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  1. Do you happen to be in Tennessee we are having the same issues with processors and ehd?
  2. I wish I had that haha , my fourwheeler looks like it was drug home from the dump, thats a sharp bike.
  3. They always look like there planning there next surprise, jumping fences, visiting the neighbors, getting into the feed barrels never a dull moment .
  4. Fall time in the smoky mountains!
  5. Yea I've got one on my suzuki 250 it had a mikuni and doesn't run right either but the 028 does.
  6. I've got a double bit sager , they are worth a pretty penny now. I'm not a axe collector but I seen the writing on mine when I cleaned it up and looked them up found a few for sale. Will never sell this one it was my grandfathers.
  7. I but a China on my 028 and have had no problems
  8. Love the pipe H braces no rot that way!
  9. Yes i have volt meter just haven't been able to locate the sending units ,I've looked the tractor over very well
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