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  1. I am replacing some fuel lines on my 756 diesel and can't get the line from the filter housing to the pump at my local dealer. It shows part 3055971R92. Any suggestions?
  2. I know this has been covered a couple of times but the old posts' photos are not coming up. I found a deal I couldn't pass up and now I have a 966 with a koyker loader on it. Everything works great but it is using both remotes for the loader. Reading through the older posts it looks like I need to replace the outer remote valve with an inner valve and install a power beyond plate. Is this the case? I assume the inner is a pass through and the outer has a built-in return. I want to use a joystick with a third function button and keep all the hydraulic lines "below deck" if possible since some of my other tractors look like Dr Octavius from Spiderman is crawling up the side.
  3. Thanks for the input. My brother called a JD dealer and asked them and they came up with 6500. I think he would take less if someone would make the offer. I have been by a couple of times and jumped it off to move it around but we had to be quick since one back tire is bad and all I have in my truck is a small compressor. It is listed on Facebook if anyone is interested. He has a rhino hydraulic blade on it that he is selling also.
  4. I'm discussing that now, but I don't know what it would cost to haul it from the beautiful rolling hills of Central Texas to the armpit of the Earth.
  5. Well I went out to my brother's place and we got it fired up without a problem but it needs batteries and tires. I aired up all 4 and moved it forward a few feet but one back tire is too far gone. I plan on getting a used tire so we can move it or load it. Anyone want to make an offer? I'm sure he will entertain anything.
  6. I have the same trouble, missing right arm rest.
  7. If we have time this weekend we will get it running and move it to my shop, and of course get better pictures. Thanks everyone.
  8. I'm pretty sure that I'm the one that parked it there. Hydro is okay, but I never was a fan of it. Keep the rpms up and it works great. Low rpm and high range you can make it growl and slip but that's not how I drove it. I used it mostly for cutting and raking hay but occasionally for maintaining our farm roads with the 8' hydraulic blade that is attached now. My grandfather bought the tractor when it was a couple of years old and used it to plow and to mix feed. He sold it to my dad when he retired and my brother inherited it. I don't remember a time when it wasn't there, but I do remember it looking better. I have considered buying it but I don't think I would use it enough to justify it.
  9. Stephenville, Texas area
  10. If it is just like the 574, there are 2 different options due to a serial number break. One has three bolts holding it on and the other has four. Mine has 3, see below;
  11. I will check, I don't think I have any pictures.
  12. My brother has our grandfather's 1026 and wants to sell it. It's been sitting a while but with good jumper cables it will crank and move. Used it for hay so he removed the doors and windows for airflow. No idea where he put them. Any ideas on what it's worth?
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