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  1. I’m hoping to be able to make it as close to the original set up as possible. I didn’t think about using cylinders in place of the turnbuckles you make it tilt from the seat! ?
  2. Here’s is how this is attached. Something tells me someone did some major modification and cut off all of the factory points of attachment.
  3. Well got it out the only way I had left. Going to need to do some machine work to make it useable again.
  4. Here’s some blade shots of what it’s got hanging on it. I’m not convinced it’s all IH. It has definitely had some modifications regardless. the blade hangs from a big bolt through the face of the moldboard which goes through the C-channel someone welded between the push arms. That is the only point of attachment from the blade to the frame! im kind of thinking on welding the blade right to the frame and calling it good with some solid braces to take the place of the turnbuckle style adjusters. As a side not the turnbuckle adjuster on the right side is welded solid anywa
  5. Looks added on possibly judging by the weld. Left side is intact right side is missing looks to have been snapped off. I’m wondering if the adjuster rods were snapped at some point as well judging by the weld near the threaded part?
  6. I’d guess some 90wt gear oil? Not to crash your post here, but how about a picture or two??
  7. That would be a nice set up to have on my blade. I’ll have to snoop around some more and see what everyone has. As for the clutches it was parked for the last few years on dirt in the woods and there’s no covers on the bottom. They are both seized tight and the left brake doesn’t work at all, so I figured I’d pull them and spruce everything up. Hopefully never have to do it again.
  8. That’s a big help right there even! I’ll have to get some pictures of the interesting way someone set mine up. I’m not sure how you could manage to push anything without one side or the other tilting down and making a mess.
  9. Thanks for the info!!! I’ve got a couple manuals and actually got another one in the mail just for the blade set up. Ill have to make some of those compressor tools so I can get these out. Good news is I got the right side pivot pin out tonight. Bad news is I tried the other side and ended up shearing off my socket and breaking one of the four corners off the pivot pin!
  10. Hi, new guy here! I’ve got myself a project going on a td6 I picked up. I think it’s a 1963? 62series with the 6D-4 bulldozer. Two questions at the moment..... Steering clutch removal, how do you guys get the giant Phillips head clutch fork pivot loose? I ended up pulling out the diagonal braces and have a drag link socket to fit into the stud. Is there a better way? Second question... It has the B/E style 6D-4 bull dozer set up on it. Someone took and put a big bolt through the center of the blade and it allows it to pivot up and down. I wonder if you guys have some
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