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  1. Bil co worker got his bought back. Lemon law.
  2. The pivoting suspension was great for leavening uneven ground.
  3. I think i have a almost new dump cylinder for a 3200 if anyone needs it
  4. I ran a 3200 for many years. I was a very good machine once it was running. It would jump around when hydraulic pressure was building while starting. I dont know if this was a problem with the 3300.
  5. The picture was on a friends game cam. The friend is a local PO. He sent the pic to the state game wardens. From what I've been told the state says that it appears to be man made and not a state tag of any kind.
  6. Pic is 3 days old and on my farm. not really any green leaves left. Tag is a guess
  7. This was on a friends trail cam, it appears to have a tag on its ribs. Has anyone seen something like this or am I crazy. Located in Mass.
  8. Mine too, i don't like being 60.
  9. I am not against union workers. I am against the stupid ones. Sometime in in 70s my wifes step grandfather was the manager ( not sure of his title, but he was in charge) of a US Steel plant. One year at a stalemate in negotiations my wifes grandfather told the workers the company's final offer and if it was rejected the plant would close. The offer was rejected and many workers were saying how the union beat the company as they walked out the door for the last time. I hope the workers don't cut off thier noses like it has been done with other negotiations.
  10. Typical ford, ...was here a few minutes ago
  11. My 5240 with power shift has 6000 hrs and the hydraulics are a little slow at idle when the oil is cold. When the oil is hot the hydraulics barely work at idle and power shift disengages unless it is running full throttle. I am going to change the hyd pick up screen to start with. Anything else to check or change when I am there?and is this on the right trail to fix this? Ideas? Thank you
  12. The reason both mouth and rectum were listed is because the two orfices are interchangeable in way to many people
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