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  1. Hi 806frank, is there any fuel going back to the tank through the return ? Mine doesn't either, but it won't run properly to get enough revs up. Is yours sending all the fuel to the injectors and overfuelling ?? Hence running away on revs ?? If not, maybe a governor issue. My friend has a TD9, starts and runs fine, as soon as it's under load it dies in power, we are assuming governor issue. Just a thought. It's really putting me off these red one's, especially the gas start one's. Maybe worth a shot, Dozer Coll.
  2. Hi, I've brought a TD6 that I have got running on gas but it would not switch over to diesel. The pump is an A injector pump. The plunger was stuck not allowing any fuel past the fuel pressure gauge, it would all get sent back to the return. I sprayed some WD40 into the plunger tower, left it for a couple of weeks, tried again and the whole pump filled up with diesel until it was running out the oil fill. I removed the injection pump and found paint pen marks on the outa housing, hence, someone has had it of before. I have been through the pump, resealing it, I haven't pulled the plunger tower apart though. I have followed a link from M Diesel about these pumps back in 2013 I think but I'm having issues working out where to set the teeth on the plunger to rack. I've tried the open and closed position in M Diesels thread but cannot stop the machine trying to start on diesel and it doesn't send anything into the return. I've been told that I've inherited someone's else's problem child. Has anyone got any information on where to set the teeth on the rack ?? I'm trying everything before attempting pulling the plunger tower apart. My manuals haven't got this pump, it has a different pump. TIA. Regards I think I'll stick with the BTD's from now on, these TD's are nothing but rubbish when they play up. Horrible machine to work on compared to a Cat. I can't wait to get rid of it.
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