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  1. I think ill try that, might have someone up the road that might work his fields. Everyone elts for the most part are running pritty big operations and id be hard pressed to find out who actually owns the property let alone have someone learning on their profits ha, it would be awesome if i could actually use it for what it was built for tho and yes that sounds like a common sense way to go about figuring it out, start basic instead of potentially throwing unnecessary time and money away, mostly wanting to make sure its ready for next winter. My old dozer broke a track at the beginning of this winter and we struggled keeping drive way open, i do appreciate everyones time and input
  2. Ok, im probly just being paranoid with all this new found time on my hands, ill keep an eye on the oil of coarse, i guess my main issue is that i do not have any implements, nor do i have enough property to actually utilize a tractor this size, hopefully i can fix that problem in the next few years, i do have to pull the air cleaner and give it a look, thanks
  3. Looking for input on the ole d361, she puts out a light blue continuous haze when earmed up and running , also has some oil seeping out center port of exhaust manifold (not actively dripping) externally and possibly others internally im sure. Also oil is a bit high and seems a bit thin so probably fuel in oil so maybe seals for injection pump. Thoughts on maybe pulling head to check pistons and sleave to see if a rebuild is necessary or possibly be fine for a year or so? Starts pritty easy when its warmish out and sounds like it runs fine n no misses or unusual noises, i can take a video of it starting if anyone would like when it warms up outside,as for fuel pump, does it require any special tools or any recommended tools to swap out seals and other soft parts. I did see another post on pulling the pump and can reference it again to save you guys from having to retype unless you feel like writing up again, thanks for any suggestions
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    Some unrelated photos
  5. Bross

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    I was told that they are the same as what IH put on their pickups and scouts, judgig by a buddiesscout that im holding onto id say its true, started her up this morning, was able to start without ether with a warm 40 out with about 5 30 second runs. Better than my old dozer,
  6. The new emmissions stuf pritty much requires you to work the truck ta keep the systems such as particulate filters clean, if you put around too much theyll start acting up,
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    Not much but the gentleman i bought it from got it from an auction if i remember n it was 4x4 but the turning radius was terrible so he converted to 2wd n sold the components, also had a cab
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    It was a cold ride to the house but im an official owner, happy camper right here!
  9. You had me at beer....the rest of my bad decisions usually come naturally after a few beers, ha
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    These are the only decent pictures i have so far, boys went crazy over a big red tractor n well so did I ha, this weekend cant come soon enough. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum! Figured i would add, the tractor was originally 4x4 or "mfa?" Also had a cab, unfortunately the gentleman i bought it from found the turning radius not practical for his use
  11. Hi, my names Brandon new to the forum and soon to be a new owner of a farmall 806, first wheel tractor for me and looking forward to learning what i can from whoevers willing to spread some knowledge, ill post some good pictures after i pick it up this weekend
  12. Possibly a crimp tool? Looks similar to what ive used to build tire chains
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