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  1. Kool, what is his age? My old man passed in '03 at 85, lots of his buds were gone by then, the last one passed in '19 at 101, say hello and thanks, Wednesday is a really big day for you guys.
  2. Dint dat remind you of da dope wit da spider tat on his face?
  3. Oh don't get me wrong, if I had a way to have a demon or new vette with all that power I would love it, when I'm in the truck and can burn the posi dooley on dry pavement the smile is still there, my meaning was in the 60s ya had to sell your soul to get power, another thing I loved then was the years of the four speed, ronny, grumpy, dick and more who I learned a lot from getting down the track just that split second ahead of the other guy, please don't take this as braggadocio but I was really good at the lights and could really handle the four speed, I'm smiling right now, and that was 55 years ago. Great thread.
  4. Dasnake


    A door!!!!!???
  5. I remember when I first started out the names mentioned were at the beginning of endgine building enterprises that was nurtured over the decades, my first involvement with big name money spending was sig erson and gary hooker and it just evolved from there, in the beginning of my beginning it was me hot rod magazine and old Bob Taylor and the long long gone shell station in Burnaby B.C. to get me ready for the brackets on Saturdays and Sundays, I still have such great memories of those penny pinching days to eck out a tenth of a second on the 1/4 mile, I guess its fun today but to go into a dealer and drive away with 800 hp and not having bloody busted knuckles to me just ain't the same, my dooley puts out more rear wheel hp than any car I ever worked on, kool maybe but just not the same.
  6. I just saw a tv ad for a spray called pooph, no, not POOF, but pooph, I think the play on lettering is the complete safety with using it on ANYTHING, I don't know about store availability but it might help.
  7. Seinfeld, season 4, episode 21, there may be some help there.
  8. Dye him black and white and call him smoky.
  9. Great story, kudos on your professional attitude and your belief in our job, I know what you mean about volunteer and paid, with us a three to four minute response time was the norm and sometimes that still wasn't fast enough, you guys play what you are dealt and do a bloody fine job doing it, let us know how felix is doing.
  10. Back in the 30s my great uncle Charlie was a swamper in a logging truck in the ranch area of cache creek bc, this one day the truck is rumbling down the fsr and the driver yells the brakes are out and unc should jump, he did at the next open spot and the load shifted pinning him between the truck and a tree, the driver rode it down safely, bad advice.
  11. Hey boss, when ru gonna get that thing painted????????????
  12. When did it become allowable for stores to "accept" shoplifting? And from that so-called no bail for a lot of crimes, when did it become acceptable that the population be held hostage by stoopid left leaning idealists, any opinions that are right, left, whatever, should make this interesting. Also, did anybody pick up my header joke? Cat scan, Bwahahahahahahahaha.
  13. They look great, little bit of black and your reddy for the show and shine circuit next summer.
  14. I'll see your two and raise you one......
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