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  1. BJ has it right for mine and his, and as I can't walk to get my manual he answers my query about the pump under load for warmup, after 22 minutes the engine is warmed up and the pump shuts off, but when driving it activates at speed to slow down, thanks for the info BJ.
  2. I had to laff at the first sentence about the oil leak, I got thinking a 5.9 in a Harley. I got a question, what is classified as a diesel idling under load, because I can’t drive I run the truck every couple of weeks for a timed 25 minutes, I’ve read idle won’t hurt if under load so I have the Jake on and I know it is running the vacuum pump because it shuts off the warm up at 22 minutes, is running the pump enough of a load? Computer reads out at 782 rpm, sound about right?
  3. Wow, why? Mechanical? Last mechanical was ‘96 wasn’t it? So your saying just an engine is 4500.00 then what would a truck around it go for? A bit more, a lot more, no more?
  4. Reading timelines and the vp44 problems, did the change to the cp3 remove the problem or did the change to a different style remove them?
  5. Why not? I do that with all my empty aerosol can, big boot holding it and a claw hammer, not for draining just for safety.
  6. Thanks for the read, my old man drove a bren gun carrier during the war and he never mentioned any propensity of track failure and the tread here just made me wonder, we've all seen movies that show stranded tanks fighting it out (fury, patton, etc) but in real life with not as much technology what were the stats, the newer tanks appear to have rubber tracks for cleats also and does that make for a more secure ride.
  7. You are right there, if you look up anal in the dictionary you see my picture ( anal not anus) we went for gas on a trip to BCs interior, one station had the same colored handles for hitest gas as my regular station in the state of Washington had for diesel, not really watching I start pumping and put three gallons in before my holy crap moment, finished with 30 gallons diesel and drove ear to the motor til that was gone and fresh put in, another lesson for an old guy.
  8. That opens a question for me, during the war how often did tanks, half traks and carriers lose their tracks? And when that happened was there a quick way to replace them? Were they serviced at all? Was there one member who was in charge of care and concern? It seems to me it was an indispensable part of movement and mud, rocks and other crap can cause breakdowns.
  9. Season 1 episode 1, tractor revolution, great startup on transition from pops and old bessie walking 40 miles plowing 5 acres to what you guys all have today, the old city boy enjoyed this, I think you guys who live the talk would like it.
  10. This is usually my feelings even if I disagree, remember “stupid is as stupid does” replace it with the word civil.
  11. Damn sledge dressing up over here now, kul. happy happy all, enjoy da day!!!!
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