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  1. The reason both mouth and rectum were listed is because the two orfices are interchangeable in way to many people
  2. Shucks, no excuse to bring out the Sawzall
  3. I am sure many need this and many wish they had one
  4. Good job for a green tractor
  5. I will never forget when our farm got hit by a tornado,and the friends started showing up to put the place back together. A very humbling experience
  6. Isn't it a great feeling knowing that you and your family have behaved in a way that there is no way the law will be at your door
  7. I don't know if this helps. I've owned 3 different vicon having equipment and was happy with all of them
  8. Interesting, now that's a term I've never used when it came to a cow
  9. Being a rejected freebie, was the tag removed before it was sent to its new home?
  10. I saw a great white take a seal a couple of years ago. It came up out of the water with the seal in its mouth. Very Close to shore on cape cod mass. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, until a couple hrs latter a found out a shark killed a person 1/4 mile away about the same time. It took the wow factor out of it.
  11. I had a similar model many years ago. I think , I repeat think that there are cams that engage when lowered to plant and I had to weld them to fit with both halves. Not really sure if this could be your problem. Good luck
  12. I like the way you think. If we could expand on that...
  13. If I give you my address can you...
  14. My farm abuts a small private airport,, separated by a river and just enough trees that I can not see it.. In the early 80s a fighter buzzed the airport, wheels extended, upside down and below treetop level. I don't know what model plane. It had twin stabilizers.
  15. I had this do a touch and go near me when I was raking hay last week
  16. If a company does not protect its trademarks they will lose them
  17. That 2 thousand more than that we paid for the one we bought new and ours had a cab and fwa. I was never happier than the day that we traded it in.
  18. Many old homes have 60 amp service. I cant imagine that there is power enough to run the home and charge a car or 2
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