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  1. In 1995 Quebec wanted to leave Canada behind and become an independent nation. They took it to a vote and 50.6% voted to stay (it doesn't get much closer than that!), the rest is history. I think that definitely stirred the pot though.
  2. There’s a few of us young guys that will try to keep the torch burning. Sadly I don’t think it’ll be nearly as big. By the time I’m an old man a Letter Series Tractor will be well over 100 years old. They’ll be a lot to try to save from going to scrap I would guess.
  3. My uncle picked one up a few years ago, also with a Coleman FWA, someone did it up as a blackstripe but it’s not correct. He would like to restore it eventually back to original. For now it’s on feed wagon duty and the hydro makes it pretty handy for that. My understanding is that the FWA was added by a dealer at some point.
  4. Still making noise with belts lubed up, took hood off and I’m pretty confident it’s coming from manifold. Any tips for locating the leak ?
  5. Thanks for the ideas, I'll give the belts some more attention to start.
  6. When we went to start up the M this spring it had a new noise. Nothing when you first start it, but when it warms up after ten minutes or so it starts to whine/squeal. If you throttle back and let the tractor idle you can hear it slow down (so seems to me it's coming from something rotating) and then go away all together. To my ear, it's louder on the carb side of the engine and is loudest at the top front area. I gave the water pump some grease. The fan belt and the smaller belt to the generator are tight and in good shape. Rebuilt the generator last year and it's not more than warm to the touch after the tractor has been running. Other than towing some gravity wagons around the tractor doesn't see any work, just riding around the property. No sign of this noise in the fall when it was put away for the winter. I'm looking for ideas! Video attached picks up some wind noise from the fan but you can still hear the whine pretty clearly.
  7. Not far from Kitchener-Waterloo, I see you're a little south !
  8. Appreciate you saying that, I feel very lucky to get to spend time with him in these later years. He’s a prime example of a truly great generation. Lots of valuable advice ... and good stories from days gone by.
  9. It sure is , one of the last jobs they still did with horses was cutting hay, then his dad bought a sickle bar mower in 52. They thought that was the cats meow.
  10. My Uncles recently invested in a MX200 (roughly 20 years old but only 6000ish hours and has been well taken care of). Yesterday I helped my grandpa get up into the buddy seat for the first time to ride along for some soybean planting ... before i knew it my uncle had him behind the wheel! Born in 1931, he helped his dad farm with horses until they bought their first tractors in the 40s. Needless to say he's seen a lot of change in his lifetime. I got some pretty good video... if anyone is interested in watching. Most of it is taken with my drone. Don't pay attention to the colour of the drill ...
  11. And there's some good youtube tutorials on using the app if you end up trying it and have any trouble.
  12. There's an app you can get for your phone (both IOS or Android) called Microsoft Lens. If your phone has got a decent camera you can scan with it , the app then gives you options to either save to your camera roll, or if you have email setup on your phone there's an option to email jpegs. I've used it quite a bit and it works well. I usually scan and then email the jpegs to myself so I can easily save them onto my computer. Here's an example of a Letz Feed Grinder brochure I scanned with the app, i'd say it's just as good as doing it with a machine. Hope this helps!
  13. I'm often telling my grandpa who will be 90 in July about something neat I learned on here. He doesn't really know what a forum is ... but he always says "I sure wish I had a bunch of IH buffs ready to help me whenever i needed it back in the day, would have saved me a lot of head scratching". I think he makes a good point, this forum is a great resource. As a young guy I've learned a lot and appreciate senior members taking the time to share their wealth of knowledge. I saw the May-June magazine cover posted here in Coffee Shop yesterday - just about fell outta my chair, nothing special about an M, i know, but that one just happens to be owned by myself and my grandpa, i phoned him up this morning and needless to say he's pretty excited about it to. His dad bought an M brand new in '49 , unfortunately the original tractor was lost in a fire but the one we have now has some sentimental value to both of us all the same. I'm always happy to get to know another Red Power nut , if anyone ever wants to swap stories , shoot me a PM.
  14. Looking at it more closely it says there were two possible drag link configurations. The illustrated ones were made by Columbus Auto Parts and the part number for the rear drag link is 363 161 R92 The other configuration, which i'm guessing is yours was made by O and S Bearing and MFG. Co. , the part number for that rear drag link is 365 853 R91 When i looked that number up on Steiner, they have part # ABC265 listed to replace both, but it's pretty clear from the picture that its the same part you bought, not the one you're looking for. I've only ever replaced front tie rod ends on my 300U , hopefully someone else can help.
  15. Parts Catalog seems to show the 20 - 30 degree which must be why the replacements you got are like that , are your front tie rod ends straight like the ones in diagram?
  16. Pretty confident it had both remote levers - thanks though , no loader or anything obviously ?
  17. It was a diesel - my understanding is that a Custom only had one set of hydraulic remotes? if that is correct then it wasn't a custom - he remembers it having two remotes for sure.
  18. My grandpa turning 90 this summer and trying to track down his last tractor. International 856 with Yellow EasyOn Loader , Extra Headlights mounted on side of hood (like they were on early clamshell fender 806s), Grey Toolbox mounted low below loader bracket on TA side of tractor. Tractor was sold to Bryan's Farm Equipment is Puslinch, Ontario in Summer of 2001 - they don't have any paperwork or records. Unfortunately don't have any paper work of our own - so no serial number. Could have gone anywhere in 20 years - any information greatly appreciated ... it's a long shot.
  19. McCormick No. 50 - Picture from 1960 Farmer's catalogue
  20. Just outside of Waterloo, Ontario ... where the Blackberry Smartphone was invented. That was the city's claim to fame for many years ... it doesn't come up so much now that they've gone down the gutter.
  21. I would ask again or maybe this thread could be moved over in the General Forum, probably catch more attention and get more help over there.
  22. For anyone interested, i wanted to share a story my grandpa (89 years young) told me this week after hearing of Walter Gretzky's passing. As the story goes Wayne Gretzky had a humble upbringing in Brantford Ontario, my mom's side of the family has farmed just North-West of there for generations. Mr. and Mrs. Gretzky Sr. (Walter's parents) had a 10 acre farm just outside of town and used to buy hay from my great grandpa. In the late 1940s my grandpa can remember taking a load of loose hay over to their place after supper with the Case Model C and a young Walter helping him unload it. He also remembers that at the time the Gretzkys had a Farmall A and he believes that was their only tractor. A few years later my grandpa had become an Imperial Oil Dealer (later became Esso) which he did on top of farming part time right up until the late 70s. (Sidenote: he had a few Loadstar fuel trucks throughout the years). He delivered furnace oil to the Gretzky farm for many years and would also fill up a 45 gallon drum every once and a while that Mr. Gretzky Sr. used as a bulk fuel tank for that Farmall A. He said that Walter was always a very friendly young man and he wishes he had a camera back then to capture some of these moments. R.I.P. Walter Gretzky 1938 - 2021
  23. Happy to report that i swapped in a different new breaker arm that i got through Napa and it fired right up and ran smooth. I suppose it could very well have been made in the same factory as the one i got from CIH but who knows, i guess i had a bad breaker arm. The little "pop" or "miss" in the exhaust (the reason I started this thread in the first place) has completely gone away. I adjusted the carb a bit more and am happy with how it's running. Thanks to everyone who chipped in advice.
  24. That's the one , even in Canada - i'll send you a PM
  25. Have looked high and low online to get my hands on a copy of the 1939 - 1985 identification guide. I think I'm about 15 years late to the party? So far only found one on Australian website. If the man himself or anyone can point me in right direction - would appreciate it, I'd like to have a copy.
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