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  1. Guns are just like tractors,sometime they break, you never know when, keep using it and hope for the best.
  2. Tsc has gotten to be a Chinese dumping ground, I like the rural king stores too.
  3. They tried this in south Africa too, but the people that ended up with the land thought that the land farmed itself , you know what happened next.
  4. I knew it ahead of time myself, I fix them up because I like them and I hate to see them parted or scrapped.if I find one that is in decent condition ,I leave it like that.
  5. A local guy bought a mm g off of the firestone test center , it never pulled a plow until he got it, he pulled a 5 bottom plow with it, as a kid I had never saw a tractor that big, about all the tractors in the area were 2 and 3 plow tractors. Now I like them all.
  6. Some people put a pile of money into a tractor thinking that they can get it back when they sell it, most of the time that won't happen unless you have something special or find someone that has to have it
  7. Mtaman


    That paint ought to knock the price down to half price of what it is listed at
  8. Some of the early pickers were classified as snappers, meaning they only removed the ears from the stalks,most of them didn't have a busking bed.
  9. You have taken good care of that combine and it shows
  10. And they wonder why third world countries are passing us up, wait they have 4 more years or so of Obiden.
  11. I'm 64 years old, it was not that long ago that we still use a a mounted picker,we didn't like paying to dry corn, we had a new idea ,pretty easy to mount up, usually one afternoon. We liked it because you just drov into a field and started picking,no opening up the field or running over corn.the only down side was storage, you needed a lot of crib space. I miss those days.
  12. There is a tractor and combine salvage yard close to me that I frequent, I am amazed at the number of newer combines that they bring in that are burnt like the ones pictured, years ago you hardly saw this. I guess with these sleek looking machines they really collect the chaff.
  13. When trying to buy ammo in times like these, go to the small gun shops in the rural areas, sure you will pay a little more, but you are not completing with all of the city folks running to the big box stores. Also the little guys are sometimes your friends and neighbors and really appreciate your business.
  14. I cry when I hear taps played
  15. I don't know about þhe true I h bakers for parts, but the I h- n I hybrids are a nightmare for parts, my nephew had one, most parts are not available.
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