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  1. Mike, izzat you fending off some scrotal lust??????
  2. Maybe, not a Kindig variety though.
  3. Am I the only one on this WHOLE thread that picked up on this, I've heard a few definitions but never this, thats a doozy.
  4. No, I was a rabid mythbusters fan when the show had the three doing all sorts of different stunts using dynamite, electronics, etc. to an extent that kept me glued to my seat, he was a robotics specialist also and created craig Ferguson's robot sidekick. Gotta say it would have been nice knowing him, but like we've said over the last couple of days, ya just never know what the time ahead is going to bring.
  5. 49 years old, smart as a whip, funny, nice guy, gone, brain aneurysm, nothing more to say.
  6. The guys up here plastic wrap and leave them out forever.
  7. So how do you wrap the bales with plastic?
  8. Another thing is you can say what you want about Travolta ( I always liked him especially pulp fiction ) but his road hasn't been great, Diana hyland passed 43 years ago from breast cancer, his son jett passed a few years ago from a seizure, and now his wife kelly passes from breast cancer also, I won't say snake bit but tragic nonetheless.
  9. My old man used to tell me about the CCC in the states, he always said that putting your guys to work helped pull the populace out of the doldrums, Roosevelt came in 3 years after the crash, and he never could figure why it sat like it did for 3 years then the big change of huge projects and getting people out working, your dad would be close in age of mine I'm thinking, mine was born in '18. Was Hoover the main reason or the spend spend on the cuff 20s, I know it wasn't easy up here either but both him and my grandad worked then the war. Like I said before, no dog in your fight but the amounts of money being thrown out up here and small businesses being screwed over there is some comparison to your problems. This ratfink bulls**t is just going to create more problems, we've got vigilantes yelling at out of town car plates, keying cars, making fight talk because of these ducking assh**es, I can just imagine if some moron is paid to gather names, what a bloody world our nincompoops in office are creating.
  10. Great shots, how much do you guys do in a day? Do you stay til your done or do you stop when dusky? Do you do average speed, one speed,, lets get done speed? We have the farms here rolling bales but the land masses are not very large.
  11. I saw this last night, told mother and she had heard nothing, so it was on the downlow, I don’t think Travolta trusts the media much, 57, way to early, RIP. Another death was Presley grand son, Ben Keough, self inflicted gun shot, 27 years old, what can weigh so hard as to do this.
  12. Thats funny, I remember when I was little and I heard my full name from my mother I was in for it, then if she used my middle name it was deep.
  13. Thanks, i gotta find some of those, your not losing much in fps, maybe 300 to 400, but load up on monday and shoot til sunday.
  14. Sssshhhhhhh, yup, and I have other stuff they don't even know about. Ain't I a card!😈
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