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  1. I use a 5500 onan, 14 years and runs anytime we need it, minimum amount of upkeep and battery and fuel check every so often.
  2. How does Indy motor museum stack up with these three? I enjoyed the little town of speedway as much as visiting the track.
  3. For one thing I hate hockey and I never liked labatts, but that really doesn't matter, I got one tale about french kanadians, we were parked in a campground in jersey city and right behind us were four trailers with quebec plates, said hellos to the group once and no response, the two weeks we were there not a word to mom or I, one day I was putting a sway bar in the rear suspension and guess who came by to offer a hand to install, a guy from kentucky, I didnt need the hand but I thanked him and talked with him a few times, the quebec peeps never said a word and saw our BC plate,during our travels that story was the norm rather than the odd one, I'm not going to slag anyone because that isn't your query, but my story isn't the only one I know of.
  4. I used to laff at that all the time, gibbons, hill and beard, two guys look like rip van winkle, one has the name.
  5. Damn, passed in his sleep, 72 years, way to bloody young, him and Billy were my beard mentors, cya later.
  6. Because of my diabetes and another condition it's been so long I think I'm turning into a virgin also.
  7. 2017 I met Trevor and Tuf at Pendleton, not an iota of look at me I'm important between the two of them, just friendly interactions, love rodeo life, I don't understand them, but I love what they do.
  8. Oh, a tractor, hmm double D, I wuz thinking.....................
  9. Thats funny there are a lot of people who can't stand being alone, every year when hunting I get the same thrill of which you speak, when I rode the sickle all over h*lls half acre it was a hoot, sleeping under the stars or a parked 18 wheeler, but, i also have no aversion to standing in the middle of a crowd, but if I have my druthers....................
  10. He's gonna need more than one dog, that looks like a three dog night, because we all know, "it's a jungle out there" Bada bing bada boom.
  11. Dasnake


    You said something about kidz? That's what my old man used to use, his kid, he never got hurt, that was when I learned how to swear.
  12. Did you notice the studie lark in the background?
  13. It is funny you mention that, last year mto posted some tool queries and found some old sets were posted on the web, not blister paks obviously but the old cases were in good shape.
  14. Don’t call me nutz but put it in a container and cover it with coke (the drink) and let it set for 24 hours, check and repeat, don’t forget to keep an eye on it, I did a part in vinegar one time and forgot about it, it was ruined.
  15. And I understand what you are saying also, their point is (sort of) like an airplane ride at a county fair. but like John Miller said “maybe they should cure a disease or invent a longer lasting light bulb” for me I just don’t see the sense other than having all their friends giving them hi 5s and them patting their own backs. I give you your points, and if it can come around to help everyone that would/will be great, I just don’t see it from people like these.
  16. Do you think so? I mean what did they really do? Maybe I’m being naive but I’m more impressed with what Goddard did oh so many years ago than what these braggart rich ducks did here, just my opinion but going straight up and bouncing around like kids at Chuck E. Cheese and come straight down doesn’t really push anything for me.
  17. That’s funny, I honestly never looked at it that way, I know what the groups are saying, but maybe read more between the lines with some of the super rich, soros, gates etc are open with their despotic talk, but your point causes a different thought process.
  18. I can’t tell your people how to feel but my cousin at 70 had quadruple bypass three years ago, never better. my SIL had quadruple yesterday age 61, and improving by the hour, out of ICU two o’clock and thinking straight. good luck for your family.
  19. Did the cat pee burn the paint or stain it? Your hood ornament is that the Indian head or the fighter plane? Good luck that’s the one thing about patina it’s only stock once, it’s a nice color combo also.
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