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  1. Narrow front, Fast hitch, Front set of weights, Belt pulley, 15.5 x 38 tires, Power steering, Gas, Pre Cleaner and Rear set of weights. It notes it was a demonstrator. I have the bill of sale for the tractor that shows $4,671.54 prior to the trade. Traded in a M in 1957 net cash $2,650. Wish I had the serial number for that M! I was 8 yrs old when the delivery truck pulled in. That was a big day!! Funny how certain pictures of time are imprinted in your mind. Thanks for the ask
  2. For Doctor Evil. Know that I like cheese. : )) Thanks to all for the encouragement from everyone. Interestingly my father bought equipment from Pritchard Imp. also, was good friends with John Asplund, I know two of his daughters, married to local farmers who farm and run red. Furthermore, my Dad and Uncles purchased one of the first tractors with rubber tires from Pritchard a long time ago. So I was told. It is fascinating to me the enthusiasm and detective spirit there is in people to assist in locating a family implement. There are three tractor clubs in the area, and I have been given at least a dozen people to contact that are giving me leads to follow up on. You talk to one person and he has a story on someone else I should touch base with. So in a nutshell Thanks to all and Red Power for the vehicle to get the word out.
  3. Seeking assistance in locating my fathers Farmall 450 tractor. Serial # 3233. Purchased New in June 1957 from Schroeder Imp. Annawan IL. Assume traded to Emprie Equipment, Geneseo IL around 1975. Appreciate any information of coaching on how to search. Thanks.
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