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  1. yes that's right
  2. sn# 12268..... 1969 model I believe
  3. joefarmer

    656 grill

    I'm looking for a grill for the front of my International 656 diesel hydro. Anyone have one for sale?
  4. joefarmer

    I 340

    Does anyone know the production numbers for the industrial 340?
  5. joefarmer

    White cab

    I’m looking for a good white cab with heat and ac for a 1066. Anybody have one for sale? I’m in the Oklahoma panhandle.
  6. I'm looking for a white cab with heat and ac for my 1066. Is yours for sale and if so what condition is it?
  7. May not have used a heat gun but when the gauge is on the hot mark it will boil over
  8. I have a 656 utility hydro diesel that I can't keep cool. I've replaced the radiator and thermostat, where do I go next?
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