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  1. It’s in my blood , that’s for sure. Thanks for watching
  2. Glad people are enjoying it ! I do have a video from a while back where grandpa talks about some of the tractor history: I definitely need to get him talking again on the more broader subject of how so many things, including farming have changed in his lifetime. Here's that video for anyone interested : (FYI my old man took the first clip and tractor fever kinda skipped a generation)
  3. Keep fighting! Thoughts and prayers from South-Western Ontario
  4. Got my 90 year old grandpa running the combine yesterday, he was having a ball. For Lorenzo who commented that he hoped to see this and anyone else who saw the video I posted back in the spring; grandpa planted part of this very same field in the MX200 in late May. He used to do quite a bit of the combining back in the day when they were running a JD 6600, he had never run the 9500 before yesterday and the 22 foot head was "a lot to keep an eye on" by his standards. At the end of the video I've got him on the M with a few 400 bushel gravity wagons in tow, front one is about two thirds full, back one empty and that's about all she can handle - need more wheel weights. It was a surprisingly hot day so I got him in the 1466 Blackstripe (AC works) to take the last wagon across the farm to the next field the combine was moving to.
  5. Ontario, Canada ... we think it went to the US in 2002 sometime ... like i said it's a big shot in the dark this many years later
  6. Do you know anything about where that particular tractor came from? I've been actively looking for my grandpa's 856, we don't have a serial number so it's a shot in the dark.
  7. What's the story on the 856, my grandpa's had the extra headlights like your cousins.
  8. I'll be the first to say it. That does not sound like a fun time. We've always had flat spots to unhook from the wagons with the StaFast hitches, things would definitely get to be a pain with no flat ground.
  9. Neighbour with a self propelled forage harvester comes in and opens up a few lanes for us. Gotta love good neighbours.
  10. I use a DJI mavic mini for fun more than anything. I have buddies with bigger DJI drones, from both my experience and their's I can say they're a good brand. Pretty easy to learn to use, good battery life, great video quality and all things considered pretty durable, i've had a few small mishaps that its survived without issue. My two cents would be : figure out what kind of range you want, they all have good cameras nowadays but if you've got some big fields you'll want to make sure it can cover enough ground without worrying about your connection. Check out my youtube link, i've got a bunch of drone video on there if you want to get an idea for the video quality. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTREi0M2Ca5EkhkfrSG7Yrw Feel free to PM if you have any questions, i wouldn't call myself an expert by any means, but i've had two different drones and flown them for the past 5 years or so.
  11. Ya exactly, feed system in connected directly to silo. Not too bad of a job, you may have noticed that the roof off one of the forage wagons is missing, that's so we can load the stuff out of bag with loader tractor, then go from forage wagon into blower up into silo.
  12. Happy to do my best to explain. We have silos as well, the cattle herd has outgrown them though and usually around May the bag is opened up , loaded back into a forage wagon and blown into the silo. The bag starts folded up like an accordion , one end of the bag is tied off and a frame is staked into the ground that goes across that end (so it stays stationary). The tractor that drives the bagger via PTO stays in neutral and as the bag fills the whole rig slowly creeps forward unfolding the bag and letting out a little slack on cables that go down either side of the bag to the frame at the end. The bagger itself has a set of cutters that chop the stuff up finer than the forage harvester and a drum with some paddle type things that pack the silage into the bag. Biggest thing is to leave yourself enough bag at the end so you can close it, we just folded it in and dumped a bucket of dirt to close it off. You cut a few small vent holes and you can hear the thing hissing , the bag comes with patching tape , after a week I guess the stuff has cooled off enough , you close off the holes and the thing is sealed and sits there until spring. It seems to work well, as I said it worked that 1486 hard , I would say that tractor had lost some ponies over the years though. The bagger is made by Kelly-Ryan Equipment , there’s more info on their website.
  13. Started silage this past weekend. Corn looking very good in this part of Ontario this year. The MX200 took over on the forage harvester (previous years a 1486 got the job done) but the 1486 wasn't off the hook this year .. the bagging machine was working it real hard. Rented the bagging machine to hold an extra 8-10 acres worth of silage. Video link below:
  14. The W6TA Diesel is a neighbour’s … I sure wish it was ours. Family he bought it from had it since new. It runs like a top and he is planning on restoring it. I see him fairly often and will get some pictures of his progress if I can . I’m not sure when he’s planning on starting it.
  15. To celebrate grandpa reaching the big nine-o we got a bunch of friends and family together and had a tractor show on Sunday. Few neighbours brought in some tractors. Most of the machines belong to the extended family. It was looking like rain but we were able to squeeze them into the arena. They brought out a pretty good crowd. Did a little video that includes a collection walk through:
  16. The M does a little bit of wagon hauling but the smaller letter series tractors are just on joyride duty now. That 806 still does a lot of wagon hauling and raking hay, by no means a trailer queen, she had just had a bath the day before when i took that video. My uncles have a second 806 and a 3 point backhoe lives on it most of the time. This year the 886 did the small square bales. All three of them share a lot of the small jobs and are kept away from the manure and road salt. Poor old 1486 can't say the same, she is on designated spreader duty.
  17. Dusting off this thread for anyone interested. Grandpa turned 90 a few weeks ago and yesterday me and two uncles were trying to keep up to him, he was zipping around on the little BN touring the farm. The July here in Ontario is the best we've had for many years, as you can see in video crops are looking really good (or at least they are by our standards here). I was doing my best to drive the 806 and take video with the drone at same time:
  18. In 1995 Quebec wanted to leave Canada behind and become an independent nation. They took it to a vote and 50.6% voted to stay (it doesn't get much closer than that!), the rest is history. I think that definitely stirred the pot though.
  19. There’s a few of us young guys that will try to keep the torch burning. Sadly I don’t think it’ll be nearly as big. By the time I’m an old man a Letter Series Tractor will be well over 100 years old. They’ll be a lot to try to save from going to scrap I would guess.
  20. My uncle picked one up a few years ago, also with a Coleman FWA, someone did it up as a blackstripe but it’s not correct. He would like to restore it eventually back to original. For now it’s on feed wagon duty and the hydro makes it pretty handy for that. My understanding is that the FWA was added by a dealer at some point.
  21. Still making noise with belts lubed up, took hood off and I’m pretty confident it’s coming from manifold. Any tips for locating the leak ?
  22. Thanks for the ideas, I'll give the belts some more attention to start.
  23. When we went to start up the M this spring it had a new noise. Nothing when you first start it, but when it warms up after ten minutes or so it starts to whine/squeal. If you throttle back and let the tractor idle you can hear it slow down (so seems to me it's coming from something rotating) and then go away all together. To my ear, it's louder on the carb side of the engine and is loudest at the top front area. I gave the water pump some grease. The fan belt and the smaller belt to the generator are tight and in good shape. Rebuilt the generator last year and it's not more than warm to the touch after the tractor has been running. Other than towing some gravity wagons around the tractor doesn't see any work, just riding around the property. No sign of this noise in the fall when it was put away for the winter. I'm looking for ideas! Video attached picks up some wind noise from the fan but you can still hear the whine pretty clearly.
  24. Not far from Kitchener-Waterloo, I see you're a little south !
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