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  1. No. with the plunger removed the rack moves freely against spring pressure, but does not move in conjunction with the throttle. When you reinsert the plunger, the rack does not move at all, as if it were stuck again. When I found the spring broke on the plunger, I bought a used plunger with spring, soaked it in diesel for a few days and replaced the whole assembly. It still acts the same on either plunger, the gear that mates to the rack does not seem to move at all and wont let the rack move. On page 112 of the manual attached to my original post it looks like there is a connecting rod between the throttle and the rack, but mine are not attached. i'm not sure if I have more than one problem or not. Since it worked fine when I parked it about a year ago, its crazy that the spring would break and have other problems at the same time. i dont know where to start next. Thanks Ron76
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied on my original post. I freed the stuck rack and found the spring on the bottom of the plunger was broke in about 4 places. I replaced the spring and put plunger back in and timed with notches on rack. Thought I finally had a definite failure and fix. But it still doesnt seem right. Is the gear that mates to the rack supposed to move freely outside the unit or does it have to be reassembled and running to move the rack? Mine barely moves at all. Tks Ron76
  3. Special Thanks for taking the time to copy all that pump information.  I've printed it alll for the future.  I'ts still not running but I'm making progress...... Thanks again, Ron76

    1. Rawleigh99


      Glad to help Ron.  Good luck with your project.  I find there is nothing like the original manual to shed light on things.  Let me know if there is anything else you need out of it.  Keep us up to date.  Rawleigh

  4. What did I do wrong? I finally got it apart, removed the plunger and freed up the rack. Nice and easy. Aligned the plunger slot with the rack slot and thought all was fine. Its been so long since I've had this running right, I thought the rack moved in and out with the throttle lever, but now mine doesn't move at all. I have not reinstalled all the injector lines and tubing. 1. Is the gear on the plunger supposed to move freely out of the unit, mine is extremely tight and only moves by hand about 1/8 inch? 2. Does it all have to be reassembled for the rack to move? 3. Does the throttle and rack move together? 4. Does it require full reassembly with fuel and pressure for the rack to move? Lots of questions. Help please... Tks Ron
  5. WOW, This is fantastic. I'm printing the whole thing. Really appreciate you taking the time to download all this info. thanks for your help....Ron76
  6. Holy sh!!!!. I think this may be my like my pump. I will let you’ll know how this turns out. I hate puzzles. Tks Ron76
  7. Mine is still different, I have attached pictures. My top panel does not bolt on, after looking at your pictures I’m not sure if mine is threaded or one piece. Also you can see the front panel is lower on mine and will not access the rack. The model number of the pump is correct. Do you think it will twist off with a pipe wrench? Thanks Ron
  8. Yes, Model # 65314DA my pump must be a different style. I’ve removed the front cover, but it doesn’t give me access to the rack and I don’t have any top panel or access thru the top. Any other suggestions?.... Tks ron76
  9. my pump must be a different style. I’ve removed the front cover, but it doesn’t give me access to the rack and I don’t have any top panel or access thru the top. Any other suggestions?.... Tks ron76
  10. Yes, that’s my problem. I’ve done that and still haven’t been able to free it up. Trying to figure out how to access that part. Can I get to it if I pull the injector pump and how difficult a job that is. Tks. Ron76
  11. I have a td14 with an international fuel pump that the rack appears to be stuck in the closed position (no diesel fuel). I have had this problem before, but those times it was stuck in he wide open position and I was always able to free it easily. Not this time, I have tried everything I can think of to free this thing but have had no success. I have tried all kinds of sprays, heat, tapping. prying, but nothing has worked. I only have about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch of travel. Is is possible something is stuck inside preventing it from moving? Can you access this from behind the pump? How hard is it to remove the pump and reinstall if that gives me accessto the rack from behind? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks Ron76
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