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  1. No no maverick this is not a good idea, Sorry goose were gonna buzz the tower.
  2. http://smith-wessonforum.com/image.php?u=106090&dateline=1528460492 I think they could have a little lenient!!!!!!!!! http://smith-wessonforum.
  3. Hey Z whatcha sayin, I read a lot of your posts, did I miss something also, yur playin us right, cuz if mike calls it'll cost a fortune because of all those periods and pauses he puts in, takes me 20 minutes to read a post. Leinenbach, Is that irish?
  4. Gee another happy happy, cake! We need cake and candles!!!!
  5. Hey New England, like I said that was the first I had seen it in the 60s, I don’t recall if the cars had ladder frames or not, or a Chevy style clip or a unibody, your right nowadays because shoddy shysters are at work and they try to pan it off as good, he also did work on a another acquaintance I had, a 55 Chevy bringing in the rear axle 10 inches or so sort of gasser style, but stuff we did then you would be laffed off the track now, when I finished up they were just bring in bulletproof bell housings, Schaefer clutches were the hot item, driveline straps, it just got to expensive to be saf
  6. I’m a day late and I don’t have a dollar but happy happy.
  7. Hey mike you sing lead, I'll backup, sorta jan and dean style.
  8. Ya know jeff yur right to a point, self inflated a**holes who think they are owed something, ya see the picture? I don't know that cat, but I know a bagfull of people with that mantra, when people stop "expecting" and start "respecting" things could/should/will turn around, its gonna have to come from the top, the left can bleat all the crap they want but if they want respect they better earn it.
  9. Can’t get it up here, I guess apps are locked down also.
  10. Late 60s I had a friend who started a body shop in new Westminster, he got two wrecked 68 cudas, one write off was the front, the other write off was rear, he cut them in half glued them together and made a great looking car with a 340 four speed, didn’t dog track straight arrow driver, then he did a custom paint job, a real looker, nowadays that type of work is commonplace but back then sandy was ahead of his time.
  11. Have you got AAA? I checked eBay there are blanks, is there a locksmith close by, is it like the old chevs were with a pin hole to pull the tumblers out, wrecking yard maybe with another switch? Just some thoughts.
  12. That will buff out, but this needs a little work!!!!!
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