buddy seat much attention, a 5 gallon pail and cushion off a shop stool ended up fitting quite nicely and that was "plenty good enough" for grandpa. Rain held off and we had a good ride. Got a video of the convoy before we headed out, the 1066 that was right driving behind us in the 1466 is a real beauty, local guy bought it restored, 4020 behind it is his too, his wife drove that one!
  21. Thanks for ideas guys , It’s a deluxe seat , I think I’ll go with a little 2x4 frame to go in beside , will take some pictures.
  22. Local Club is planning a tractor ride this weekend and I'd like to bring grandpa along - he'd prefer to ride than drive and I want to take something with a cab because it's going to be pretty cold. Anyone have any experience or good ideas for temporarily cramming a second seat in a 1466? 1486 is also an option but I figure the 66 has more room.
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