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  1. You and me both. Only two topics I’ve asked about in here were MCV related. There’s a lot of great information in all the minds on here.
  2. Well, went out and chiseled last night. She ran like a champ. Didn’t have any issues and all pressures seemed good. I’m calling it fixed. Thanks for your help again guys.
  3. Well Gents, I fired it up just a little bit ago. Things seem pretty good. Steering gets a little tough as you get close to the stops either direction, but there is no more squealing and I don’t loose lube pressure once it’s warm. I’ll get the chisel plow on it this week and put it thru it’s paces to verify everything seems good in the field. Clutch pressures stayed around 280 and lube was hanging in at 18 psi. All in all, I’m moving in the right direction.
  4. Well I got the MCV stuffed back into the tractor tonight. Need to add oil yet and hook the battery back up, project for tomorrow. The old relief valves I had in the drawer have the notches cut in them. I’ll throw one of them in and see if it makes a difference. I ended up picking up the correct inner spring for an 806 as well as the spring for a 1586. What a difference in length versus the Hy Capacity spring. For now I put the correct one for the 806 in and I’ll swap them if needed. Unfortunately they had to order the outer spring, so since I can get into that without taking the whole MCV back off the tractor i threw the hy capacity back in temporarily. I guess I’ll fire it up tomorrow and see if we’ve made any improvements. Fingers crossed lol. Thanks again for the input
  5. You're talking about the valve that goes up into the bottom port where you attach the gauge for checking clutch pressure, correct? If so, that is a new one from CNH. I thought about swapping it out with the old one, I also have another one I got from the local boneyard from back before the TA job. Pic is one off the internet. Just want to be clear that were talking about the same part.
  6. 815- you are correct, those are the Hy Capacity Springs that I took out of the MCV. I wasn't able to locate the old springs that were in it. I might have chucked them figuring I wouldn't need them with new springs in it. Those are relatively cheap in the grand scheme of things if they do the trick. I'll call out to the dealer when they open this morning and have them set me out a set. Snoshoe_ lol i always love hearing that i asked a baffling question. The factory I work in has a reputation of being hard on equipment, I'd assume most other are similar. Its not surprising for us to call a vendor and hear "Yeah we've never seen a failure like that. That's a new one to us." Or the infamous "We've never had an in field failure on this xyz." Bring it on down, we'll give it a run for its money lol. Appreciate the suggestions guys
  7. Ripped the MCV all apart after work tonight. Didn’t find anything that jumped out at me, other than the one oring seemed like it was a little off and has a scraped up edge. I need to get all the gasket material scraped off yet and give everything a thorough cleaning. Measured my springs. I came up with 3.290” on the larger diameter one and 2.826” on the inner. I had 3 #8 washers I believe in it for shims with a thickness of .190”. Little short on both compared to yours 815. So my question is, being that there seems to be a lot of variance in lengths from kit to kit, what were they supposed to be from the factory? Is it a shim to fit game to where everything is kosher?
  8. Evening folks, Well I got a little time to work on this thing some more tonight. Started with the filter. Didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with the old filter and screen. Swapped it out with a new one. Pulled the MCV next, I didn’t find any chucks of gasket blown out into the oil passages. I haven’t pulled the spools out yet to make sure there isn’t anything stuck down inside. I’ll inspect the springs once I get them out for lengths.
  9. Well I don’t need anything fancy, she just needs to be a good functioning tractor. I got some wheat stubble that needs the manure chiseled in. That’ll be it’s test once I get it back together. I’ll call out to Burkharts in the morning and see about some gaskets for sure and a hytran filter. I had gone thru the MCV late winter 18/19 to try to limp the old girl thru one more season before the TA job. They are a Hy Capacity dealer, I believe I used their springs on their recommendation. They didn’t want to talk IH TA’s when I ordered one. I’ll touch base and I’ll report back what I find out.
  10. Evening Gentlemen, Well, I put my gauge over on to check pressures. I’m all over the board, things seem ok at cold start and idle. I sped it up to 1500 rpm when it starts to chatter. Lube pressure drops to 10 psi, clutch pressure jump to 380. Steering seems a bit chattery at that point. It turns lock to lock ok, but not quite right. Brakes seem to function fine. TA seems to shift fine, it drove itself into the shop. At wide open, lube pressure goes to 0. I let it run for 5-10 minutes to warm up a bit and come back to find it pegged out my 600 psi gauge so I shut it down. Any thoughts as to what to check for next Fellas?
  11. Evening Gentlemen, I didn’t get time to do any work in the old girl tonight but I did get it limped into the shop. FarmerFixEmUp- I do remember torquing the pump bolts. That for sure was done. I don’t remember seeing any spec on the rest of the bolts in my IT manual, so it’s possible that those weren’t tight enough. Mark- I did the scraping on the last one, I know for sure I spent a fair amount of time with a gasket scraper peeling the old one off. I probably did lightly hit a spot or two with a buffing wheel I have for my die grinder. I don’t think I was too aggressive but human error is yet to be ruled out here. I’ll be sure to inspect the edges if I do pull the MCV. To the point about the gasket thickness, the Hy Capacity gaskets were the reddish orange ones. I have pictures of that when I was working thru getting it up and running after rolling the halves back together. Well try getting into it tomorrow night and see what we can come up with. It’s got atleast 50 hours on it since the TA job. I plan to pull the filter and see if there’s something it it first before I get too carried away. As always, thanks for the pointers. Brian
  12. Good evening gentlemen, You guys were a great help last time I posted a question so I thought I’d pick your brains again. I tried hauling manure with the 806 that I put a fresh TA in over the winter. Topped off all fluids before I went to the field, hytran was in the add 1 gal range, no biggie. I always add an extra gallon over full. Fired it back up and running at idle everything seemed to work fine, I’m holding 18 psi on the lube circuit since that’s still plumbed in. PTO speed in the field or anything over 1500 rpm I get this chattering noise like they do when they are low on hytran. First load seemed ok, thought I might be able to finish out the night. Second load I started loosening lube pressure driving back the lane and running pto speed in the field. It got to the point that I started backing down the throttle so I maintained a little lube pressure (10psi, more or less as it was bouncing all over). Limped it back to the shed and pulled the other 806 to finish out for the night. Brakes seemed ok, TA seemed to shift fine to both DD and TA, and the steering seemed to function decent. It’s been fine all spring and all summer, just baled 4000 little bales of straw with it. Without putting gauges back on to check the pressures, I’m assuming I’ve probably blown a gasket again in the MCV. I had similar trouble before I got it out of the shop after putting the TA in. Here’s my question, what causes an MCV to blow a gasket between the sections? Is it a matter of not having the bolts torqued correctly? I had shimmed the pressure relief valve when I was getting it out back together, is it possible I over did it? Is it possible one of the plates of the MCV is bad? All parts that were put into it were Hy Capacity parts for what it’s worth. Hopefully I can get it limped over to the shop tomorrow night after work and do a little digging into the problem. thanks, Brian
  13. Howdy folks, Just thought I'd give you guys an update and another thank you for your help getting the old girl going. Got the cab and duals on it and ran the snot out of it this spring getting everything planted. Pulled like a 20 mule team on the chisel plow, by far the best its ran in my lifetime so I'm very happy with how things turned out. Dad's happy to have his old girl back up and running. He planted planted corn with it with a big old grin on his face.
  14. I had to chuckle at that last bit. I thought the same thing when we took the cab on and off the 806 for the TA job this past winter, but we survived. lol
  15. Howdy folks, Been too wet to get the old girl out and really run it, but got it out and run it around the barnyard a bit. Pressures still seems to be holding steady so I think we got it. Managed to get a little time to get all the sheet metal back on it and add a couple new light on the front end. Straightened out a little wiring too. Just need to get the cab back on it, the duals, and the weights we took off to push it in the barn at the start of this saga.
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