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  1. My son lives near Dallas, a house next to his went on the market Friday. Saturday afternoon the realtor web site said ,we have multiple offers send us your best and final offer by 3 Sunday
  2. I cant remember the details but my father said that this baler was very dangerous to work with. So please be careful with it
  3. I will take snow over gators any day
  4. Thank you. That answers another question
  5. So the peanuts are "dug up" allowed to dry be for separating. Correct What? What are the proper names of the process
  6. I saw cotton pickers at a jd dealer, had to stop for a closer look. Cool machines
  7. Please educate me on farming in the south. I know corn and different grasses. That is it. Thank you
  8. I live in Mass and over the last two and a half days I drove to Dallas TX. I crossed the Mississippi north of Memphis. I saw fields and farms and equipment like I've never seen. Some equipment I still don't know What it was. If anyone with experience could please answer my questions. Many fields were basically under water. How long does it take to dry out enough to get into the fields. How many days are needed for cotton and what is this.
  9. 4366 has push blade and no pto.
  10. Auction Ancram, NY. So no pics of 1066. Not my tractors.
  11. My wife has family in Phillipston.
  12. Rt 2., you would get run over from behind
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