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  1. Thanks R Pope... yeah I saw from a vid the front hub swap. In the rear I want to keep the Eaton 2 speed... as I took 4 hours cleaning it! It is hydro brakes not air... and I know nothing more about it yet... Okay so the rear hub swap sounds like monster ordeal... what junkyard rear end would be best to swap to? I'd like access to the cheap wheels in semi truck junk yards... so wanted 10 lug. So... thoughts? And yeah... on the cheap as possible. Thanks! End use will be as a Scout hauler... weekend driver. Similar goal... attached.
  2. So I have discovered the nightmare and misinformation and fear of split rim / locking split rim, and all the other variants of the death/murder/suicide wheels. And naturally I have the impossible to find 5x8 Budd pattern too. (7.5 & 8.25 x 20 rubber) So... can I just (lol "just"!) swap the AXLE SHAFTS to a 10 lug pattern? Or did I over simplify the **** out of that? Suggestions short of dropping tons of money? Yeah yeah... Stockton tire can make... bla bla bla... but i want simple and available and cheap. I've talked to tons of semi salvage yards that have stuff "if only i was 10 lug"... so what is the EASY (lol) solution? *IF* I can JUST swap out axle shafts... best options, costs, estimates... etc? Thanks!!!
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    I have most of the diagrams, but I need the index page so I can relate circuits to the numbers. I have some random wires with numbers not connected as well. I have all the FSM's for Scouts and T'Alls... and naturally these are yet again different! Thanks! Post pics here... or email if easier: gotscout@gmail Thanks!
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