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  1. Didn’t know that was a good sized show , will have to try to make it there some year, I always try to go to Paisley.
  2. Tinkering with Red tractors is hands down the #1 for me. Woodworking would be the runner up , I was lucky to work part time in a furniture shop for several years and learned many tricks of the trade. A few pictures … 2.5” walnut from a tree in my uncle’s backyard turned into a dining table - he jokes it could be used as a hurricane shelter , it’s not light. Coffee table I rushed to get built for Christmas one year, didn’t have time to stain it - hard maple from our own bush. I bought a bunch of odds and ends plexiglass scraps at an auction and pumped out picture frames for a while like no tomorrow. Even a few favourite vintage ads made it up on the wall.
  3. Looking for some tips from you fellas from the US of A. I’m making a trip for work down to northern Texas , I’ve got to get a truck from Winnipeg to Amarillo. I’m going to have three days to get there and can take my own route. Who knows of some landmarks or tractor related things worth seeing in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas or Oklahoma? Mount Rushmore comes to mind , what else? Thanks !
  4. Grandpa (who will be 92 in July), was in hospital last week with a blood infection. Pretty sick for a few days - doc tried a few different things , wasn’t working , finally tried a different antibiotic and Grandpa bounced right back! Felt good enough to enjoy nice weather today and take some of the old red horses out for the first time this spring, went for a little tour around the back 40. Hope I can still climb up onto a tractor at that age!
  5. Can 300Us get in on this action ? Our ‘55 is our bush tractor and with fast hitch it’s very handy. Always starts no matter how cold.
  6. I’m in ! Might have to aim for 2024 though , I’m going on a road trip this fall
  7. My dad’s buddy sent me these two pictures of this little rig that has sat on the edge of his field amongst some other junk for many years. It was there when he bought the place 15 years ago. These two pictures are all I have to go off of , I have not seen it in person. It’s mine if I want it so I’m looking for any insight on what this thing is. Can’t tell if the thing on front with the tires around it is supposed to be there or if it’s just some junk piled on top, no steering wheel? Skinny tires and solid rims? If nothing else it looks like a neat little engine. What are everyone’s thoughts ?
  8. Is your 3616 a Hydro? I came across a piece of literature showing the 3616 and 3514 loader tractors were available with a foot pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission. I thought that was somewhat ahead of it’s time and would make it a handy machine.
  9. Yes that step is mighty handy for fueling up!
  10. Maple Hunter sold me just the door stripe at a reasonable price , looks complete now!
  11. This pair of 1486s have served my uncles well for many years. They were relieved of the big horse duties a few years ago by an MX200 but still do a lot of PTO work and other various jobs. Pretty bulletproof in our books , the shifting linkages definitely could use some love, no computers to worry about , that’s for sure. Since they moved the operator forwards to improve the ride on the 86 series , I’ve always found drawbar visibility a little poorer … gotta shift up out of the seat to peer down when trying to line up to whatever. Every year when it’s time to cut silage one of them gets put on the silage bagger and gets the snot worked out of her. We’ll work into the night and when it’s dark you can see that exhaust manifold glowing red - takes it in stride.
  12. That’s a healthy amount of wheel weights , any on the insides?
  13. Favourite ride around tractor would have to be '51 Super C, bought brand new by great grandpa, restored about 10 years ago now. Favourite workhorse is uncle's '66 Farmall 806, moves a lot of bales and silage every year.
  14. Oh the single headlight as opposed to two? I had never noticed that before - thanks !
  15. still on the hunt for grandpa’s - no serial # … Sold it Before my time. Seen here when grandma decided it was time to update to a walk in shower - bye bye bathtub! if I do have any chance of finding it , the yellow Ezee On Loader isn’t very common. Also has headlights on the side of hood - I guess it was born a cab tractor. the guy he sold it to has passed on , his buddy remembers it going to an auction lot , they have no record of it , I’ve been to the depths of the internet looking for it. maybe it’ll pop up some day
  16. As far as the cub goes - this is what I could find
  17. Ya I’m not planning to cut it down - someday I’d like to find a fast hitch mower for this job for the 300U. We brought this one home because grandpa is pretty sure its the same model his dad bought brand new with the Super C in ‘52. Before that they cut hay with horse drawn mower so as grandpa says - this was a “big improvement”. Looking for the mower was sparked by my great uncle finding the original drawbar bracket tucked away in the back of the shed. We bolted it onto the Super C (same original tractor restored 10ish years ago after buying it back from the guy it was sold to in the 80s) Then it was “hey I wonder if we could find a mower like great grandpa had”… Decided it could be made useful at the bush property where the 300U lives but it will make it on to the Super C eventually. see drawbar bracket in pic
  18. I use an app called Microsoft lens on my phone to scan all the literature I come across. It does pretty much as good of a job as scanning something with a printer and you can save it right to the camera roll on your phone. Then you can share it from there or email to your computer. You can use it for printed pictures , hand written notes , newspapers, pretty much anything. I believe it’s available on android , I have an IPhone , I guess it does rely on the phone having a half decent camera. If anybody interested I’ll make a demo video of how I do it.
  19. Yep ended up bringing it home, made a new pitman arm, replaced the belt , oiled things up and off it went. The one i posted the original picture of and the one I bought are same model different mowers, one I bought had been stored inside for years , knives in good shape. Going to have to track down a new tire, the 4.00 x 12 Firestone (maybe original?) has given up. I would maybe be interested in a manual, can't find much of anything on this model online. It has a 7 foot bar, since it won't be heading to the hay field I would rather it was shorter , going to use to keep grasses down on sides of laneway leading into bush property.
  20. Just came across this thread, what a cool machine. I scanned this in :
  21. Try giving Brian at The Home of Spare Parts a call, he's way down on the other side of TO from you but may be able to give you a lead on something closer to you. He's got a bunch of 88 series stuff, known for his stock of combine salvage. 519-625-8450
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