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  1. Hello, I wish y'all are safe from this COVID 19 pandemic, hopefully they will come up with cure very soon and this situation will be over. Guys I am restoring JD 310D Backhoe, I am posting its progress on YouTube. There is a lot of good information in this project that can be used on other machines, I thought I'd share it with y'all. This is the link to the first one: I uploaded 8 videos so far, there will be more to come. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know. Thank you
  2. g_man, Thank you for your kind words, I wish you the best of luck with your project, Salam
  3. The injector pump was fairly easy, they shouldn't charge more than $400 to rebuild it. The kit was about $24 shipped, however, the kit did not containe all the rings and wipers, there is an O-Rings and seals dealer near by and I was able to get all the missing rings from the kit. If you are going to rebuild it yourself, I highly suggest to remove the injector pump from the engine, clean it and you can work on it in a clean environment just incase something become airborn, so you can find it easy. One important thing about the removal I forgot to mention, If your engine is running good, make sure you mark the injector pump body to the engine so you can put it back the same way and it should run the same, as you can move the pump CW or CCW just little to adjust the fire timing/advancement. when you open the engine cover, keep rotating the engine until the dot on the injector pump meets with a dot on the other gear and leave it there so you can re install the pump at the proper timing order. If there is intrest into making the bushing, I don't mind making a video about the subject. I wish you the best of luck, If you have more questions, please let me know
  4. The 1969 International Harvester TD-7 Series C Bulldozer Restoration Videos is completed: I hope someone can find the information is useful. The video quality was poor at first - 2013 technology recorded with Sony Hi8 camcorder (Parts 2, 3 and 4 with a lot of good information and ideas), I updated the recording equipment to HD (Parts 5 - 15). This how I categorized the videos based on their order to make it easy if you are seeking specific information: 1- International Harvester TD-7 Series C Bulldozer Restoration Intro https://youtu.be/WShqdLyrLPk 2- Repair Bulldozer Hydraulic Cylinders, Making Gasket & Fix Injector Pump Accelerator/Decelerator Arm https://youtu.be/YQUvwlYDfjY 3- Repair Bulldozer Blade https://youtu.be/IYoSa0GG2YQ 4- Starting An Old Bulldozer After A Long Time https://youtu.be/GAX_vZivpbE 5- Bulldozer Undercarriage Rebuild 1/4 https://youtu.be/r-l47M3Dw-Y 6- Bulldozer Undercarriage Rebuild 2/4 https://youtu.be/995_zsqFwCQ 7- Repair Bulldozer Final Drive https://youtu.be/OFcrS9wMPoQ 8- Repair Bulldozer Final Drive and Sprocket Mount Hub https://youtu.be/7oc9SKgDhsM 9- Bulldozer Undercarriage Rebuild 3/4 https://youtu.be/m5a0TO7cQXQ 10- Repair Bulldozer Brake and Clutch https://youtu.be/P-QGWswqYsg 11- Bulldozer Undercarriage Rebuild 4/4 https://youtu.be/yTnyCokAZAk 12- Repair The Bosch VA4 Diesel Injector Pump 1/2 https://youtu.be/wjmW3U0_faE 13- Repair The Bosch VA4 Diesel Injector Pump 2/2 https://youtu.be/CwerP7-c5gU 14- Repair The Gresen Minneapolis Hydraulic Control Valve https://youtu.be/cA9sZnnyLAI 15- IH TD-7 Series C Bulldozer Restoration Final Part https://youtu.be/bt-mdCxSweo My Homemade Bulldozer Root Rake https://youtu.be/ZNYyt3wRhvI Cleaning and Digging an Old Pond https://youtu.be/8RD1j1I1EBQ Homemade Muffler https://youtu.be/56tJUGdr1Dk TD7C Bulldozer Clutch & Brake Job https://youtu.be/wIywZIFS5DU If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me and I will be happy to answer your questions.
  5. Chris, Thank you sir, there is more to come, after I finish with the undercarriage, I will post videos on how I rebuilt the injectors pump, I had to manufacture some parts for it. Then I will show how I completely rebuilt the hydraulic valve, completely rebuilt the differential box, and some other miscellaneous items I believe they should help if someone is trying to do the same. I also built a rake for this dozer, I will post a video for that. After the bulldozer series, I will do a restoration series on a backhoe which I am still working on.
  6. Regarding the air intake, this is the only item I built based on laziness and not science I built a few deer feeders and cut some extra pipes in side cuts to splice the feeders legs, I have about 10 of them left, when I was designing the air intake, I saw these left over and this was what I came up with. With all honesty its been great, I have other equipment where dirt dopers love to nest in similar area, on this one they don't, I think because it's not hidden enough for them? also no bird nested there yet I run it in a very rainy condition, it does keep the rain out and the filter stay dry. later on I will post some footage I took while digging a pond with it and so far its good. Thank you for your kind words
  7. Hello, I completely restored an IH TD7C bulldozer few years back, I finally have the chance to post the restoration process on YouTube. So far I have two videos uploaded and there will be a lot more to come. I am also planning to upload a very detailed tutorial on how I rebuilt the: Injector pump. Rear end. Under carriage. Final drives. I hope someone can find the information is useful. The video quality was poor at first - 2013 technology - but as the videos progress, it will get better as I updated the recording equipment. I have ton of pictures and videos, but I am thinking to only upload the most useful stuff. Anyway this is the link to the first one: https://youtu.be/WShqdLyrLPk If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know. Thank you
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