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  1. Good you found something that will work
  2. That’s right, except what I have is not barbed. It’s a smooth pipe. Barbed is probably better
  3. VTfireman, here’s the pictures of what we did to adapt to the bulk tank thread. We are still using the valve that goes on the tank in this case. But it could be used to adapt to whatever valve you want. Best case scenario is you find a stainless welder to help you and weld on a ferrule. That’s what’s happening in the last picture. Then you have a lot more options
  4. VTfireman, call your local dairy supply and they should have what you need. They should have a pipe with a flange on it that will drop into that nut. The one I got was plastic, original ones would have been stainless. Then you can clamp on with a fernco and and adapt to whatever you want. I have a picture of how I did it but I’m not sure how to add it here
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