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  1. Thanks just got finished texting the owner been sitting about 10 years was still moving trans still works just not all five gears wish it was closer to the house rather than 1 1/2 hour away take stock see what it will take to get running
  2. Thanks don't know going tomorrow to have a in person look talk to owner you can only see so much i pictures and quick text back an forth that's what you get from Facebook marketplace. Years ago my boss sent me to Alabama to get 50's model D-7 just load and go nope.right track seperated and off got it back on only to find out steering clutches bad for that side where there is a will there is away to get things loaded
  3. Thanks for the reply plan on going to look at tomorrow no rain pictures i have seen it hasn't been sitting to long still has dirt on top of track when last moved should have washed away by now with rain tracks worn they have welded what looks like 1 " square stock on to replace worn cleats main concern is getting truck to it don't need it getting stuck in the field costing more to get it out . Thanks again will see what tomorrow brings
  4. Need help. TD-6 with Drott loader bucket add says bad transmission, don't know what's wrong. What needs to be done to drag onto rollback truck ? Or do we just drag it. Thank you for any help/info
  5. Hello I am looking at a TD-6 with Drott loader bucket it has a bad transmission they say this machine is about 60 miles away. What precautions should be taken to drag this machine onto a roll back truck? I do not know if it will move under its own power, I know it could be a number of things wrong from a bad bearing to being hung up between to gears or maybe in the final drives. This is the gas over diesel model cost $400 for the machine looking at $450 to move it. Any help /info is appreciated, Thank you.
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