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  1. I need some ideas , I want to make a parts washer. Show me what you did!
  2. i saw on you tube a guy using Tide detergent . I"m going to try that..
  3. I got a bushing from them( Pilot knob Restoration) for my m . It worked great. I have a mill to bore it out, any machine shop could do it for you,
  4. That was my post. So it dosent matter which way you install the bearing in the pinion cage? I just want to get it right. I guess i didnt understand his post.
  5. Update the garage finally warmed up. Thanks to my sweet wife for helping me pressing gears off and on the lower shaft is in. Got a good used shaft from Bates Corp. all new bearings! Next differential top shaft!
  6. I’m getting ready to install my differential and the manual tell me how to install the Max fill bearing correctly ( fill holes out) but I can’t see were it tells me how to install the bearings on bull pinion cages. It has to make a difference. Here’s a pic of the bearing. It has a load side. I didn’t remove the original bearing and don’t have a clue. Any help?
  7. Look what came on sale this week, I guess being in the insides club is a joke !!!!!
  8. Ok, i went to Harbor freight to get my press that cost $199.00. They told me if i joined the insiders club it was $154.00 and that would cost $29.00. that made no sense. so now I'm part of the insiders club , watch out. LOL
  9. Why is it when I need a harbor freight coupon I can’t find one . Anyone got one they can send me please??
  10. Dell

    Covid Shot

    Hmm!!! ill pass. the local news is now saying its only good for 3 -6 months. I dont think they know. dr doom cant keep out of the media and hes been only half right at best. i see states that have loosen up the mask restriction and dont see where the mask are doing anything. i went to get my hair cut and the young lady said her boy friend had the bug she still slept in the same bed and never got it. i go out to eat in NY i have to were a mask but then i sit down i can take it off . what a joke. Yes we have a bug, we are adults act like it. if you feel your at risk stay home , and if you go o
  11. Its always been funny to me that these new bows cost as mush as a mid priced gun... i remember my first bow, bear kit bow. And now my latest one, all i need is one pin and im good to 30 yards.
  12. With Easter just around the corner what Easter candy do you like the best??? Mine is white chocolate bunny .
  13. our governor in NY needs help with good touch bad touch ,and other issues
  14. I use hylomar on all gaskets. It was made for head gasket but i also use it on all cork gaskets or two machine surfaces . This stuff dosent harden up so you can reuse it with out replacing a gasket if the gasket is in good shape. ie valve cover after rebuild when you might have to retorque a head, and set valve setting. as far as orings i only use dc-33 ( dow corning)
  15. I thought it was a joke, but the real joke is the people that are pushing this, wow. next they will come after our bible........ think about it. amen
  16. +100 mile tractor ride to a pull maybe , i remember doing that as a kid to fairs out in central NY . Boonville . Franfort, Brookfield fairs. they never let me pull.
  17. Its a new departure 1214 steel shield on one side
  18. I’m going to be tractor pull only
  19. Im trying to find skf bearing numbers for the following bearing. ive been told to make sure i get max fill bearing. I bought some bearing from a tractor supplier and got a no name bearing that wasnt a max fill. Can someone tell me if these bearing are max fill bearing. if not can you help me out. also need help with st310a axle st223 skf 214j st310a skf differental st269a skf 212j st223 skf 214j
  20. Are they wearing masks while doing it? I hope so!!!!!! And they reproduce!!!!
  21. go to youtube search " in the hanger with jim jones lapping an exhust valve in place"
  22. Never done it on farm tractor but did it on many aircraft you can stuff thin rope in the cylinder with the piston just before top dead center the more rope is better slowly turn crank until you feel it hit the top. i use to back it off a pinch. remove the keeper and depending on which valve it is you can stick a small tube on it and and lap it if need be. i use to change vw rabbit valve seals this way. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TDC BOTH VALVES CLOSED. you tube has a video of a guy doing it to a radial engine that what i use to do. did it all the time to puddle jumpers too.
  23. Sorry to hear about your loss, prayers. I loss a friend way back when he got crushed by a haybine.
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