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  1. I'm 64 years old, it was not that long ago that we still use a a mounted picker,we didn't like paying to dry corn, we had a new idea ,pretty easy to mount up, usually one afternoon. We liked it because you just drov into a field and started picking,no opening up the field or running over corn.the only down side was storage, you needed a lot of crib space. I miss those days.

  2. There is a tractor and combine salvage yard  close to me that I frequent, I am amazed at the number of newer combines that they bring in that are burnt like the ones pictured, years ago you hardly saw this. I guess with these sleek looking machines they really collect the chaff.

  3. When trying to buy ammo in times like these, go to the small gun shops in the rural areas, sure you will pay a little more, but you are not completing with all of the city folks running to the big box stores. Also the little guys are sometimes your friends and neighbors and really appreciate  your business.

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  4. Qi always liked the i h industrial equipment, we had a couple dealers in the area that moved a lot, dont know where it all went. We still have several pans and loaders around, but the dozens are gone, that one sure looks like it's worth fixing

  5. Start out simple, change your pressure switch first,make sure that the hole that the switch screws into is open and not full of rust and other crap, then disconnect the bladder tank install a shut off calve and a gauge ,put air in and see if it maintains pressure,  if it does it's time to pull the line out of the well and check the foot valve.make sure it does not have any debris in it. Then take an air hose and pressurize the line with the foot valve on to see if the line has any holes in it. This would be done from the top end of your pipe. This will check the valve and pipe for leaks. 

  6. I never drove a semi,never wanted to, I always felt bad for you drivers trying to get into traffic with those monsters, trying to navigate and doing it without killing anyone in the process. Not to mention being away from home a lot of the time and being cooped up in the cab by yourself with no one to talk to but a cb, I admire you guys for being able to do that every  day. Sure you have some bad ones, but you have that in every occupation.

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  7. We got to go to a tractor show on Friday ,it was at Mt hope ohio, in the heart of amish country, the first one for me this year, all others have cancelled. A great time, everyone enjoyed.

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  8. I work in a mill in western pa, we melt 90 tons in less than an hour, with one furnace, it takes a lot of scrap to keep that thing happy for a week, a constant flow of trucks and rail cars. Most mills are either down or running at low volume right now, and the Chinese aren't buying much right now. That has a lot to do with the price.

  9. In Pennsylvania  south of Brookville is the cool springs engine museum, you want to talk engines, gets a little bigger every year, there is a 600 up snow engine in running order, YouTube it, it's something to see.

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