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  1. That didn't seem like to much to pay, the salvage yards will give that for one in that condition
  2. Mtaman

    Unusual Farmall H

    It's a w4 with farmall h decals, it's got a w series hood not an h hood .
  3. I work in a mill in western pa, we melt 90 tons in less than an hour, with one furnace, it takes a lot of scrap to keep that thing happy for a week, a constant flow of trucks and rail cars. Most mills are either down or running at low volume right now, and the Chinese aren't buying much right now. That has a lot to do with the price.
  4. I had an uncle that was an all is man, he decided to switch to a 4020, a repairman dream, after several major repairs he gave up on it, got himself a massey.
  5. In Pennsylvania south of Brookville is the cool springs engine museum, you want to talk engines, gets a little bigger every year, there is a 600 up snow engine in running order, YouTube it, it's something to see.
  6. Talking about loco horns,I have one in the shop,when the neighborhood dogs won't quite down i hook it to my shop air and give her a good blast in their direction, that usually quiets them down
  7. That is a lot of cutting in a day, you must have looked like zoro with that knife, and you still have all your fingers
  8. Call an ag tractor salvage yard, tell them that you need these parts for a 282d not a 262, these eƱgines were used in farm all 560s, there are parts available
  9. Mtaman

    NOS Filters

    Looks like you hit the mother lode
  10. Mtaman


    Now that is funny schitt.
  11. Mtaman

    .22 magnum

    You can't beat a 22 mag with a hollow point, knocks the critters down right now,my favorite rifle.
  12. In ohio it is illegal to put in large posts or barriers, they have to be breakaway type, mostly because drivers can't stay between the lines
  13. Mtaman

    Crude Oil

    Remember when oil hit record prices? Every thing that used oil in it went crazy on price, I was at the tractor tire store yesterday and asked if tires will be coming down in price, he looked at me and said that oil doesn't affect the price of tires. Sounds like they are backpedaling to me.
  14. I took a d301 from a 715 combine and installed it in a 560 and added an IH turbo, she runs like a scalded dog, lots of juice.
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