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  1. Thanks. I think you are right - it was probably a 2050 of some sort. Probably could be made back to that easier than to fit my 395.
  2. Thanks guys. You confirmed my suspicions. This is the problem with bidding on stuff remotely - ya just never exactly know what you are bidding on. Even though I don't have much invested, it might be difficult to get bidders. Who wouldn't want a purdy red loader on a green tractor though? You can find this on ebay next week.
  3. I won at auction this loader advertised as a IH 2200. It was recently mounted on a JD 4020 with modifications. While waiting for help to retrofit it to my tractor, I got it painted red. But it doesn't fit my Case IH 395 and doesn't look like a 2200 - judging from the pics I can find. I am pretty sure the lower support was extended. It has a 4' bucket. Inside width at front is 21 1/2" My tractor is 22 at front.
  4. Filter was changed and screen was clean. Oil level was good when cold. I will recheck when warm and try the other things you mention. There's about 1400 hrs on tractor. Thanks
  5. Hello, After my tractor is all warmed up, sometimes the Power Steering mostly stops working. After tractor cools, it is fine again. Is that a sign of a week steering pump, or clogging issues - maybe air in lines? I haven't checked PTO when steering has problems yet. other hydraulics are normal at that time. Fluid level is fine. What do you think? Thanks
  6. I guess I can reconsider a 2250 then. I don't plan on doing anything until after running the tractor some this spring - to see what I can get done with a chain saw and an old blade. Betting it will be slow / cumbersome - but I am retired and not tired.
  7. That's a good point. If its easy to remove/remount, a person is more likely to remove it when mowing, etc.. So even if it is very front heavy, I could run without it most of the time. Thanks
  8. If I see a good 2200 within a few hundred miles for the $1500 mentioned, I would probably grab it. I probably would pass on a 2250 since I would need more weight in rear end - one thing leads to another. My guts told me to go with a 2200 since it is what normally would come with a 395, I'm glad you experienced guys seem to agree a 2200 would be a good choice - and to steer away from non-Case IH The front wheels and tires were bad, so I put new ones on today. My nephew got me 3 rib tires for $100 each and wheels cost me $60 each. A friend might paint it for me - Doubt that will make it run any better... The place I bought it from gave me a drawbar - but I don't know yet if it fits - probably. I do need to go buy a top link for 3pt hitch. I am ready for spring - so I can see what she'll do
  9. Sounds like I should look for a 2200 since the tractor is somewhat lightweight compared to what a 2250 or 2350 are usually on. That's what I was leaning towards since I should be able to find one. I am somewhat of a cheapskate though so I will be patient. I don't have much acreage. Wonder how I tell if a non-CIH loader is a good fit and performs at least as well as a 2200.
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. Currently it has only single set of remotes - behind seat. I am waiting for warm weather before messing with it and it's parked 5 miles away so I can't run outside to look at it easily. It starts right up, but since has so few hours I am not sure how often it sat for long periods outside. Clutch and brakes seem good too - just not a purdy tractor yet. But I digress. I don't need to move bales - probably pushing brush and mowing mostly. Want to clear autumn olives and honeysuckle bushes.
  11. I recently bought a Case IH 395 2wd - 1400 hrs - with no loader. Specs show it uses a 2200 loader. I would like to know if this would be the best one to look for, or would other loaders bolt right on and have better function. I don't want to do much modification.
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