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  1. Thanks. Would you know where I could find those specs? If I could find the dimensions of a KB5 block I could compare to my 175.
  2. Hoping someone might know if a 1940s KB5 engine be the same size as the 175 cu in I currently have in my 1939 D15M Milk Truck? And would it bolt up to my trany? Thanks for any help you could give me!
  3. Looking for a running 175 or 214 engine for sale??
  4. Looking for a 175 or 214 or whatever engine will fit in my 1939 International Milk Truck. Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks for all the help. My engine is an inline 6 and a 175 cu in, sleeved down. I'm told without the sleeves it's a 214.
  6. Not sure I understand what you mean by "have it cut flat"?
  7. My engine rebuilder guy is saying the biggest item is going to be the oil pump. Any idea on where I could get one or what all years and sizes fit? Thanks again everyone!!!
  8. I've got a 1939 International Milk Truck and I'm trying to get the engine rebuilt but am running into a lot of road blocks. The engine is an "Economy Six"and is 174.9 cu in. I believe it to be a 214 that is sleeved down. Does anyone know where I can get engine parts for it? Also, I'm told I need a new oil pump. The other question is if anyone knows a newer IHC engine that would bolt up to my existing transmission? Thanks for any help you can give me! John Larson
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