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    You ask what goes through the addicts mind? Desperation, self esteem is in the basement, the feelng of nothing is going to change, get better, you have tried to rehab/quit and you've failed, so YOU are a failure, if I'm a failure then I am failing my family, how do I correct this? I leave, bottom line you are so sick and tired of failure you don't look at things being better tomorrow because all of the tomorrows past led to this and it is not better its worse, and if people think that this is the easy way out they are so far off base because this is not easy, for me the thought process was with my family and right until the missfire I could not believe the second chance. Like the old saying life is a biitch and then you die I'm glad I came out of the doldrums because since that time life has been pretty bloody good, and after 10 years of total total sobriety its been great, I wish this young man could have found out for himself, I have sort of wandered here but you were wondering what this fellows thought process was and this is the answer that I found. RIP.
  2. It's not easy talking to veteran fighters is it Z, this shiithole we call NA isnt a sliver of what it once was, even my memories of the 50s and the 60s where there was a constant pride in our countries was evident but changes were in the wind heading through the late 60s and through the 70s, the blather we have to listen/watch/read from the media strives to make incompetence an asset and the populations eat it up by voting this scum in, I look at the crap that was voted in to run your country and then I look at the filth that is running our country and I just shake my head. How can supposed normal workaday people vote this scum in and then not wonder when the lies and scandalous ways that they have shown to us over and over again and then still accept them, I've hated mouth breathing politicos ever since I can remember, and I know my one vote doesn't go very far but at least we who vote are trying.
  3. I remember 1965 we drove down to an Everett car parts and one customer had a '64 impala s/s, 409, 4 spd, dual 4s, she was fine his 409, Bwahahahahahahahaha.
  4. Hey iowa, the 406 went along with the 409 and 413 didn't it, not to many engines had songs named for them, the rat was my favorite of all of them, and I still wish I had gotten a hemi in '69 but say la vee, the other one from dodge/plymouth was the 426 wedge, when you start looking at engines since the flathead days lots and lots of numbers.
  5. That's a ducking mouthful from someone who has seen it, thanks,my old man said the same thing and the older I get the feeling is that also, I will always wonder what our countries "could have been" without the loss of almost half of two generations, and mired with the ducking polutants running our countries now, along with the mutant political spectrum we are being mandated to accept.
  6. What power on the torinos? I had one withba Cleveland and the rare 2 bbl, at least I thought it was rare.
  7. It looks like the rev limiter is set at 7 grand, hence the yellow light, is that redline or safety line? I has a 302 z28 done to the nutz and the redline was optimum at 7500, the day I sold it I took one pass pulling 8500, and still no float, this appears geared taller also running 3000 and 50 or so, hard time seeing the tach, the other gauges, oil pressure and boost methinks.
  8. 1994, our silver wedding anniversary, I bought a brand new set of bright aluminum mags and brand new T/As for moms car, I got it detailed put them on and kept it out of the way til the morning, I wuz so bloody pleezed with myself I couldn't wait to show her, silver wheels on our silver anniversary, she sees it and says thats nice and thanks, well, that was no biggie, but when she got home from work after talking to her duckstick coworkers and then my gurl you would have thought I killed a bunch of puppies, I never heard a good thing from anyone except her in a round about way, fast forward to our 50th in '19 and my answer there was a card with a bunch of money and said go knock yourself out, we have 53 coming up and frankly my dear I won't give a damn.
  9. The losses were close to 90,000, not deaths but the attrition calulated "casualties", the tail gunner had an average of 5 sorties, the belly gun had a high mortality rate but a low injury rate, "armor design", the nose gunner was in a precarious position also because the favorite way enemy fighters attacked a bomber was from the front slightly offside and fire into the cockpit taking out the pilots, the nose gunner would return fire but also take the brunt of fire. Bombing missions had a 1 in 10 chance of dying, after 10 missions they were on borrowed time and the planes that made 25 were held in great esteem, if you look at pictures of returning bombers and the damage inflicted and the flyability afterwards balls and guts were the norm, but if you look at it from another perspective these were under 25s as officers and teenagers as flight crew, I started my work life and being on my own from 16 and I recall what a stoopid immature assshole I was til my mid 20s and think of being in that same position what a lifechanger it would have been, my old man grew up during the 20s, the dirty 30s and the stoopid immature stuff he did until he joined the army and had to accept the mantle of responsibility to fight for his country, great thread.
  10. Wow, same story here, the old man joined in '40, my grandmother died in '43, he got word and dat was dat, got to send respects, he got married over there and came home at the end in '45, five year hitch start to end, I always swore he lived a charmed life, he was one of seven bren gun carrier drivers and except for a couple of parts left over there he was the only one to come home.
  11. I wuz hoping I wuz sleeping through the last 2 yearz, nope.
  12. I'm reading your posts here on forgiveness and family dysfunction, but what do you do if the problem arises after the parent dies, I'm a very hateful person, and I've got no reason for a family problem as I'm a singleton, but anyone or thing that does something towards me or the family does not get a jail card, it doesn't affect my life as I've removed it from my life, the problem arose a long time ago after a second marriage (not mine) and to this day it rolls around in my head, and thats fine but it will never go away and I have not, do not and will not let it get to me,but its there, just a little story from my corner.
  13. Good idea, I'll get a flight to NZ see mike and go find donkey chompers and pepper spray her, that should get lots and lots of donkey snot, or...................
  14. Thats what I'm hoping for vt, I'll file the broken stub flush then put the new extension on.
  15. Maybe straightaway because whenever I saw the old yellow Alberta plates in the canyon slow was the only word that came to mind.
  16. Sounds like your talking and my idea are the same, the extending valve has a gasket and its own schrader, I'll try it tomorrow, tomorrow I'll try it tomorrow and see if it makes for a fine day.
  17. F@&k face. Stand alone Off Tard You Stick 'em
  18. Half of the stem broke off, the valve is sticking out 1/4 inch and can't be filled, I'm wondering if I can remove the valve and put on a really nice extension instead of replacement of the computer sensor, why they put these bloody things on a jeep is beyond me.
  19. Ya, mine is an '84 split, shovel with a 4 speed trans and frame I once gutted the comp kept the old one just in case I could get it welded, with all the choice welding outfits it might be as good as new.
  20. Here ya go, Dats why I'm asking cuz I don't, I have air so no problem there, but...........
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