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  1. Yes since the Buick is done we're tinkering with a 70 camaro in the same 70's street machine fashion. It has the exact opposite effect with leaf springs and shackles, the pinion goes up instead of down. Haven't noticed any bad vibration for a 50 year old car but the Buick has very high gears.
  2. Very dangerous job. When I was little Dad had a good friend who dusted in Ohio we all called him Duster Dan. Drove a International Scout, one night after flying all day he hit the back of a car at a stop light because he kept trying to pull up on the steering wheel to go over it. Nobody hurt but he was too embarrassed to tell the cop what really happened. He would fly over our house and you'd think he could spin the wheels off the roof! Don't see many in this part of Ky .
  3. Thanks. The u-joint has a zerk so I told him to keep it greased often. He changed the seal this last time and I forgot to tell him to check the yoke for wear.
  4. We raised the back of my sons 70 Buick about 3 inches and are having trouble with the pinion seal leaking. 2 seals and still dripping. The pinion has no play that I can feel. Could the driveshaft angle cause this? It's on coil springs so the only way to change it is to buy adjustable upper control arms. The angle seems a little steep to me but I've seen trucks with more angle that don't seem to have problems.
  5. A little off subject but when I built our shop I wanted 2 frost free hydrants in the floor. I put 5 gal buckets with the bottom cut out around the hydrants filled with gravel then poured the floor . Removed the bucket then poured sackcrete(spelling?) in the hole so if the hydrants go bad I only have to break a small circle of concrete around the hydrant.
  6. Anyone know the number for a repacking kit? Not having any luck on the internet
  7. Cute little feller. We had same problem last year with a heifer but this year she did fine.
  8. Whole family rode in my son's red,white and blue 70 Buick 40 miles away to my sisters for their party(no AC) on Saturday. Good time except my wife still has a blister on her leg because we forgot to warn her about the side pipes ☹
  9. Could also be thinking of the Judge's stepside GMC on Hardcastle and Mccormick, a very sharp truck.
  10. Was there a truck on The Fall Guy? I was always looking at Heather Thomas!
  11. No she is locked up. I didn't believe them but I couldn't budge the crank either. They pulled the plugs and sprayed PB Blaster in. I've had this in a shed for 20 years so I asked the boys why the he!! didn't you do this 15 years ago? Ugh because we were 5 years old.
  12. My 16 year old and a 15 year old neighbor. Say she'll be running this afternoon. Happy Father's Day
  13. Country Fest is definitely worth going to. Maria Stein is my home town, a lot of good people there. Been a few years since we've been but the tractor square dancing is worth it. Don't remember the dancing theme when we were there but each pair of tractors had a man and a man in his wife's best dress, very funny. Dad was good friends with one of the promoters and said the evening dances were more entertaining after the participants had a few beverages.
  14. Sounds like my wife. Her attention span seems to be about 2 weeks on most new activities. If you have young kids we've found it's fun to put hot wheels, toy tractors, trucks, anything with wheels on and watch them spin. They do dent the drywall if you let them go at high speed.
  15. Really looks good. Nice job matching the paint colors too. Still one of my favorite trucks 👍
  16. Wonder how much the last strike cost JD
  17. Does an early CK like that have a spin around seat or is it a separate seat mounted up on the hoe?
  18. 6'5" taller than me at the age of 12
  19. Close to finishing my 16 year olds first car. Thrashed on it all night and this morning to get it road worthy to go to the GS Buick nationals today in Bowling Green Ky. I've painted metallics and pearls but never a true metal flake before and really screwed it up. Put 2 coats of clear over the metal flake and it was still rough like cast iron so I changed guns on the 3rd coat and really laid it on and really laid on the runs too 😅 We'll sand it out and re-clear and get it right somehow. We've both learned a lot on this and today this car drew more attention than cars costing much more.
  20. I like the generic ones just as well. Painted these up when my son drove the tractor to school for FFA day. Didn't have two IH stickers the same so put the small red power's on 👍
  21. That's the only way I would sit on one of those
  22. Sorry but this is as good as I can do. I think we have a scanner but I'm not allowed in the office . Scanners, computers, printers etc seem to lock up when I'm around and asking my wife while she's getting ready for work and I'm home because of rain is definitely out 🙂
  23. I've gotten push rods and head gaskets for older engines at Navistar by comparing the old parts with the new but that was probably around the 2012 time frame. It also helped a lot that my brother in law was the parts man then and he didn't care to spend the time looking up things.
  24. I pulled a couple of 466's out of junkyard school busses. Both were early 90's models right before they switched to electronic engines. I cut the vin tag off each bus and then the dealer could look up engine parts easily from the vin. Used it a couple times for gaskets etc. but that's been a few years ago don't know what is still available. Still have one engine and the vin just haven't needed any parts for a while.
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