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  1. Hi Al. Thanks for the pictures. They look the same as on my Volvo BM 650. I just thought the ih 3434 had wet brakes as on my other ih 474, where I’ve never tuched the brakes.. Thank you again👍
  2. Thanks Jim. Especially for the links. It has an oilbath airfilter and i didnt examine the brakes closely enough the see whether dry as on the 444 or wet. Please send the bd-154 manual to simonsiirf@gmail.com If your using messenger I can send you a walkaround movie of the old lady. Cheers Simon
  3. Yep. Pump in the front. And 1/2water1/2oil in hyd reservoir in right wheel guard. Needs tlc. Power steering makes a horrible squeeling sound when turning to end stop right/left. a bit concerned about liner corrosion, no coolant additive in rad, only super rusty water. Hoping good flush can stop things from escalating. If anyone has pictures of brake disassembly I’d appreciate viewing them. Is the engine exact same as 444?
  4. Thanks Jim. yes it is a 434 with a heavier frame and front loader.
  5. Simon Friis

    IH 3434

    Looking at buying a IH 3434 utility tractor. Owner informs that absolutely no maintenance has been carried out last 20 years. Hydraulic oil full of water and looks like slurry . It starts and runs very well. Any experienced owners here who can contribute to whether buying it or stay away. parts still available? Asked price is 3000usd and its a rare object here in Denmark. /Simon
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