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  1. I sure like the looks of them. Especially the tri stripes. 06-56 are a big favorite of mine as well. Ours does pretty much lighter work these days. Pulls a set of wagons in the fall and runs the snow blower in winter time and occasionally on a fertilizer spreader.
  2. My great grandfather bought a super 55 brand new. Bought it with a 3 bottom plow but was alittle too much for it so traded it for a 2 and was much better. We still have the tractor and the plow. Very handy tractor that we still use to this day. First tractor I drove was that one. We’ve never had issues getting parts. Great tractor with three point and hydraulics and live pto. That one looks alittle rough but it would depend on the care it’s had.
  3. Wow that’s terrible. Hope all involved are ok. Hope those weren’t family tractors either.
  4. 1980 had them as well too. 80 would have been the first year for the tri stripes. I always liked the look of the tri stripes over the regular 86 series.
  5. Looks like a nice one! Congrats!
  6. Didn’t look at it real close but was my thoughts too
  7. Lol that’s usually my case too. The 706 had actually been converted back to run on regular gas. My neighbor actually only bought it for the 3 point and the dual pto he needed. It was pretty rough shape. The 14 was decent but somebody gave it a halfway rattle can job. Like they painted the outside of the rims and the tin work but not the inside of the rims or anything else. Cab needed to be redone and tires were fair. No weights. I was just shocked on the weights price mostly
  8. Went to local consignment sale today as we got rained out of the fields. I’d say prices are still strong especially in the weight department. I went 140 a weight on the suitcase ones and still didn’t get them. 1486 brought 10,000. Neighbor paid 1800 for the 706 lp. Still a sellers market imo.
  9. Thing is if they were smart theyd take the suitcase weights to a sale instead of scrap. They’d bring wayyyy more than scrap price but look who you’re dealing with.
  10. I just saw the announcement for it. Looks like aumans are doing it in October. Sad, would’ve liked to have seen it.
  11. I totally missed that 🤦‍♂️. Thank you very much.
  12. Anybody know who to contact at harvester highlights for an address change? I’ve tried contacted some of the names inside the magazine with no success. I just recently moved and would like to get it changed so I don’t miss one. Any input I would appreciate.
  13. Thank you! Yeah that’s dad after he put the bigger newer tires on it. He was into making stuff bigger and look cooler so he was proud lol. I always like to see him on the equipment, always had a smile on his face.
  14. Here are some pictures of the original for comparison
  15. Some of you may remember that I bought a 706 last summer ,Bought it with the intent to make it look like the original one that we had. Didn’t have a lot of time between the time I bought it and going through fall to work on it. But over the winter I get a little bit of work to it and it’s come along nicely. Finally got it of the barn today. It needed quite a bit of things done to it. I put a newer seat on it, new fuel and temperature gauge, new exhaust manifold, new alternator, and a new pushrod cover gasket. Also changed all the fluids and filters in it as well. It only had a single remote so I Added one to it and put a dual lever set up on it. Also changed out the three-point arms to put the correct ones on. Put a newer better set of fenders on it that I took off the parts 706 that I had last year. We slid the tires in so that they sit on 30 inch rows and man was that a job and a half. I don’t think the clamps had been touched since it left the factory. Also added some front weights and two sets of rear weights and dual hubs. Took off the front tires and added bigger ones as the original one had bigger tires put on it for going through lower Ground. I painted the rims black and I know to some it looks silly but that’s what ours had when we got them and that’s what I’m going for as far as looks go so that’s what I’m going for. I have a set of duals for it but I haven’t got them painted and put on yet. Also did some minor touchup painting on it But this is going to be a work tractor for now so a restoration job will be down the road. Finally added a toolbox like the original and even the original a.m. fender radio that is identical to the one that was on it originally and it works! I have a factory ih wide front that eventually I’m going to put on but for now the schwartz one will have to do. Here’s some pictures as I did things.
  16. That’ll definitely help a lot. I take it this dealership is no longer in business, did another case ih dealer buy them out? If so I’d contact them to see if they have any knowledge or possible paperwork still around from them.
  17. Without the serial number it would be very difficult. Do any of them have any idea which dealer it went to? That’d be your best bet. Not knowing that would make it even more difficult. Were there any oddities about the tractor? Like a cab of sorts or maybe a dent or ding in the tin work that you’d remember? That could help. Stranger things have happened and you never know, you may get lucky. It can happen, speaking from experience. Good luck in your search.
  18. It actually had two lights on each side of the grill. Screwed into the cast. Definitely a straight tractor but man that’s a bell ringer!
  19. I know things are up but man that blew away any number I thought. Sheesh.
  20. Looks like the last sale is going to be a pretty good one. My gosh some of the prices on stuff blew my mind. Anybody else see what that plastic weight brought? $975?😳 Is there something special about it? I thought you could buy those for like 35 bucks?
  21. Very sharp looking tractor. Looks like it’s been well taken care of. Wouldnt be a 68 though. The 460s were first made in 58 and made up until 63.
  22. So neat to see that stuff in the movies. Ah the good ol days
  23. That’s right I remember seeing that 806 as well and thinking how odd it was that they had white fenders. I couldn’t exactly remember, I watched the TV show quite often but I haven’t seen the actual movie in a while.
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