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  1. My brakes are the not floating pivot type.
  2. I got my new steering parts from Idaho, I didn't have much luck finding anyone in Iowa to reline my brakes. My serial no. is TDF 35995. It makes a difference on the style of brake too . I will check tomorrow. Thank you.
  3. There are parts out there to rebuild the Red Diamond engines if you know where to look. as for The tractor engines not holding up I would argue that point. I own a 1936 WA-40 that has been in the family since new and was used on an 840 acre farm back in it's day.
  4. Neat pics, thanks for posting them. 18 series are fun to drive. Good power and twin stacks! I like to see equipment in their working clothes.
  5. still working on TD-14A steering clutches. I have 1 together with all new disc. I went to local post office and got flat rate box and mailed brake shoes to man in Oregon on the 6th. Expected arrival was the 9th. The man called this week and said package arrived but had been damaged and put in another box. He got 2 shoes and 4 were missing. I am from Iowa and package ended up in Memphis. I went to my local post office and was told to go online. I got online and had to register and come up with a pass word. I could identify the part to a human but the computer wanted a category to which th
  6. New linings arrived this week. Does anyone know the number of steering release bearing? This project is getting old!
  7. Got steering clutch out today!!!!! Did not need special tool. Clutch pack is junk.
  8. 9 series are easier to work on, Made a tool today but the big shop got dark. I removed winch from the 14A and now looking for factory plate.
  9. Thank you very much! This could take a while. I also have a 181 series to fix too but another time. BTW. I like your red truck!
  10. I have been working on my TD-14A. left steering clutch. I have IH service book. this project has fought me every step. Crawler runs and drives and I used it last fall but am tired of using right clutch only. I am down to last step but do not have compressor angle tool shown illustration 532 on page 323. Does anyone have a close up picture of such tool. I worked on 9 series over 25 years ago and that was much easier. Also where can I get brake bands relined some where in Iowa.
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