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  1. Ok, everyone has had a camaro, and the C3 vettes, naaahhh, the bucket T, pretty, but basically not much better than a bike when it comes to weather, but the road master? Ahh the road master, a rolling work of art, nice pics.
  2. Whaddya mean "what does sandhiller mean"!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nope, tried that game yesterday, didn’t turn out to good.
  4. I LOVE cowboy boots, and bike boots, been wearing Dayton boots for 50 years, every 20 years I buy a few and I’m good, the square toe isn’t my fave but I found a pair of two tone ariats a few years ago that had a really round nose with a flat heel, took them to my shoe guy and he built it to a Cuban for me looked great. I don’t normally buy internet but I found a pair of black flamed boots from Laredo that I loved, but it took three trips to the local tack store to size my feet to the internet sizing so I didn’t have a return problem. Two stores I have great luck with are the Billin
  5. Hmmm, u and mom enjoying a sunset. Very Kul!!!!
  6. Sounds like the gang wannabe sh*tratz in Kanada and then the moron politicos devise ways to take the guns away from licensed owners.
  7. Happy happy, enjoy da day.
  8. Well I was off a million miles on that, never heard that phrasing.
  9. Ok I’ll bite, it looks like a reed, but what is a European deer mount? Does that fit in something? Lazer cut? Water cut? Doesn’t look stamped or burned, 5 bucks on eBay or to sell on street corners.
  10. Ahhhhhh, heartwarming, kanadians helping kanadians. Kovid be damned........😜
  11. Dasnake


    Well art, I don’t know you so no comment on that but as for other drivers, blue streak baby!!!!!!
  12. That’s why I wear these, if I drip, then, just unbutton the bib. Got them in three colors, black, red and blue.
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