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  1. Dasnake

    No thanks,

    When my gurl got married in 07, it was 116, then off to red rock canyon for the service, temp unknown.
  2. Dasnake

    No thanks,

    Well, mama always used to say, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"? Now we do, in this heat you get bosco!
  3. In a small way I can top this, a church in the interior was watched and fined for holding services, now their services were held on the radio, patrons were in their cars, the preacher was in the church broadcasting over the radio, the ducking azzhats allowed the police the right to ticket and fine them, you guys are talking state to state differences and different governing procedures, this is the whole ducking country, ruination isn't complete yet, they are still holding sh*thole north hostage.
  4. I thought I posted on this last night, "WHEN I COULDN'T DUCKING SLEEP", but it never stops, and for me that's a good thing, like mentioned earlier junior is 47 and my gurl is 45, and they still bounce stuff and ask for help on subjects, like yogi used to say, it aint over til its over, I hope you guys get a lot more years of being parents.
  5. You posted two articulated tractors, are they yours? Are you in a business that requires them? I remember when my kid was logging he was extremely proud of showing off his articulating skidder, and the handling of such, nice pics.
  6. You like ginger, I always leaned to Mary-Ann. bwahahahahahahahaha
  7. The sad part is losing anyone to industrial accidents, this is from nothing but personal experience, we become so adept at doing functions we take shortcuts, 99.9% of the time we walk away unscathed, nuff sed. When my son started pipe fitting with me I showed him the full tilt boogie on every function, and it was a time consuming process, I never realized how many corners I cut in the name of speed, 30 ft in the air working and cutting a 21ft section of pipe, a walk in the park, but showing junior the proper way plus tightening and I wondered why I never got hurt. Working at fires t
  8. Hot damn! Where? The quad throttle kills my hand but the sickle not so much. Great point jeff
  9. They worked a 100 and more years ago didn't they mike.
  10. I’m not saying anything about your America query, all I will say is ih is bang on about world wide, look at this sh*thole I live in, the piece of crap in charge has been totally incompetent and inconsistent in the government dealing with the covid problem, but at the G7 last week he proves all the time he is a nothing, but with merkle leaving he seems to think he should be “dean” of the G7 bunch, thankfully they think him an idiot also. I won’t get into your guy dealing there, I know you guys already know, and look at what mike has to live with in NZ, and I’m not sure how Ian likes the Au
  11. Booze was my monkey but I wasn’t about to let my kids go down that road they probably saw to much as it was but working two jobs and also having a good wife I was able to fall under the phrase “functional alcoholic “. And the past 10 years dry have been great and my kids are totally on side with it. Both of my kids were trying to go down the bad friends drug use crowd, I wouldn’t let them, I know this sounds simplistic, and it is, but it’s not, it took determination and a lot of time, daytime and nighttime, and a lot of talking about the roads that aren’t the roads to a functioning adult
  12. Got a lot of the above, had plantar, the workout 1066 gives you is perfect, one thing to remember is it will hurt but that is the stretch, I never went the surgery route because the workouts did the job, anti inflammatory do some good, I’ve gone through three knee replacements and my left shoulder rebuilt, waiting game to have my right ankle replaced, I have RA in both hands, and my right shoulder and back are constantly aching, I have periodic stabbing pains in the joints of my right little toe and my right big toe, these are reminiscent of stabbing a red hot knife into them every 20 seconds,
  13. If you got a DUI with this, would they say you are "tanked".
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