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  1. have any updates from the shop or photos of the other 544 that might be worse?
  2. thanks for sharing. let me know how you get that center pin out. I'm going to have to put mine in a press but its a cumbersome assembly to do that... any photos of this before you disassembled? curious how worn your assembly was.
  3. here is a photo of this pin I found on Ebay. same part number. two things I notice: 1) I only see 1 hole in the pin. I wasn't sure if there was some other retainer holding this pin in. 2) shaft has a step at the end with the through hole (front end). I may have to drive out towards the rear only...
  4. using the Case IH Catelog online I found the following diagram. cant see that this part number is available anywhere, suggestions? part # 400547R1
  5. I'm working really hard right now to rebuild this 656 Utility. one thing I have to fix is the front axle assembly. this is so warn out the front axle tubes rests on the frame rails. I don't see a lot of information regarding these utilities with this swept back axle setup and all the parts websites sell replacement pins and bushings for other styles of front axles. Questions: 1) how do you remove this pivot pin?! I found the large roll-pin that holding the pin in place but I feel like something else is holding this pin in there. I'm going to take it to a shop and use a press. I beat on it for awhile with a 5lb sledge and only marred up the ends of the pin. 2) Where do I find a replacement pin for this axle model? measures approximately 17.25" long and 1.75" in Diameter. 3) anyone have a diagram for this style front end? it appears that the rear of this housing is designed for movements in the cast housing. it has a slotted opening. is that true?
  6. I looked on that partstore.caseih website and could not find the specific swept back axle like I have and the front pivot pin. my front is so worn out I need to do something with it. anyone have a good link or picture of this pin assembly? I want to tear into soon.
  7. thanks, looking forward to getting started. as for the front grille, I have no way of knowing whats needed to finish it. I'm missing everything and don't have anyone I know that I can go look at.
  8. Thanks Jeff! I don't believe this ever had a cab on it. certainly not needed here in the Carolinas. that back plate is a mystery for me too. many photos ive looked at for early 656s don't have it. I'm glad that I do because its very handy to store things behind the seat. great suggestion on the electrical harnesses. ive got several leads that are brittle to the point of failure.
  9. I recently acquired my late grandpaws International 656 (that's what we've always referred to it as). he passed away about 6 years ago and my dad doesn't remember much about it since they had so many growing up. My fear is that this tractor has parts from other IH tractors he owned over the years. I'm confused about a few different items about the tractor with some of the research ive tried to compile on these 656s. I'm starting to restore the tractor some and I want to get some things right along the way. 1). the serial number appears to indicate a 1966 model International 656 Utility (not a farmall 656). (picture attached = 7679 S). http://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/000/3/4/346-international-harvester-656.html 2). its missing the front grille insert. Cast shroud is there but I don't know if it should have the mesh insert like the 706 or the tubular bar grille? pictures attached show the steel angle iron frame my grandpaw built to protect the radiator from limbs. 3). the side badges on the lower front are missing from both sides. this badge has the corners recessed at the top according to the tan-line of where the badge used to be. (photo attached). ive seen the 706 badges with this recess at the top, but not the 656s. is that accurate? where could I find one of these? 4). this tractor has had some paint jobs over the years. does the white on the aprons turn down to the frame on my model or terminate at the front like it is currently?
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