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  1. Also there is one that was missed, U.S. Airforce, 73 today, Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday USAF, Happy birthday to yooooouuuuuuu. Hehehehehe.
  2. HEY NNNOOO, NOT YOURS, I'm referring to the attitude that the picture shows not any attitudes here, general attitudes I pickup with peeps up here, especially this new boomer phrases that are out there, love ya man.
  3. Happy birthday all, one more year done and a start on another one, 2020 hasn’t been to good in general but I hope your next one will be better, enjoy the day.
  4. Hey Jeff, I know it’s a joke, but I’m at the age I hear it a lot about peeps kids have a condescending attitude towards their folks, I needed help busting a couple of bolts on a project yesterday so I called junior with his 295 bulk to come over to do it, all I got was, glad to help and if ya need more gimme a call, same with my gurl, both mom and I know we are slowing down but we don’t need to hear it.
  5. Power glide trans, man they would go forever, then just quit! Dropped a sprag in an old van I had and it was like the brakes were on, had to hard pedal it all the way home, only ten miles but it took almost an hour, lotsa memories when talking old stuff. Fixed a stromberg one time with a nail clipper, buddy just looked at me like how you do dat. RIP Louis.
  6. I’m leaving for a 2 week hunting trip on October 16th and I thought I might learn something here, I did but not quite what I need.🦌
  7. Dasnake


    There was a huge pier fire last weekend in new westminster, still burning because of the creosote, four alarm four cities send help, today they caught some boob who set it, I had one pier fire 40 years ago and they are a hard put out.
  8. Dasnake


    My daughter went to texas for their f/f course, she said it was intense.
  9. That happened in Henderson county NC last week, fatal use of a firearm against a police officer, the s**trat feigned surrender then grabbed a firearm out of a stolen car. I wonder what the boobs on facebook would have to say, but I don’t have to, just hearing and reading about that site affirms my suspicion of uselessness.
  10. Quit listening to on air doctors when johnny fever left! And I want to projectile the starbucks when I hear the biggest boob on the tube, dr. Full er fill sorry phil.
  11. I dunno, I take them in also, two secs and your vehicle is gone, also when traveling the keys are out and the camper is locked, the toad even though battery pulled is locked also. To many thieves around and I don't need anyone in the vehicles. No kids but joe is in the back seat also with his cage so he is locked in also. I got to wonder what facebook has to say about anything important, bunch of crap shared on a look at me website.
  12. We had two big stream riots up here, one was in '94, the second was '11 I believe, ya know why? The stinking hockey team lost some stinking prize called a Stanley cup, the cops stood by in '94, the city council put up huge screens for the game in '11 and you could see a mood start when the game went south and when the barn really started burning the cops were told to not interfere. I have mentioned the distaste I have for government, the blm rioting ( I won't be sucked in to calling them protests) show what idiots are running cities, states, provinces, countries, and throwing us ( taxpayers ) under the bus, why? Either to get votes or a much ballyhooed belief in a leftist liberal socialist manner of governing that allows the s**trats more rights than the people paying their wages. No rant just an opinion.
  13. Dasnake


    Good read, also think soros and environmental peeps. we have pipelines up here that have been dragging through the courts for umpteen years, and my favourite subject? Politics allows it to happen. You guys know about the Midwest than I do but the memory of the dust bowl should still be foremost on peeps minds when it comes to mismanagement.
  14. Dasnake

    Made me laugh !

    There was an article about a batch of hooeyweird dopes saying they are "bonding together" against improper use of some image thing that works from facebook for the improper management of differing groups, I guess if you are a far left lib that supports blm and don't agree with what other peeps say you belong there.
  15. The tp shortage will apply itself again from fear.
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