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  1. Do you happen to be in Tennessee we are having the same issues with processors and ehd?
  2. I wish I had that haha , my fourwheeler looks like it was drug home from the dump, thats a sharp bike.
  3. They always look like there planning there next surprise, jumping fences, visiting the neighbors, getting into the feed barrels never a dull moment .
  4. Fall time in the smoky mountains!
  5. Yea I've got one on my suzuki 250 it had a mikuni and doesn't run right either but the 028 does.
  6. I've got a double bit sager , they are worth a pretty penny now. I'm not a axe collector but I seen the writing on mine when I cleaned it up and looked them up found a few for sale. Will never sell this one it was my grandfathers.
  7. I but a China on my 028 and have had no problems
  8. Love the pipe H braces no rot that way!
  9. Yes i have volt meter just haven't been able to locate the sending units ,I've looked the tractor over very well
  10. Tnfarmer


    I have a case 895 with digital dash just repaired by ag express. I'm still not getting rpm on pto or engine does anyone know how the rpm signal works if it is off of the alternator or has a sending unit. I have the wiring schematic and it shows rpm sensor but I can't find it.
  11. Tnfarmer

    Case 895

    Hey j-mech you were right I asked and tyler said he would see what he could find, the next day he put it in print it's over 2000 pages 2 binders so no wonder it wasnt cheap he still beat all other online sales by almost 200 dollars, great company seems like. Thanks for letting me know that they might put it in print ,I just assumed they would have offered if they would.
  12. Tnfarmer

    Case 895

    I really just need the electrical diagrams or pictures of harnesses I have tons of wires that aren't hooked up , thinking that might be why the digital gauges are unreadable .
  13. Tnfarmer

    Case 895

    I didnt ask I asked if they had it, and tyler I believe was who it was replied they didn't. I was under the impression that was the end of it I could ask if they would .
  14. Tnfarmer

    Case 895

    I assume it is it's a 1993 dont really know much about it I traded a polaris rzr for it. So trying to learn all I can about it we have always had ford 7600 and 7710 tractors and I've had a david brown 880.
  15. Tnfarmer

    Case 895

    First post....I contacted peaceful creak for a case 895 service manual they do not have it. Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper then the 385.00 dollars I have been seeing? I just got this tractor and will be doing alot of repairs on it first IH also.
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