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  1. Ok guys so sprayed PB blaster around manifold did slightly better but not significant change I do believe though that is my problem. Dry compression test showed 85 on all 4 cyl which is a low in my opinion for those pistons but not that bad either as old as it is. As for timing I checked it forgot I put it back to TDC its TDC at low idle at 400-415 Rpms but at wide open it's 5 degrees past the 22 degree markband does jump around a degree or 2 back and forth at wide open but not at low idle half or 3 quarter. Will try to tighten the spring to see if that helps plus closely inspect the distribut
  2. It's not cap points condenser coil wires or plugs as far as ignition goes. Plugs are autolites, everything else is new and has been swapped around off of my C which is running fantastic to ensure I have good parts as nothing is made like it used to be. Still pops but C still ran like a charm. Distributor was great minus spring no play in bushing and the pin was good too heard to look at that too while I had it apart. I'm going to look and see if I have a leak in manifold area first and make sure I don't have sporatic jumping in timing and need to readjust/replace spring, then do a compression
  3. Pete23 I have the orignial shaft for the distributor, You aren't even kidding on the parts and I don't have a caseIH dealer near me and finding one online is impossible so far. I will try to find a leak and if I was wrong in the process please feel free to correct. It's timed to your posts and does have a gradual advance and gradual degress when dropping from full throttle to low idle. I will look again to see if it is jumping around degrees and tighten the spring as well if it is.
  4. The process pete23 said is you take a can of PB Blaster or WD40 or a propane torch without igniting it and spray or wave it around the exhaust gasket manifold, the manifold itself and around the carb air intake coupling and if it's sucking air when the oil or gas gets to the hole it'll suck it in and run great. It shows you where your leak is or at least where the problem may be at.
  5. This will be a long post but bear with me. I have a 50/51 Farmall M with IH firecrater pistons that is popping like a miss, backfire out the muffler after the engine warms up to Run temp. It also wanted to die if i hit the brake to turn sharp but I might of been low on gas. Tractor was running fine last fall baled hay bushog etc no problems, so with down time I replaced the exhaust gasket, temp and oil guages. Then one day it starts popping and missing. Replaced points, plugs, wires. No avail. Tinkering little by little found a spring in distributor broke. Replaced with one from a new distribu
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