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  1. Dye him black and white and call him smoky.
  2. Great story, kudos on your professional attitude and your belief in our job, I know what you mean about volunteer and paid, with us a three to four minute response time was the norm and sometimes that still wasn't fast enough, you guys play what you are dealt and do a bloody fine job doing it, let us know how felix is doing.
  3. Back in the 30s my great uncle Charlie was a swamper in a logging truck in the ranch area of cache creek bc, this one day the truck is rumbling down the fsr and the driver yells the brakes are out and unc should jump, he did at the next open spot and the load shifted pinning him between the truck and a tree, the driver rode it down safely, bad advice.
  4. Hey boss, when ru gonna get that thing painted????????????
  5. When did it become allowable for stores to "accept" shoplifting? And from that so-called no bail for a lot of crimes, when did it become acceptable that the population be held hostage by stoopid left leaning idealists, any opinions that are right, left, whatever, should make this interesting. Also, did anybody pick up my header joke? Cat scan, Bwahahahahahahahaha.
  6. They look great, little bit of black and your reddy for the show and shine circuit next summer.
  7. I'll see your two and raise you one......
  8. Ive been able to recalibrate my torque wrench myself for quite a while, pliers and a vice grip, move the pointer to 0, easy peasy.
  9. Everyone in the family has a jeep, my gurl is in the process of ordering/buying/waiting for a '23 bronc, if I wasn't so old I would dump my jk and go for a new ride, but at my age nada, their price ain't bad, 54 booked in 8 months ago or so and trade their rubi in at a decent price.
  10. Memories fer sure, I can still function when I remember things and still buy stuff, but if I get to a store or such and can't remember why, den dats dat, my old man went that way, drove somewhere and on the way he couldnt remember where or why, had to phone his wife for answers, don't need dat.
  11. Aaahhh go for it, ya can't take anything wit you, and explaining the smile on your face when you leave would be worth it.
  12. That nine years or so '87 to '95 was a travesty to a lot of purists, to me it didnt really matter but true jeep guys hated those lights, a lot of other cars sported them and nobody cared but the square look with the standard slotted grill, oohh what a mistake, and I think jeep paid for it in sales also.
  13. I'm not going to say anything except rethink your thoughts, you say you pushed him away, thats a two way street, if someone does not want help there is nothing you can do to change their ways unless they want to change, and hanging yourself out to dry because he would'nt/could'nt change is not on you, take it easy on yourself and take care.
  14. Hope you are able to hold up, bin there just a month ago, lost a bud Ive known since 12 years old, started biking at 16, thats how he went out, crashed on the coq, same age as me, way to early, 75 and I don't want to leave just yet, you take care my friend.
  15. Hey dooce howya bin? Havent seen you lately, hope yur good.
  16. I'm fully with vt and others about the stick in a jeep, being small and easy to drive both on and off and off off road the lugging ability is great, and being our toad we've driven many hiway miles and even with the 3.73 ratio (that was one out of four options when I bought it, the other three were a/c, run boards and 16" aluminum wheels) it is comfortable driving albeit a little noisy with the rag, but with the dooley I'm glad glad glad its the auto, even though its the four speed Ive had it redone so my shift points are really spot on loaded, towing or empty, mom and I always laff how sitting in her is like sitting in easy chairs at home.
  17. Got an '08 jk, 6 spd, 3.73 drive gears, 3.8, rag, a/c, 2 dr, 16 inch wranglers, front hookup for tow bar, uses include daily mall rat, off road hunt wagon, toad behind dooley and camper. No problem other than air bag recall and replacing the bags, actuators and clock spring, got 136,000 kms, second set of wranglers, second set of brakes, religious oil, air, tire rotates, did all checks up to 100,000 kms, at 100,000 did a full tilt boogie front to back inspection and replacement of all needed parts, gonna start 15 years on dec 8th, bought it with 30 km on it, has never missed a beat and Im not quite so anal about the jeep as I am with the dooley but its close though.
  18. For guys like us thats a gimme, but good point to remind peeps, I do and have.
  19. I go out a lot, fish, hunt etc. Ive got a numeric scale that I give both my kids when they go on and off the road, it breaks down fuel used at idle for warmth on most given vehicles, if needed it tells me what the gallon per hour burn is for my truck, for my jeep, and for the hog, so a plan for a go bag with water and sustanance if and when a problem arises, and one other thing, DO NOT TRUST YOUR GPS, CARRY MAPS ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. This is sort of an apple and an orange happening, my son worked construction for years, about ten years ago he had an onsite accident, during an excavation while working off a ladder he fell into the pit wrenching his ankle and his shoulder, time passes and he is improving but not to a point of returning to his original job,now Ive NEVER been a fan of workmans comp or worksafe as they are called here,they gave him a pension and when his plans of payment were approaching an end and he might have to find a job but a much lower wage scale, comp came up with a query, would you like to learn how to operate heavy equipment, six months of school a few courses out of town in which he was put up with room and board and he was the owner of four different equipment licences and now ten years later he is entrenched in a great job working for a topflite company and happy happy, Im not saying he would have been left in a bureaucratic dust trail and his work ethic was to strong to let that happen, but the opportunity came about and he jumped at it, I think courses like newey posted about will do great for people who want something better for themselves.
  21. Look at the ev thread!!!!!!
  22. Keep me in da loop, I'll do da same.
  23. Charlie is up on all fours, Im betting he crawls this weekend.
  24. So a motherducker is just that, daffy's mom.
  25. Dasnake

    2+2 question

    Are you talking something silmilar to a skidder? Because of my non farming background I find tractor talk very interesting but I can't place your query other than a skidder with the knuckle in the center, my kid used to run one logging.
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