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  1. What is the recommended transmission oil for the TD9B power shift?
  2. Thanks again Louie. It’s a bit hard to read but looks like the number is 18174. cheers
  3. That’s the same setup as mine Louie thanks it is the the transmission oil cooler that is damaged as you said. Can you send me the legend for the rest of the plumbing parts? Also the manual I have says there are two oil coolers and there is space for two on the front of the radiator? Thanks again for clearing this up for me.
  4. Yeah when I get the radiator and cooler back next week (hopefully) I’ll post some pics thanks Louie
  5. Thanks for that Louie but on my TD9B the cooler in front of the radiator was definitely connected to the hydraulic oil system? so now I’m totally confused ?
  6. Fair enough mate but was radiator repair man and he asked me the question. Only hydraulics are on the blade and ripper so why should the oil get that hot that it needs cooling? Fair question this dickhead thinks. it can be repaired.
  7. I have damaged the oil cooler on my TD9B. How critical is the hydraulic oil cooler and can I work my machine by bypassing the cooler?
  8. Does anyone have a diagram of the throttle setup for the TD9B power shift crawler?
  9. The left one in the pic below is the upper, the other is the lower which I don’t have a number for.
  10. do you have a part number for the lower air filter? the number on mine is not legible.
  11. Yeah I’ve got the manual thanks Louie.
  12. Ok I’ll see if I can get one thanks for the advice mate.
  13. Sorry Steve I missed this post. the straps are made out of spring steel same thickness so I hope they’re ok?
  14. I’m in Tasmania. would it be too much to hope that if I put the engine back in with the same shims that the alignment should be ok? that tool looks a bit daunting to me!
  15. Thanks Steve but I was able to get some made up locally. Did yours just give way due to age or was your engine out of alignment?
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