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  1. Awesome, thank you. Hoping I don't break those things trying to get them off. Haha
  2. Gotcha. So they just slide right on the splines? There's nothing else holding them on other than that bolt and big washer?
  3. Was there a trick to getting them off? I swapped my 966 and my arms do not want to come off at all.
  4. You're talking about where the housing sits in the oring, correct? How are you pressurizing the trans?
  5. Yes. I even gave it a little extra to help with it.
  6. I have a 966 that I swapped over to a 3 point from a fast hitch. My arms drag the ground when lowered and don't nearly lift high enough. What is the trick to get those arms off the splines? I tried and tried to get those things off but dang they're on there good.
  7. I recently changed the hydraulic filter in my 574. Before I did this I had no issues at all with the hydraulics. Now I can't seem to get the filter primed back. I have actuated the lift controls over and over again to try and bleed the air out of the system. I don't have any pressure and I can't hear my pump whining like it use to. Do you think it's possible I had a weak pump and finally just went out upon trying to prime back this time? I've NEVER had this much trouble after a hyd filter change. Below is a picture of the filter. Dry as a bone. Not getting anything into the housing when I start the tractor up. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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