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  1. You're right, it does stink. But for whatever reason it seems to be the most popular fertilizer in Arkansas! In a few weeks, my entire county will smell like broiler litter. And if you think it smells bad spread on the field, walk into one of the houses; makes a hog confinement or a dairy smell like a rose garden! Mac
  2. There is a specific sunflower plate for the IH planters, I have a set for my 186. They have a filler ring that goes under them as well and they will not work without it. If you can't get the spacing right you can always block off every other cell and get close to what you want. Used plates are available on ebay for 3-5 dollars each, especially corn and beans but sunflower plates as well. I'm curious though why you want to space them so far apart? I get pretty good results on sunflowers at about 6 inches, that's with a 24 cell plate and 10-20 gear ratio. Of course I'm just planting a couple dove plots here and there so I'm not terribly concerned with population. Mac
  3. I have a Cub, it's just fine for cultivator work and light plowing, but otherwise pretty gutless. In your shoes I'd try to find a Super A/100/140 to do what she wants. Plenty of power and good hydraulics. On the flip side, implements are harder to find for them vs the Cub, and the Cubs can be found pretty cheap in comparison. There isn't much to keeping them up, and they're fairly slow in first gear; just about as fast as a mule walks is how I describe it. You can also reroute the exhaust to an under mount type to get a little more overhead clearance. Mac
  4. Sure looks like an early unstyled Deere to me. Seems like I can almost make out the letters on the axles and the single right side brake almost has to me a hand clutch Deere. Mac
  5. Changed the engine and air cleaner oil in all four tractors and the 94 Ford F-150 this morning. Left the Cub for last, and decided it needed a hood badge like the other three: I had the emblem laying around anyway so I figured, what the heck. Not the correct one for a 51 Cub but better than nothing. And, I don't figure me or the chickens really care about "correct " parts. Mac
  6. Looks like an M&W hand clutch setup to me. As far as the black box, that almost looks like one of those soft coolers. Surely can't be a speaker hanging off the axle like that. Mac
  7. Been at least 5 years since I did mine, simple enough to install and works great on my 300. Need to use suppression type plug wires though, otherwise it jacks with the fire to the plugs. Haven't had the first ounce of trouble with mine in the time I've had it, but it stays under a roof so that may help it some. Matter of fact, I probably need to do the other 3 but at $140 a pop it might be a while! Mac
  8. We cultivated all our crops, didn't matter what it was. Dad was (and still is) too cheap to by herbicide outside of a little Atrazine for the corn. He cultivated with G or Super M, the hired man got the other tractor, and I did point rows with a team and one row riding cultivator until I was "trustworthy" enough to run the tractor. All that to say, we still had weeds but not as many as you'd think. The old man used to say "there's not a weed on earth that's resistant to cold steel", and I think there's a lot of truth to that. Mac
  9. As far as saving them, it can't hurt. You may never need them and you may need one tomorrow. I bought a junk 300 for the narrow front (for $100 I couldn't pass) and just take parts off it as I need them or have time. The block/trans/rearend is sitting in the grove below the house and I'll get to parting it out someday, but it's peace of mind knowing it's there should I need a bull gear or something. As my old man would say, it ain't eatin' nothin' sittin' there! Mac
  10. In my opinion, no. They'll just snuggle up a little closer with Bayer and Monsanto and get another "wonder" (would "wander" be a better descriptor?) chemical and keep right on no-tilling. But, I have noticed there are a lot of people in my state that are going back to tillage the last few years. I can't help but wonder if it's the price of the chemicals that is driving that or the chemical-resistant weeds. Of course, in my little "corn to feed the chickens" operation I get by just fine with Atirazine, 2,4D and the cultivator; bigger guys can't hardly do that anymore. Mac
  11. You're not wrong. Dicamba is very volatile when the air is warm and humid; so is 2,4D (ask me how I know). But like most chemicals, it's good when used "correctly". On the other hand, you mentioned common sense. I think we all know that most of the "powers that be" missed the boat when the Good Lord was handing out that particular attribute. To be honest, I probably don't even need to have an opinion on the subject since I haven't used Dicamba and probably never will. The thing that gets me is, this type of thing is sort of like 2nd Amendment issues. Once the "anti's" ban or restrict something, even though it doesn't affect me, it's only a matter of time before they get to something that does. They've already got the "good stuff" like 10% Sevin Dust, Chlordane, and Toxaphene; Roundup and 2,4D may be the next ones on the block. All it takes is one pi$$ed off Karen to sink the boat. Mac
  12. You may very well be on to something. It's not too bad here.... yet. I figure it won't be too long until the greenies will try to block the sale of chemicals and commercial fertilizers in Arkansas for no other reason than the abundant amount of streams, rivers, and lakes we have. We can hope that won't be the case. Mac
  13. Just the beginning of a slippery slope, if you ask me. It won't be long until farmers are getting sued for "disturbing the habitat of the endangered lesser titmouse" or some other such nonsense. If things don't change we'll be in the same sorry shape as Europe I fear. Mac
  14. ^^ my thoughts as well. Looks about like the gears in my H belly pump. Mac
  15. Find a 350 lp head and have the machine shop put a set of valves in it. Use your rocker arms and pushrods of course. Send your manifold in too and have it surfaced if needed too. Get some new gaskets and put it back together. You might consider new studs for both head and manifold but that's not always necessary. You can also drill the carb jet out one bit size and put electronic ignition in to add a bit of power as well. Mac
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