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  1. The only part I’ve seen difficult to get is the part I need. Pistons, rods, rings, cams, you name it, are off the shelf, and a head is on the way. I worked on detroits for 20 years. We ran up to 30 oilwell servicing rigs that ran mostly 8V-71s and the 12-Vs. Had 4-71s and 4-53s on the hydraulic units. Had my fill of 2 cycle engines. There’s a good reason that they’re 99% extinct now, even on dirt bikes. Chainsaws and model airplanes might be the last holdouts.
  2. They can be fascinating, and it’s easy to let your imagination run away. The probable truth is that it has a serious problem like a cracked block or head. Otherwise, an old H or M, etc, can always find work mowing, pulling a blade, etc. There’s a good reason that it hasn’t been used. But that’s part of the fun. Just be ready to discover that it might be 99% worn out, and again, might need replacement of some major parts. My second thought, is that tractors like the H are as common as hair on a dog’s back. I would find one closer to home that I could check out. Price will be about the same. Good luck. M
  3. Actually, it is a TD340A. I never dreamed that parts would be so hard to find. I did find a 340 farm (wheeled) tractor with a C135 in it, which SHOULD fit. But it’s 1500 miles away, and the guy says “It’s in a snow drift and I don’t know when I could pull it”. All I need is a head for the D-166, since mine is cracked. Imight even have to see if I can find a service that welds heads. I used to have that done a lot on Detroits. But if anybody sees a head anywhere, PLEASE HOLLER!! Thanks M
  4. What tractors should I look for besides the 340?
  5. How would I best start looking for a C-135? By that, I mean what IH or Farmall models used it (with the correct bolt pattern).
  6. I bought a TD340A dozer that’s in great shape, but does have a cracked head. I have 6 other tractors, all gas. I wouldn’t mind converting the TD to gas. What engine would be a bolt in replacement for the D-166 now in it. One of the “C” engines?
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