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  1. Tried to calibrate it again and the same high cal. Had oil warm and the pressure was 320 in all gears. I read about switching the solenoid wires on another post so I tried that c1 and c3. Tried to recal and the high call followed the c1 wire.
  2. The case tech has been out twice and he checked the regulated pressure and it doesn't change at all in the gears that don't work. If I remember right it is like 340 at 1500 rpm. When it decides to not work in those gears the pressure stays the same. Most of the time those gears will work is why the case tech is pretty sure it's electrical. The calibration was fine but the first time the case tech was here he decided to try a calibration that's when we started getting cal high on the c1.
  3. Our 275 magnum has been having an issue with not wanting to move in the c1 gears, 1,2,7,8,13,14. Sometimes it works great, other it won't move or will act like it's struggling to go in gear, most of the time you can move the shuttle to park and back a few times and make it work again. All pressures check out by case tech and it will pull through the brakes when it works. I have tried to calibrate it a few times and it gets to c1 and maxes out milivolts right away then says cal high. We changed c1 solenoid and it didnt help. We finally got it to throw a trans code 81 a few times when it decides to not work. We have changed the wheel speed sensor. Next is the alternator, but I have a hard time believing it would only mess up in a certain clutch pack. Neither us or the case tech can figure it out. Any help would be great.
  4. Figured the hyd issue out. The load check came apart inside the cartridge.
  5. We have 2 issues on our 275 that we are having trouble diagnosing. The first is a hydraulic issue on the number 1 remote. It will lower equipment fine but when going to raise sometimes you have to click the lever multiple times to get it to work. We have switched the lever pot, put new female couplers in and checked the remote valve itself. It is almost like it is slamming shut the minute it starts to move. The other issue is we got the tractor out this year to apply nh3 and I hooked the bar up backed up to the shop to air up tires and I went to pull away and it wouldn't do anything in 1-2, 7-8, 13-14 gears. We changed the c1,2 solenoid and that didn't fix it so we had a case tech come out. We checked continuity in the wires to the solenoid and he went out and checked pressures and it worked in all gears and the pressures are all good. He went to calibrate the transmission and it didn't calibrate right and had a high milivolt to open the c1,2 solenoid. But it worked so we put our nh3 on and it worked until the last day and now it acts up sometimes but not all the time. It is driving us nuts trying to figure out where to even look. There are no codes for either problem. The only code in the whole thing is a trans 48 code that has popped up on and off since we bought it 10 years ago.
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