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  1. That blows your mind right? If I read it right it's 180,000.00 per, but they are impressive, whenever mom and I watch a show like seals or swat and they run these off I always mention the rapid fire characteristics of them.
  2. I was wrong about the firepower, 6000 rds per, another model is 6500 rds per, the cost is 27.00 per round.
  3. Tell this to greta and her fanatical following, they will say the message was/is skewed improperly. Zealots never accept feasible theories, all they want is their mandate followed, no matter how stupid it is. The morons here want a moratorium on tankers going in and out of the harbour but welcome double the traffic with cruise ships, I've read of mishaps with cruise ships than tankers.
  4. Remember roman candles being shot at each other?
  5. Klaatu birada nikto!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Is that a chopper mount Gatling gun? 3000 rds per, sounds like your bumblebee.
  7. Dale, it ain’t that, it’s the dad burned gum suckingest flibbergibbon arthritic hands that kill me.
  8. How about? The new kid in school, let’s find out how tough he is, or another version, I’m the new kid in school who’s your hardest? I dunno maybe that was a 50s 60s thing but a lot of it went around, make your beans or lose trying. We even had a special location called “the tree” in some ways growing up was fun, nobody gave a quarter nobody asked a quarter.
  9. If you like seltzer you will love sodastream, and you can buy flavours, I like grape and lemon lime. The basic will do you fine, I to like no power hookup and easy use. Walmart has them on sale the odd time and the co2 are on sale sometimes also, I buy bottled water because we have a bit of a arsenic problem with our aquifer, nothing stupid and mom uses a brita for general uses. You get 4 bottles and one gas bottle in a kit. when you start they tell you 1, 2, or 3 puffs with the gas button, but you liking seltzer like myself will probably want the 3 puffs, it gives the water a nice taste, and the pressurized bubble bottles ( think 2 litre coke bottle) hold the pressure throughout the fill. The gas bottles are in a box and exchange cost when returned. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Dasnake

    The Dog Thread

    I was gonna be cheeky and ask which one are you, but its Gus's birthday, so he has the tiara on, easy peasy.
  11. Ya know what I bought yesterday for a laff? 2 Archie jumbo comic books, hows that for slow, I finished all my true west stuff.yeehaw, sorry for the hijack guys.
  12. Hey sand, great movie right? Didja read the book? I think you have, greater book.
  13. Where do you find these things? Damn that’s funny, almost beat the schnauzer joke.
  14. Dasnake


    Got a 500 with the long barrel and a short barrel, 18 i think. Great gun, I love shotguns, got one semi, its a 12g breda, semi shotgun is a hoot. Your marlin looks so clean, being a 69 is there a cutoff date with quality as the winchester pre 64 is, I like your barn owl family, how much land you on? Can you shoot in your back yard/40.
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