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  1. Damn hilly, I thought you were putting out an east coast version of something sexy.
  2. I reread the op, the numbers were for amount built not years I believe, sorry for any mistake on my part and I'll stand in a corner for a timeout.
  3. I'll see your '72 and '83 with dandy dick's '68, and a hemi is a hemi is a hemi........................
  4. I called sirius/xm the other day, usually have to really pay attention but the last two times easy peasy understanding, talked with gentec in TO same thing, then my true west subscription was to chicago, sometimes latino, this time the same but easy to understand, but you are right some application calls you just gotta hangup, living in surrey and phoning Vancouver sometimes is a worse challenge.
  5. I loved the late '30s waterfall grills, especially '37 ford to which I wuz extremly partial ever since I wuz a kid and watched the old gangbusters on the black and tv, got rid of the auld gurl 15 years ago but the 20 years I drove her I sure enjoyed it.
  6. What caught my eye was the crank hole in yur pic, it's really noticible in the side by side.
  7. A tourist is enjoying the atmosphere at a large Chinatown center in a large city, he marvels at the number of chinese restaurants and dry cleaners all with large signs with all chinese names, he then spots a dry clean shop name "hans olafson's dry clean" he wonders how this business could be in the middle of this chinese contingent, he walks in and spots a small elderly chinese gent behind the counter, he asks how did this store have this name, the gent says "that's my name" the tourist asks an explanation, the little owner explains "years ago when I came to this country I was standing in the indoctrination line behind this big strapping swede, and the officer asks his name, he answers "hans olafson" he walks away and she asks me my name "I say sem ting".
  8. As long as I can remember their trucks were the koolest looking delivery vehicles.
  9. I don't know the veracity of your story but I wouldn't put ANYTHING past the hooeyweerd shiithole people bow to.
  10. That shoot out has been mentioned as being compared to the north hollywood shootout whereas the NH shooting was in '97 and the movie was '95, in fact the movie shootout was built around a robbery in '64, and the main protagonist neil mccauley was killed in a supermarket shootout in chicago, the story was done pretty close with the police officer who was involved in the pacino role was chuck adamson who was advisor to mike mann. A movie that dealt pretty close to the NH shoot was 44 minutes, I remember that shootout when it happened and how PDs around NA started looking at change in armament. Sizemore had some problems but who hasn't, RIP.
  11. When I wuz younger I tried the sleeping on the floor idea, I even tried sleeping on the front lawn, then I tried sleeping behind the steering wheel, nothing ever worked, so I figured the bed wuz the best place to sleep, mother agreed with me also.
  12. I was doing some reading and came across air transt flight 236 and the longest glide by an airliner, 75 miles into the azores, if that wasn't interesting enuff with the complete lack of landing tools the pilots brought it to a stop with mechanical braking and blowing out tires and collapse of wheels, a few injuries but no fatalities, the article said they started engineless at 33,000 feet and dropped at a rate of 2,000 feet, that would be a minute, is there anything a pilot can do without engines to enable a better glide pattern. Great feelgood story.
  13. Good story, good for you, my kidz are 48 and 46, they too were brought up with wrenching and showing self sustainability.
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