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  1. Thank you all , very much. I thought about what rainman and Matt had said and tried again to move the touch control back and forth the tank outlet has a hose to the tractor reservoir inlet. nothing happened . When the hydraulics would not work a few days ago I tightened the fitting between the hose and the reservoir fill hole. I loosened that fitting and it did not leak oil so I again moved the touch control levers and and after a few cycles the rocker arms started working. I left that fitting loose with a coffee can under it for tonight I think that maybe some kind of breather that i cl
  2. thank you that is what I was wondering. the hydraulics have been slow since I bought the tractor but the loader is so handy I really dont care how slow it is. the tank basically feeds the tractor reservoir. I will get some pics tomorrow. after putting the tank on and the screen I had trouble with the hydraulics not working so I loosened the hose feeding the tractor reservoir and moved the touch control a bunch of times and it seemed to work ok. I did try that this time but it did not seem to make any difference. I will spend some time tomorrow on it again maybe try that again. There is a new
  3. HI thank you I did move them back and forth at least a dozen times. If I shut the tractor off and restart it the hyd work again for a minute. enough to get the tractor back in the tent. I read in the manual to move the touch control with the cap of the reservoir off. Does it work the same with a tank? The tank flows into the tractor reservoir where the cap was.
  4. Hi all I am in a little trouble here as the snow is piling up. I have a farmall 200 basically a super c with a tube style loader. the hydraulics have been marginal since buying the tractor but they did work all summer I moved approx 100 tons of gravel over the summer. but now they will not work. the last time I plowed they were slower than normal and I tightened all of the fittings as it looked like the oil had air bubbles . today the hydraulics will not work at all. The motor rpm will increase speed when the touch control levers are pulled back or the fast hitch lever is moved into posit
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