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  1. I can where 400 is a kick in .... but 75 dollar " quote" should have made ya think
  2. bob01230


    I've heard great things about JB weld. Not sure if they sell it in gallons though
  3. Discbine dr, be careful, I am easy going as anyone alive. I didn't have a good experience with them. Good luck
  4. Good luck. I hope you enjoy the days after the cows went as much as I do
  5. Dry in western mass. Baled 12 acres of second cutting in 18 mins yesterday. 3x3 x8 square bales. 13 bales
  6. Does the the super bee have bias ply tires to add to the excitement?
  7. This reminds me of a friend that made a cannon in high school metal shop around 1980. He would shoot engine lifters out of it, at the school. Never a problem. Try that today
  8. Quick question. When you are way from the tractor, going over the memories in your head, what does the tractor look like? I don't need an answer. You do. Hope it helps
  9. My 574 has the same set up and the IH bars aren't very strong. I made a set similar to jeffs recommended design and it works perfect. Good luck
  10. I cant remember when you weren't there. Kenny Rogers
  11. This is from my 2014 Grand Cherokee. I cant complain
  12. Well , i was born in a small town. John Mellencamp
  13. I need a lover that won't drive me crazy
  14. I do not miss the days of climing a silo in the winter and all crap blowing up the silo chute around me.
  15. I had one in 1965 but it was blue
  16. Numbers matching, no doubt
  17. Almost perfect, if there was a field of amber waving grain...
  18. My electrician says that a pto generator should be grounded. I haven't heard of this and if its the case there should be a grounding spot on the generator, right? Any thoughts?
  19. For what its worth. The electronic keypad on my cannon safe died early November, they have confirmed that it is my safe and the keypad is the problem. They are in no hurry to help,takes 2 weeks to reply to a email. They said today that if I find a locksmith they will authorize him to open it. Cutting the back open possible. Thanks cannon
  20. I was given one with a stuck motor when I was 16 or so. I put the 307 motor trans and rearend in it. Got it almost done and got distracted by my now wife. Good thing I didn't finish it. I would've gotten killed
  21. I have gas one that dad bought new, haven't used it in a few years. The farm out grew it. I put a used 2200 (i think) loader on it 2 yrs ago be cause I got for almost nothing. I take it for a drive couple times a year. I love the tractor, don't need it, can't part with it . It just sits in the barn.
  22. And on the other end of the spectrum
  23. Forgot to mention the rare multi piece grill. That increases air flow
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