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  1. That is the thing to mind, a while back a guy early 20s got arguing with noisy teens, one thing led to another and him being outnumbered went back to his camper, the ducksticks beat the crap out of his truck, police are looking for the perps, ya right, nooz at 11. Being kanuckistanian I don't have your availability of choice of firearms, but when mom and I are camping in country I have a 12g that has a very loud very convincing racking sound, after dat my lips are sealed.
  2. The guy being drunk what was the biitch about, did he threaten you at all? Those situations are probably the worst, probably second only to the road rage idiots, "you cut me off!!!" Look stoopid its a zipper effect, each car at the front slides into place, "you cut me off!!!" ad nauseum.
  3. I bought 2 powerfist seats for the jk, princess auto flyer, got the flyer thursday, the seats are corbura/ricaro style but 1/4 the price, phone the stores, two on the lower mainland one store has 4 copilot seats, one store has three pilot seats, but the sale doesnt start til the following tuesday, but the interweb says they come instock on monday, so I put them on my wish list and first thing monday morning I go and put them in my cart, running with paypal they are bought and paid for, next morning I get notification they are shipped (free shipping over a buck) I figure one from langley and one from coquitlam, each place is ten miles away, NOO NOO NOO POSTAGE BREATH............ One is coming from st. Johns newfoundland, the other is coming from calgary alberta, a week of travel for both of them, I wasnt in a hurry at all but this just made me laff and laff and laff, well you get it.
  4. No, just basic, no side airbag either. Also there is nothing with the passenger seat, just a ground wire under the carpet, no wiring at all, I got a great looking set of powerfist seats from princess.
  5. I'm putting new seats in my '09 jk, there is a wire coming out of the bottom of the seat belt clicker, thats for confirmation the belt is in use, from there the wiring goes underneath and is mounted on a clip under the main seat, now I figure this is to see if the seat is being sat in and this ties into a main harness that is mounted on the inside seat rail, I figure this is computer related, bags or such, the plug under the seat has no motion switch of connection so how would it figure someone is seated, have I figured this out at all, any input would be great, or anyone else who has a handle on this.
  6. Ya hit da nail dere newey, the 1/4 works on "almost" everything, I used it last night to take the seats out of the jeep, not quite enough power but the 1/2 was buried so I went armstrong, I don't think anything would have moved them as it took an 18" johnson bar in 3/4 to get them to budge and it almost went to using a snipe.
  7. Hey mike yur just over the water a bit aint ya???????
  8. Wow, thanx, I've read about the second raid but not to any extent, lots of a critique to go around.
  9. I don't know about jeep but my steering towards an I6 is lugability, 318 slush is a good combo but just for bush and road lugging I love deezels.
  10. For my druther I prefer the chevy for a mean look, ever since I was looking at vehicles I loved the tip out windshield, my '37 had that and it looked so kul, and it cooled the car down quite well, and yes on the cummins from me also.
  11. One memory I had as a widdle kid was coming home from school one day and the old man saying "hey jake yur cat died" I cried a bit and then asked why he didnt break it to me in a more compassionate way? He thought for a moment, then he said, "son your cat was on the roof, and before we could do anything he jumped and now he's dead". Wow, I said, that would be really easy on my feelings, thank you. So the years went by and one day after coming home from school the old man says, "Jake, your grandmother was on the roof................................................................!!!!
  12. That was my thinking also, rare as hens nutz, but the look is to die for.
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