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  1. I have not called blue ridge yet. FP smith I called twice and they aren’t very helpful without having the part number. I know people have gotten the seals from them to rebuild, but both times they said they would call back and never did.
  2. Thank you everyone that responded. Was going to rebuild it myself, was just hoping someplace sold the seals for it. I have the manual, which shows exactly how to disassemble and rebuild it. I’ve called multiple places who all say “we’ll call you back” and never do. So, I’m guessing they don’t have the seals.
  3. Any advice from anyone? Can’t seem to find one anywhere
  4. Hello everyone. I’m currently having an issue with my international 175c. The pilot control valve for the hydrostatic transmission has decided to leak and leak rather badly. Anyone know where to get a seal kit for one of these or anyone have a good used one sitting around that they would like to get rid of? They are the same on the TD15c as well Thank you. -Ryan
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