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  1. I have a Bosch RSV-375 off a case tractor. I was wanting to put on my 1066. Would does it take to swap the pumps. I know I will need new lines, will I need a different gear for the pump. Would this a pump put out more than the rotary now. Thanks.
  2. I have the plate out of my pump, and I have 19 degrees of timing. Would those tips help any? Also, could I give it some timing.
  3. I am a farmstock puller. My local diesel shop told me about some 5x.020 mack injector tips. I was wondering if anyone has ever used them.
  4. I had the lines swapped on the mcv valve which caused the brakes to stick
  5. I 10 mm pump would push a gt 42
  6. Would a stock pump push a s300
  7. I have a stock model 100 pump maxed out. I have the plate taken out of the pump. I pull the tractor in farmstock classes. I was wondering if I should go with a 3lm or a S300.
  8. This is a ta delete tractor
  9. Could that cause my mcv valve to have issues.
  10. What is this piece on my mcv valve
  11. it is almost impossible to steer with the tractor at idle
  12. We have disced some ground with the tractor and the brakes are still sticking the tractor sat outside for a while. We bought the tractor and put a motor in it. The tractor steers fine, clutch feels good. I have no brakes and the brakes are locking up. I would appreciate some help
  13. I have a 1486 that the back brakes are sticking a little bit. I drove it about a quarter mile down the rode and the brakes started smoking. Then when you press the brakes you have no breaks. When you press the clutch the tractor comes to a dead stop in low 3rd. I have fluid going to the breaks. I also blead the brakes but nothing has helped.
  14. Would adjusting the timing of the motor help out with a maxed out pump.
  15. I would like to bump my rpms up on my tractor to 2850 do I have to change the timing any to do that
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