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  1. Hey vt all is gud, just busy and watching the grand kids growing, your little girl is about 2ish now right, you see her every day and the changes, I see them every so often and the changes are greater but the fun is there, thanx for the query, take care.
  2. You guys talk of your crosses to bear with ford and chev, the ram has its great spots at the front where the front fender and the inner fender sit over the front wheel, I pressure wash this out and the rear bottom quarter of the front fenders where they fit in front of the front doors, there is a pocket there that fills with crap in no time, pressure wash and lube there also. Then there is the rear bottom back of the cab, this is a moisture trap and I don't know a way to do anything here except make sure there is no moisture on the back or on the floor, the other spot is the fenders over the rear wheels, on srw vehicles it is the same as the front with crap getting jammed in the spaces but with mine being a dooley the fender is flat cut so the glass dooley fender is bolted over the metal fender skirt, I still hose this out but its not the big problem as the other spots. Its an '07 and no sign of anything, and like vt I'm quite methodical with oiling and redoing the undercoat.
  3. Dasnake


    Hey DT, yup Im here, keeping up with family and kidz a bit more (grandkidz mainly) thanx for asking.
  4. This thing SCREAMS '60s, pie crust slicks, fiat glass body, and an exuberant fast faster fastest look, I don't know where the sub 4s came from in the time period but people can write whatever, from reading this vehicle did not run, just a show piece, might be true might not be, tommy ivo had a four engine beast also, turned 175 or so, four buick nailhead engines putting out 2000 hp, NHRA banned four engine beasts around this ('60s) time frame, lots of I dunno about these but some where is more info probably.
  5. Damn mike, pure and simple explanation, thanx.
  6. Glad to hear your good, my kid got hammered on friday, I don't know if his bucket has a/c but he thought he was having heart problems, went to emergency that night, took until saturday morning to cool/calm down, fine yesterday, hydratation with electrolytes is the big thing.
  7. This fella goes into a pet store to buy a canary, the shopowner says he's sorry but he has none but he has a parakeet, the fellow says no, he wants a canary, the owner then states, if you take a small file and file the budgie's nose a little bit he will sound just like a canary, but you have to be really careful because if you file too much and it has a drink it will drown, the fellow says no, he wants a canary. As he is heading home he spots another pet store and goes in and asks for a canary, this fellow says Im sorry but I don't have any, but I've got parakeets, and, if you take a file you can make it sound just like a canary, but you have to be careful, because if you file to much the little fellow will drown, this time the buyer figures what the heck he'll buy a budgie and goes home to try this. So as he heads home with his new bird he passes a hardware store, he stops in and goes to the file section and looks for a small proper file, as he looks around, the owner passes by and asks if he can help, the guy explains his needs and the owner takes a small file down and hands it to him, he also adds he should be careful when filing because if he files to much the bird will drown, thanks he says I know that. A few days later the fellow was at the second pet store again and the owner says, hey how did you make out with your plan of filing the budgie's nose so it will sound like a canary? The guy sheepishly says he is dead, the owner says thats to bad, did he drown, No, the guy says, he was dead when I took him out of the vice. Bada bing bada boom, tssshhhh.
  8. I can tell a story, I can tell it all, Bout a mountain boy, Who ran illegal alcohol, Daddy made the whisky, Sonny drove the load, When he fired his engine, They called it thunder road, Mitchums ride in thunder road.
  9. I had our three year old over for the long weekend last week, I swear he wears out the words gramma and grampa, had the 1 and half year old over wednesday, he is on the verge of walking with my one helping hand, at our age we have to enjoy what time we get with them.
  10. Yup, it goes against the climate change money grab. Thanx hilly, kanuckistanian being lied to, my ears are always burning. You are right but don't tell the "experts" that because according to them we are going to helll in a handcart because of climate change but nothing said about the constant breeding and increasing size of the worlds population and inept handling of water and forest managements. That may not be but improper mining practices that are used for batteries, the costs of said batteries and the viable reusability of those batteries, I won't be around for any realization of all the untruths and I hope I'm wrong because I have two little grandkids who will be alive well into the next century and if the ducksticks running our countries into the ground don't get ousted and proper thinking put in place it won't be an enjoyable experience.
  11. That must have blown your mind, my two on the ram lasted til '19, 12 years, even then I didnt need them but mom won a lottery so I figured two 800s were free. And I'm not saying this to one up, because 12 years was bloody unheard of but I swear by the trickle charger, that started with my '37 because even though I changed from 6 to 12 volt the battery still ran down from lack of use.
  12. I loved her movies and what a gorgeous woman.
  13. Glad to hear, be safe.
  14. Me too on the Z28, as for the battery I have bolt in 1.5 maintenance chargers on the truck and the jeep, the hog has a 2 amp plug in and the quad has a 1.5 amp plug in, the hog has a big charger on top of the dooce, a 40 amp and a 200 engine boost just to fire if it doesnt hold it well enough.
  15. Did the projected winds bother your area?
  16. 1964, 194 ci six, 2 speed auto? ,
  17. We should be so lucky, the mackenzie brothers would be an improvement over the douche there now.
  18. Ya maybe, only if we can get rid of the peece of shiit running this rathole, dickhead is open to change the anthem again because some activist moron decided to change the words at a basketball game, nothing about travesty or that should not be done, nope, kanuckistanians pat her on the back and say you go girl.
  19. I loved her version, but because some woke moron sent a gutless "anonomous" notification to the philly and new york sports houses the owners erred on the "side of caution" and banned her singing the anthem at venues, this all over two songs with race undertones from the '20s and the '30s movies and plays, you can google it up so I don't bore you here, why I always get such a laff at all this handwringing by the woke crowd is paul robeson sang the same songs around the same times, difference? Paul was black, Kate was white, and what about the peece of shiit running this shiithole, there are numerous pics of him wearing blackface but we are still stuck with him, and you guys are stuck with a self appearing baby toucher and you are unable to change that.
  20. I started looking in the phone book to see where the closest canadian tire was, then I reread it, canadian fire! The donnie creek fire is the largest one we have ever had, it is now bigger than PEI, interior hiways are closed then reopened, vancouver island has about 46 working fires that are all human caused, last weekend the fire crews reported there were 10,000 lightning strikes in northeastern BC, who the duck counts dat I dunno. So right now van isle is burning, east of me is raging, north of me is raging and its still junuary, human caused is terrible to the extreme because how stoopid do you have to be to camp and light a fire, but the ones that should be shot are the arson starters, dats all I can say on dat. Fire peeps are coming in from other places but its getting hard to get more and more people to man the fires, and with no pun intended the governments are burning through money like only a bad fire season can show how.
  21. I took junior under my wing when he finished school and taught him compressors and hanging black pipe, it was good, rewarding is the word I would stand with for sure.
  22. Hey dennis, we have gone to the rodeo at pendleton a few years now, Ive bought a couple of buckles and belts at hamley's western store, the belts had just a generic buckle with snaps to change it, you should be able to find a really nice belt with cheapo buckle, a few belts cost somewhere around a 100 and the buckle was nothing to that price, you should find something at a western store or a gun store should/could/would have what you want, or if nothing else how about Wal-Mart? Good luck.
  23. Hey dooce how ya makin out? My only suggestion would be lordco auto parts, 1601 victoria street, 12506120223, they have a finger on the local shop pulse.
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