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  1. Thats very kul bitty, especially the hand me down,one gun I have is going to junior and if his newborn child is into it when he/she gets older to them, and that is my old marlin 44/40, my old man got it in the '20s and its shipping/manufacture date is 1894.
  2. Not new but on topic, stoeger 12g coach gun, great side by side, the breda that I mentioned earlier is european so it has a funny fussy way of loading and shooting, I finally found a download that walked me through the process. My first 12g was a wingmaster I bought in '74 for 75.00, one of the aforemention liberal scare buy guns was an 1100 12g wood with wood, I rebarreled it to 18" and put a collapsible shoulder stock on plus a pistol front slide/grip, extended mag and six round side plate, just a fun gun with a defense shoulder strap. The fish and game club I belong too had a yearly three gun giveaway and I didnt need a handgun or a hunting rifle so I bought 50.00 worth of tickets for the 12g mossberg, I won. Ive got a few more but ive worn my time out so who is next.
  3. I see better with the last pics, you turn one SET then the other SET, then weld together, two make one then you finish, is that a 100# bottle you use? Are you going to paint for a final finish? Do any of this type of job ever go chrome or brass finish? Looks good.
  4. Its an illusion just like the last two years.
  5. You got it, I’m part dutch also, 5 mins off I5 between mt vernon and everett?
  6. She was adopted, so you could be right, her mother was a real piece of work.
  7. Dasnake


    We have our own little word game, heres a ‘net one, kinda fun.
  8. What are your symptoms? My gurl and gson both have no sense of taste, and they both tested negative.
  9. Got it, 80 miles from me, know the area well.
  10. Comfortable maybe, but both of those would be the pits in a storm!
  11. Interesting history on the company, nice play on words on how they came up with the toro name, affiliated with bull tractors it was a natural branding, sorry, I couldn’t resist.
  12. Edge of eternity mike, sometimes I’m glad.
  13. Where abouts are you? You say drain to salt water, are you west coast washington?
  14. You remember big john and the brouhaha when it first came out about the last line and the phrase helll of a man being removed and replaced by big big man.
  15. Gotta look that up, here is MMM. and his cover version.
  16. Murphy does a rendition of geronimo's cadillac, whoa boyz, take me back, I wanna ride in geronimos cadillac. Please mr. Custer I don't wanna go.
  17. Ya now I remember, gene pitney, remember the town without pity?
  18. Hey art, hum a couple of bars, I can’t place it.
  19. You guys talking Big Iron as a fave is for me also, another one is RINGO by lorne greene, but ghost riders in the sky always does it for me, great song.
  20. When we went to New York in ‘08 we ran into and out of radio transmissions every few miles into and every few miles out all the different towns and cities, the mainstay music that was the easiest to find was country and we both started to really appreciate the format, and the music went more old style country and leaned towards outlaw more also, singers like trace and lucinda became my go to and we bought into SiriusXM in ‘08 also and never looked back.
  21. Happy happy newey, enjoy da day.
  22. I listen to outlaw country on SiriusXM, it is closer to old style, we have a country up here, with all the new age, to find the OLD country played is bloody amazing, digging through some 5 dollar cd bins I come up with some great sets. I found some old jimmy rodgers, bob wills type stuff in some of the rodeo towns, stuff like hank and patsy are dynamite to listen to, I remember sitting in a rocking chair when my gurl was little listening to patsy to rock her to sleep.
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