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  1. Not mine but I am close enough that I could check it out for you.
  2. 10 years ago, that is a $3500 truck, even as nice as it looks.
  3. I don’t think Lowery is even in existence anymore?
  4. Remember trucks are mobile. We aren’t locked into using a captive dealer. Once you realize that a $500 tow bill will save you several thousand dollars, life gets way better. It took me a while to figure that out, but having a truck pulled out of a shop and delivered across the street tends to get people’s attention.
  5. Unless you are a big operator then you can get them to drop it to 155
  6. Pictures!! Nothing ever happens without pictures!! I lived out there for 3 years and don’t miss much about it anymore!
  7. I never said a mechanic shouldn’t make a decent wage. I said that I can’t afford to be down for a month. This guy had scheduled his truck to get in for what he thought was a head gasket leak. Nothing surprising there. It was scheduled for Monday, a week before Thanksgiving. Knowing it would take that week and allowing the extra 3 days the week of Thanksgiving, he could have it back and still get a solid week of work in, in November. They never looked at his truck the first week. I know that because my wife had done the scheduling and had talked with both the truck shop manager and the service writer. So the guy was down for a week before this all started. Then the service writer told him that he would have to pay 7grand, before they ever tried to get him warranty service. Then his final bill came to $19,000! Things just don’t seem right to me. I probably know too much, and said WAY too much, but it sure seems like they hose the little guy
  8. Problem is he can’t replace it for what he got out of it. Can’t get a glider now. A new Cat motor is well over 50 grand. 650 horsepower is going to void any warranty that might have been on it.
  9. No issues with the ECM, charging, or lighting systems. That is something that I questioned. A lot of the reasons people won’t let a dealership do the engine repairs is the length of time they have a truck. I can handle a $40,000 repair. I won’t like it, but I can handle it. What I can’t handle is being without any means to make money for a month. They say it is basically a 40 hour job to r&i an engine. I know of WAY too many trucks that are down an entire month while they have an engine swap. You take away a mechanic’s tools and make him live in a motel, then tell him he owes 40 grand. It would be the same thing. Lisa just quoted a C15 Acert motor. Engine alone is $70,000, then throw in 40 hours at $198.70/hour! Plus being down for a month. Kinda tough to make it work at $2 freight.
  10. Neither are dealer parts. For the money saved, I am willing to risk after market parts.
  11. So why should I buy anything from a dealer? I have had way more success with warranty issues buying aftermarket parts than buying from a dealer. I KNOW the dealer that my wife works for has way more techs that have less than 5 years experience than they have master technicians. They also have the reputation for rarely helping out customers. They even tried to mark up the engine I had to buy to replace the one they overhauled. I would push everyone to use a quality local mechanic and buy all parts online.
  12. You are about 10 grand cheap.
  13. Cat factory reman. Carry out. Customer install
  14. Cat Acert. They had a Cat tech support guy looking at it. About all I can tell you. I am getting bits and pieces of information and my wife is totally frustrated with the excuses, but she has to tell the customer what her boss said.
  15. They ruled that he didn’t have a ground from the engine to the frame. All warranty null and void.
  16. I have been around a number of older diesel engines. Both Cat and JD used pony motors and as long as you shut off the gas and let them run out of gas to shut off, they were and are extremely reliable. The IH gas side worked great once I figured out how they work. Case, have a compression release that works if you have good batteries and a shot of quick start!! The old Cockshutt always started better than any.
  17. I had mine set that way, but after missing a couple unloading opportunities at different pet food places I have it set so I get ALL THE CALLS.
  18. I mess with them all the time, when I am driving. I have the time and find it quite funny. 90% of the time, they end up cussing at me.
  19. Another I would take a shot at!!
  20. They are now up on Goose Creek. Stu’s sister was my sister’s piano teacher.
  21. Who did you work for? The summer of 82, I used a 530 Case that had a buck rake/ sweep on it. Had a shuttle shift and had been turned around to “sweep” hay to the stack. Benj stacked with a gas burner 656 hydro that had been turned around. Had 30.5 or some monster tires for traction. Had a F-25 on it. Best day we had, we put up 25, 8 ton stacks. Never used a cage for stacking, just alternate how you set the bunch up.
  22. Every night is moron night anymore. Absolutely no respect for anyone! The ones that totally irritate me are the city idiots who put “leveling” kits on their jacked up pickup then hook on to a trailer. They never readjusted their lights to begin with and then the pickup has such weak suspension that they totally blind people. PLUS they have to have every illuminating system known to man on the front!!
  23. I think the feed trailers we were working on pulling had Perkipillers? Perkins, totally self contained system so we didn’t need a wet kit on the truck.
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