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  1. Steve has hit in on the head, the spouse abuse rates are through the roof, people are not accepting the multi lockdown formats that are being abused, suicide and homicide is not an answer, but some people can't tamp it down anymore and explode, no more said.
  2. Wrong thread sledge, should be in beater truck thread, you would get a chicken dinner.
  3. Beautiful work! are those big sleds electric start?
  4. Dasnake


    I just read your last post and deleted mine, my condolences.
  5. I don’t know an answer to your query but I reread dales, and I wonder if his second paragraph explains a want or need to mix, the only mix I would ever do is additives to keep the fuel healthy just like I do with gasoline, but if you have multi vehicles and find you need different mixes to run each I guess that’s a reason, for me the only close scenario is my bike with an early 80s engine that was born to leaded fuel and I have to add additional stuff to raise my octane rating. Just a thought.
  6. What is your fuel return statement? Is that a common circulation of your fuel? Tank to engine, engine return to tank? How is that done on a stock system? When I was reading up on FASS it was a selling point of fuel return and constant cleaning of your fuel, especially any water particulates, I also went with a sump in the tank bottom instead of having a drop tube from the top so I wouldn’t have the 1/4 tank quandary when driving and the scavenging would keep the tank cleaner, I think.🤔
  7. I’ve got two great stories but they involve Harley Dave’s inherent masterminding so I will just end it there, glad your tenacity to problem solve worked out, but the snow, looking at the top of your 9 its ridiculous.
  8. For me with an '07 5.9, the pump is at the engine feeding the common rail, the lift pump is builtt into the tank, the problem there was if the tank unit failed the hi pressure pump would destroy itself, there are two different pumps that I know of in the 2000s, with the 6.7 I don't know of the later versions. My remedy for failure was installing a FASS system which has higher lift pressure (16-18 psi) over the stock pressures and if one of these show failure it can be changed quite easily, also if you go to utube and type in your query there are a few 3-5 minute vignettes.
  9. I know this is about vehicle batteries, I’ve never had a problem other than too short time for replacement, but has anyone ever had a cel phone battery overheat and blow up? That particular scenario has never happened, but I have had them expand and get hot, now Ive heard of blowing up but never seen it other than what I’ve explained how about anyone else?
  10. This is juniors office and he swears (I don’t know where he got dat) by the milwaukee 18, I do too.
  11. Birthday wishes, I thought it was an engine thread. sorry, happy happy, enjoy da day.
  12. Praise goes to you also for standing beside her through all the family travails, mom and I have been together for 55 years and the happenings with her family and the happenings with my family were endured hand in hand over the years, good luck in the years ahead.
  13. Thats why I bought junior his own, the last straw was him doing turkeys out of a tree and he dropped my mossberg, broke the trigger guard, the guard was hard plastic so it needed replacing, I came away with one good thing, dual safety buttons, one on the new trigger guard and the thumb safety on the receiver.
  14. Good move on getting him outside and using guns, my son was always borrowing my shotguns, so for his 30th I bought a winchester 1300 magnum for him, 3.5 " shells, he never bothered with mine again, and the only thing wrong was I had to buy something worth 500.00 for his sister when she turned 30.
  15. I know nothing about welding or heavy equipment so bear with me, would'nt that need a much different welding head and much more power source? And would it be hotter and brighter to view through a helmet or is it a darker shield? And what are the aforementioned grousers?
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