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  1. The starting problem turned out to be an air lock in the injector line. Thought I had it all removed with the first bleed but apparently there was some remaining. Still don't know what the pop sound was but at least the engine seems to be working fine. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and helpful advice.
  2. Had to move my 1640 combine to get the seed drill out for spring planting. The engine fired up first try, but there was a pop sound and it immediately shut down. Haven't been able to restart since. Panel lights up when the key is turned on, and the engine cranks over, just doesn't fire. Figured it was a lack of fuel so I bled the line as instructed in the manual. Initially there were a few bubbles at the water separator filter but nothing substantial. I'm getting a consistent flow of fuel to the injector pump when operating the hand pump, but when I loosen the nuts on the injector lines a
  3. Finally was able to check the pressure with a proper gauge. At low idle (850 rpms) the pressure drops to around 13 psi. The repair manual says it should remain around 17.4 psi. Changed the oil and filter to rule out viscosity but no significant difference. There is about 2900 hours on engine. Notice when at idle speed, and I lower the loader the oil pressure drops another 2 psi. Returns to previous level when loader lever not engaged.....don't know if that is normal or not. Thesd5488 you mentioned bearings might be an issue. Are there any other symptoms that I can look for to check thi
  4. Ok, thanks for the advice Diesel Doctor. I'll pick up a gauge and check it out. Do you know what the engine pressure should be if it is up to scratch?
  5. Having issues with my Maxxum 110 engine oil pressure. At low idle, the warning light comes on with the critical alarm sounding. Once I speed up the engine rpms, the light goes off and alarm stops. This doesn't happen all the time but frequently enough that I'm concerned. I have changed the sensor at the oil filter but does not resolve the problem.. Any other ideas of what the problem could be?
  6. Well this is rather embarrassing..... CRutt, you hit the nail on the head. I guess when I installed the new pto break switch, I picked up the cable marked PTO Management rather than the PTO brake cable. The label had fallen off and the plug slipped out of sight down into the side panel so the error had gone unnoticed. Plugged the cable into the switch, started the engine and all error codes are now gone. PTO engages using the cab switch and can be turned by hand when the engine is shut off. Looks like the problem is solved. Thanks a million CRutt for your help. Nice to have the pto work
  7. My 110 has a 16x16 semi-power shift transmission. With the help of a friend I was able to locate the pto brake solenoid today. We tested the line from the pto switch to the solenoid and determined that the switch was working properly and power is getting to the solenoid. The pto shaflt does not turn and remains locked up regardless of whether the switch is in the on or off position. If I disconnect the pto brake wire from the solenoid and start the engine, the pto will turn slowly. Putting the pto switch in on or off position has no affect. If engine is turned off, I can turn the
  8. Hi CRutt. Thanks for responding to my inquiry. The connector pins on the switch are tight and in place. I checked the wiring harness in the side panel as best I could and didn't find any evidence of rodent damage or unusual wear. There is a 10 amp fuse for the pto brake switch which also connects the pto on-off switch, the pto warning lamp, switch panel and a couple of others. I had to replace it a couple of times when I was testing the pto to see if it would run after replacing the brake switch. I have noticed though that the pto brake is not disengaging when the engine is stopped. The p
  9. Hi, I am new to the Red Power Magazine discussion forum. I have been following a number of the recent postings concerning pto problems on various tractor models and was wondering if the symptoms members experienced were anything like mine. A few weeks ago, the pto on my Maxxum 110 Limited failed to engage. The light came on when it pulled the on-off knob for about 10 seconds and then went out. The caution icon appeared on the dash with error code 5005 which indicates an open circuit at the pto brake switch. I subsequently noted that when the pto engages for those few seconds the shaft spe
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